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    Chaj Democracy is economically variable to right-leaning, culturally right-wing, civically authoritarian and imperialist ideology from Poland. He always say, he like democracy, although Chaj seem extremely authoritarian for democrat.




    The major principle of Chaj Democracy is Conservatism and same ideas . It is generally right-wing in cultural stances ideology, but sometimes can be center-right or far-right. Progressivism is not acceptable and recognized as deathful doctrine to Polish people.


    Komornik is a system of Chaj Democracy that represents federal courtes. These courtes were created to prevent big corruption, lobbying and other problems.


    Dziedziniec is very debatable system. Dziedziniec advocates for decentralisation. The leaders of every territory is the president close associates. It creates oligarchic system within country. People of Dziedziniec should pay taxation in favor of state capital, even if relatively free trade is allowed.


    Chaj Democracy is very compulsive and hot-tempered ball. He hates any modernist ideology and love tradition and family. He is responsible and punctual.




    • Fascism — You have the good ideas towards nation. We like modernism too. But you are someway anti-traditionalist. Your son was abomination.
    • Kleptocracy — I hate corruption, and Machajski greatly bashed you, so shut up. But I can tolerate some corrupt officials to get my goals.
    • Moderatism — Literally moderate.
    • Showa Statism — We both like imperialism, manosphere, anime and crimes. But you were ally of H*tler, so we can't be friends. Japanisation is based, same as polonisation.
    • Zionism — I can recognize the right on state for jews, but I can't tolerate your oppression of Palestine!


    • Classical Liberalism — I don't care about freedom of speech and those filthy democratic stuffs.
    • Enlightened Monarchism — Monarch and progressive, pathetic.
    • Feminism — Kitchen, children and church! You don't need more!
    • Indigenism — Ukrainians, Belarusians, Slovaks... polonisation goes brrrrr...And Haiti is french!
    • Nazism — You betrayed and later destroyed our Poland! I'll never forgive you. Burn in hell, Satan!
    • Progressivism — Whores, gays, hippies, die all!
    • Revisionist Zionism — Piece of shit, you remind me Hitler! Also you are the reason why I support Arabs over Israel!
    • Socialism — I gave you welfare, I gave you the rights. What do you want?
      • — I wanna dictatorship of the proletariat!
    • Syndicalism — Here, you should work! Stop this senseless sabotage.
    • State Socialism — Did you mean state capitalism, huh?
    • Totalitarianism — You need to calm, buddy. Extremely dangerous ideas.Don't remind me what Machajski said about.



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