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    Celfloskyism is an ideology of Liberal Left-Wing Tridemism, the founder is Cflski.png Mikhail Celflosky at 2022. The version of 2021 you saw is Prototype.

    Cflski.pngCelfloskyism Belief/PrinciplesCflski.png

    Celfloskism is a type of Left-Liberal Tridemism, so basically his policies is same as Tridemism, but the Welfare Model is from Nordic. Also added Irredentism, Transhumanism, Tradition Revivism, Market Socialism and Ultravisionaryism(Not Stalinism).


    I'm a Han-Nationalist because I'm a Chinese. We're independent from other nation and have sovereignty. We have to recognize our Great Cultures and people. Our history started from five thousand years ago. Also changed the world by Four Great Invents.

    Although My Nation do a lot of Great things, it's not higher than other nations. Because all human is from East Africa and we both have 22 pairs of body chromosome and a pair of Sex chromosome. The inter-race people can have child each other. The most important is we have a kind heart, we respect, make friend, help and cooperative because we're Human.

    Because of this, I think the border should opened and welcome to everyone especially the people because of wars, unfreedom and opression as we can do. They should move here and get newlife, but they have to be backup army(Mostly). I don't want let them stuck in hellhole.

    I think you have to be proud of your nation but it doesn't mean you can discriminate other nations, and it also hates Self nation hating people. Whatever you are European, Asian, African, Indian, Polynesian, always proud of your nation.

    In country views, I support my country-Republic of China, even never give up Reclaim Mainland or Free China Revolution to against CCP's brutal tyrant. CCP owe a huge bill of blood to us. I believe it is a duty of whole Chinese. Tridemism China must rise again.

    Irredentism.pngRepublic of China IrredentismIrredentism.png

    CFL advocates we have to revenge for ROC, the CCP stole our country. After 1949, China sink to a hell of mud. Our Nations, Cultures was denied by Maoism. The Human's basic right was destoryed by Communist's tyranny e.g. Genocide, Censorships. The people's liveihood were ignored. Even there are at least Eighty Million Deathes in Mao zedong's 27 years.

    If you think CCP is better after Deng. No, you are wrong. After the reform, wealth gaps more than Taiwan now, at leat Six hundred million people's wage below 1,000 RMB, the cost of rent is more than this number. When you get sick, you have to pay money then cure, do you agree greeding hospitals oppressing our money?

    So Comrades, make a revolution, revive our Tridemism in China.
    Not just for you, for us!



    I spend money on it, the arm can protect us not to be invaded.

    I think we should limit WMDs and followed by International Laws. They want to limit them because WMDs are too deadly and terrible. Except some and little nukes (Like W54). The little nukes mean nuke below 1 ton.


    I accord from Sun Yat-Sen's doctrine, follow Five divided powers and Democracy. But I think some of this is not enough to nowadays.

    I support Freedom of speech, the freedom of speech is benefit to our society. Also can let us know what's someone's view. I also support semi-direct democracy, the semi-direct democracy don't have to usually referendum.

    But Liberal Democracy also has it's fault, I support Nordic Democracy. The Nordic Democracy is a Democracy system but in Nordic Model, Nordic Democracy subsidies the minor parties, avoid the democracy to plutocracy.

    And I watched Democracy will become to Kakistocracy if you didn't tell people vote wisely. So after a time, the country should have a Authority President to reset Democracy although is an Authority President, the power is not absolute or high. The Constution still have larger power to this Authority President. The Freedom of Speech won't stop, local elections still exist. Just like a Benefical Authoritarianism. After several years, Democracy come back. I call it - Circlus Democracy.

    When the emergency times comes, the Jie Yan comes back. The freedom of speech and freedom of Media will limited. Censorship will stronger and Power is bigger. But The Polices can't torture and kill people what their want or just look strange, If some of negative news to government still public. The White Terror won't hapen again.

    In the martial time, sometimes the government will recommend Merits to be voted by people. Of course, you can join the voting but you have to pass the exam-Writing policies and Playing Nationstates to make sure you're a Merit. It means-Meritocratic Democracy.

    Universal Human Rights

    I think the Human Rights is universal to whole human. One of reason is the human rights is not a part of Western Culture. Before Human Rights proposed, western have their traditions and autocratic government. Xi Jinping said that's western is wrong. Of course, I don't believe Woke Culture which mixed Modern-Western Culture and too much Human Rights.

    Other Policies

    I believe the exist of police is must because polices can protect people and arrest criminals.

    The eliminate police is a stupid idea. That just rise up chaos. The other hand, the power abuse of police or being coldblood to an event(Espactially cause death) or stranged justice......etc. is going to punish that police, the highest penalty is death penalty.

    The principle of the jail system is based on the principle Nordic Model. Sentences depends on the harm and damage caused to the victim and how psychopathic that the criminal, repent level. And let them Re-build.If it ruins a life, it will be resort to life imprisonment even death penalty. If it is extremely heinous like crimes of aganist humanity, genocide, massacre, war crime, involuntary battale royale, mass rape, serial killing, torturing etc. These will be punishable by public execution.

    Socgeo.pngLiberalsoc.pngMinSheng(Market Socialism)Marketsoc.pngNordmodel.png

    I'm a Social Georgist as Sun Yat-Sen's view because the rent of houses or price of lands or a person who monopolyed a lot of land but don't use itbecause are bad there may be an economic oppression of poor family, that will be a huge bill or debt of poor family even the worst is homeless and the price of land/houses as high as Tibet Pletau. Basicily no landlords except some landlord who provide electricity and water with regular prices and also the prices of houses are controlled by the government.

    The Market Economics can bring great economic to us, but not all things are able in Market Economic System The things need to be regulated and publicalized:

    1. Transport
    2. Electricity
    3. Water(From Water Inc.)
    4. Roads
    5. Healthcare
    6. Land Price

    The things can on market system, but sometimes interve:

    1. Foods
    2. Drinks
    3. Services
    4. Many types of product

    The things can in Free Market System:

    1. Animation
    2. Games
    3. Recreational Products

    The quitted products or overmade products (especially food) should be used on foriegn aid to help other people in hard-time.

    To workers, I think they should have rights and work place should democracy.

    I also added Liberalsoc.pngLiberal Socialism and Welf.pngWelfare Nordic Model. The most main reason is I think the Cooperative always better between Bosses and Employees. And the Nordmodel.pngNordic Welfare Model is I want to solve the lowest fertility rate this problem also Population Older. Besides, Nordics Country's Gini score is very low.

    Piratism (Kinda)

    I'm kinda a piratist. The Copy Right should open some to everyone. Sharing pictures and videos is no problem if you don't use on business.

    Cosmo.pngGlobal Views-CosmopolitanismCosmo.png

    People of World have to unite in values of 3 Generations of Human Rights and have equality rights on the world.

    Non-Aggressive Interventionism

    How to let me intervent:

    1. Genocide, War Crimes
    2. Tread on Humanity
    3. Totalitarianism
    4. Suuccdar(Social Darwinism)

    So I won't support NATO bomb Palesteine, especially NATO bomb to Civilians. Same as Warsaw Pact. P.s. This is not the reason for war crimes, and I think there should be an organization to comfirm our forces' behavior.

    Why I intervention?

    For Free, For Rights. Save people who live under Totalitarianism.
    For Equality, For Poor. Save people from hierarchy.
    For Kind, For Justice. Save people from brutal government.
    You can be a turtle, but that will let devil growing more.
    Whould you war for them?

    Foriegn Aid

    I believe Foriegn Aids is a wonderful way to save life, they're Altruistic and Humane. I also believe sometimes should aid weapons but always tell them Don't do War Crimes or you will be justiced even on Guillotine. It thinks Major-Country didn't aid poor people of other country when it happened famine or War Crimes in Civil War or Massacre happend is disgraceful except special reasons.


    Generally, I'm a progressive-conservatist and inclusiveness. I want to social progress also restore our tradition cultures. I strongly oppose cultural extremism, e.g. Social Justice Warriors, Wokes and Reactionaries, Right-Wing SJW. The balance of Culture can brings good effects, the social progress makes more equality and restore traditions don't let us forget who we are. The Cultural Extremeism will bring bad effects, the Revolutionary Progressivism will destroy traditions and faith, the Reactionarism will destroy the egalitarianism and freedom.

    Social Equality, the sign of Civilization. Every people between Genders, Races, Sexual, Religions, Cultures and belief are equal in the law. A society without equality might makes crashes, fighting and oppression.

    Traditions, the identity of a nation. The Government should protect traditions and heritage to remind us. A society withought tradition is we don't know who we are.

    Although Social Equality is important, not support SJW-Model, Political Correctness and Cancel Culture. They're destroying the political freedom. SJWs attack you just because your joke, beliefs or Race(White). The political correctness ruin the aesthetic of animation, films and games...... etc. E. G. Radical Feminist accuse the game companies made characters who is sexy.

    Generally, I hate that SJW/Baizuo, Political Correctness and Cancel Culture.

    Here is my cultural views:

    I'm a Cultural Retroist, the Cultural Retroism show the specials.

    Here is my social views:

    I support Gender Equality, Fem.pngWomen and Menslib.pngMen's wage should sameness and they should have same opportunites. They're equal in Laws, Not Radical Feminism or Manosphere.

    I respect all sexual orienation.(Except Zoophile and Pedophile) On the other hand, there's no forced apologize when you insulted homosexual/heterosexual.

    I love race eqalitarianism, this is a sign of Civilization. Every races/ethnics should be treated well. They're all humans, so they should have equal rights. Not just Humans, if other-planet have Intelligence Lifes, so does them.

    I think Prostitution and Pornography is completely banned under 18[2], this is immoral to me. Sex Education will be properly taught in schools so that children will not get the wrong idea, and cheating is illegal in civil laws.

    I am sighty pro-life but open abortion in some ways. What's it mean? It means you can abort at be raped, incest, problem fetus, too poor(Oh no, that's too bad.) and zygote before it has heartbeats. When you want to abort, the government will beg you don't do this and try to give the fetus a family. But if your reason is "Contacting without Durex", the government won't let you abort but the government still try to give the fetus a home.

    Always think twice before abortion, fetus is a life.

    Multicult.pngFree Culture StateNative.png

    Create a Multicultural Society! All culture except too anti-morality (like Living sacrifice etc.) have be protected.
    It believes all culture except too anti-morality should be protected, some part of taxation used on protect them.Sometimes there will be a holiday to celebrate other culture's.

    Transh.pngTechnology and EnvironmentEctrans.png

    I'm a Transhumanist because I believe technology progress will solve somethings and I wanted to be an astronaut before. Technology should help people and improve our life.

    I believe the climate change is real, everyone should try to resist climate change. The climate change is real.The Earth rose 1.2C since industrial revolution. Except Climate Change, the air pollution, water pollution and eco-vandalizing are unignoreable.

    Bio Technology can improve our body(In Some way) even I think we can look like anime characters by this technology. Also can help people rebuild their memory.(In Future, Now it can't)

    Nuclear Technology can cure cancer, make electricity.....etc.

    VR skill can vitrualize 2D characters.

    Space.pngUniverse ExploringSpaceexplor.png

    It thinks people on earth is too crowded, it has to explore other planets without Intelligence lives. It will run after we got Kardashev I, so we won't worry about how to find a new planet.

    Space Program

    The Ultravisionaryism

    To prevent the apocalypse of human, civilization and bios, space program is absolute necessary. Though we survived from climate change. After eight hundred million years, Oceans is going boilling. After one bilion and two hundred million years, the lifes will start dying by the sun radiation because it will ge more power. We have to escape before it.

    And the other part is, our population will rise to ten billion at future. The Space Program will let us get more space to live.

    Crossroad of Civilization

    When we come to the crossroad of civilization(E.g. Beyond, Upgrade level of civilization.....etc.), we have to pause the progression of science and technology then start thinking , because we don't know what will happen next. Safety first.

    Ethic of Technology

    In Game, based on safety, there shouldn't let SAO event happened again. It believes all equipment of Alt-World Games should be checked correctly before it on Market.

    To me, Some Occupies can't be replaced although in future. For example: Teacher. The feeling of students can't be ignored.


    Land Values Tax(WIP)

    The tax of I support is a part of heart of my taxation policy is Georgist.png LVT. This land value will be based on a Keynes.png progressive structure, that means the values decided the taxation

    This is because land prices contribute a massive amount to Urbanism.png housing prices, and lowering them is an essential step to lowering housing prices overall.

    Here is the tax rate:

    • The Price of Below is NTD
    • <3,000,000 $ : 5%
    • 3,000,000$-5,000,000$ : 15%
    • 5,000,000$ - 10,000,000$ : 20%
    • 10,000,000$ - 15,000,000$ : 25%
    • 15,000,000$ - 22,000,000$ : 35%
    • >30,000,000$ : 50%

    As said previously, the Georgist.png land value tax will be charged at a Keynes.png progressive rate.

    Keep in mind, unlike Property.png property tax, this does not apply to improvements to the land, only applying to the unimproved value of the land itself.

    Income Tax

    I also support income tax to reduce the wealth gaps and make more equal.

    The tax rate is also Keynes.png progressive as above.

    Here is the tax rate:

    • The Price of Below is NTD
    • <300,000 $ : 5%
    • 300,000$-600,000$ : 10%
    • 600,000$ - 1,000,000$ : 15%
    • 1,000,000$ - 1,500,000$ : 20%
    • 1,500,000$ - 2,000,000$ : 25%
    • 2,000,000$ - 2,300,000$ : 35%
    • 2,300,000$ - 2,700,000$ : 40%
    • 2,700,000$ - 3,000,000$ : 45%
    • >3,000,000$ : 50%

    Welf.png Assistance/Welfare Welf.png

    The first welfare program, or rather a tax credit program I want to implement is Chilib.png earned income tax credit that goes to people earn less than 90,000NTD a year in income.

    Another program I want to implement are Edu.png student grants, which will used on university or above.

    These student grants will apply to lower and lower-middle class students who want to go to a good university and have good grades, you know.

    Another thing I want to do is abolish tuition fees believing them to be a burden on students and makes colleges and universities exclusionary to only rich sons of rich parents.

    I'm a favor of the need Gero.png for social security, believing let Elder don't be poverty is a duty, Celfloskyism believes that old people over the age of 67 should receive 2,000 $ a month through a pension to live well.

    With this, I believe that Retirement age should be uppered from 65 to 67, to get more productivity.

    This social security pension would apply to lower class elderly people who are not as good as making ends meet as old rich people do, since well, the rich people already have the money, and the lower class people no longer work when they're old.

    I also supports implementation of Univhealth.png Medicare for All, believing that there is no way a human right like healthcare should be under the control of Corp.png corporations who only seek profit above all.

    I think that healthcare should be under the control of Cooperative Socialism.png worker co-operatives and government who are there to heal and keep people healthy and not seek a profit. Through them, people, regardless of class and income, will be able to get good quality access to healthcare.

    Besides, the Univhealth.png Medicare system would be through a single-payer system.

    Disability benefits would also be given to people with Univhealth.png medical conditions that will last 1 year or result in death who are thus unable to work. These benefits will make sure that such person stays afloat and doesn't fall into poverty.

    Another program I want to implement is DvIntervening.png unemployment insurance. Such program would apply to people who seek to work but are not able to work because they haven't been hired or an economic crisis resulted in them being laid off their job.

    Keep in mind, this would only apply to people who used to work and have fallen into unemployment and not to people who are just general leeches and just personally refuse to work themselves despite not having any Univhealth.png medical condition.

    Plus, UBI will implement in future.


    The semi-federalism is better than unitarism and federalism, semi-federalism let local governments have more autonomy rights and the Central government won't divided.


    The Freedom of Religion is necessary because we all have our basic Rights. Everyone can choose their religion. The religion should separated between government but sometimes government can celebrate the holidays of religion.

    Youth.pngYouth Politics Youth.png

    Because this ideology was built when I was a teen, the answer is yes.

    And the other reason is training some youth how to be a leader or politician is benefit to our society and future.

    Youth wings of political parties won't be discouraged. [3]

    No Tolerance to Child Abuse

    Child Abuse is a serious sin. It destroyed Children's childhood and their values. Let them live in horror and danger. The Abusers don't have right to teach their children and they have to be trial.

    The country will rebuild the mind of children who is abused to let them have some melody memories and replace them in a new home to away from abuse.

    Lower the Child Abuse Rate is what I want.

    Transitional Justice

    The Transitional Justice is necessary, the White Terror is a horrible fault. Some people captured because they want their basic right or just a croak. Some people executed because they just speak themselves.

    Judicial Justice, retrial the events to give victims a justice.

    Historical Justice, rebuild the fact and apologize for it.

    Death Penalty

    I support death penalty, the abandon of death penalty is useless. Although the life of victim can't reborn again, we can stop the murderer kill more people. The guiltiest criminal should executed by Laws.


    The Media be asked to be objective and verification all information. They can't report without verification. If there's a victim be report wrongly wthout media's verification, the media will get a huge bill even have to be closed.


    The guns are banned because the safety problems.

    Liberty.png Freedom of Speech Civlibert.png

    I strongly advocate for Civlibert.png freedom of speech. I believe that Twitter.png social media should not ban people just because they have different political views, the internet should be a free hub where people can express their opinions whether they're File:Rightunity.png right-wing or Leftunity.png left-wing.

    I also want to abolish the Ingsocf.png surveillance state.

    Anti-Political Correctness

    I hate political correctness, it "protect" minorities right by limiting, ruin the animations and censor some right-wings.

    Gay.png Marriage Straight.png

    I'm in favour of Gay.png equal marriage rights regardless of gender, believing that it is important to ensure that everyone has an individual right to get married in life.

    I believe that the opposition to Gay.png gay marriage is absurd, as it is based on a book made thousands of years ago and a book that could had even been modified later on to hate on Gay.png gay people. Jesus.png Jesus himself wanted all men and women to be equal and that included marriage.



    Totalitarianism are heavy limited. The reason is protecting Human's Right and Not Let Massacre happen again. The histroy shows how Totalitarianism bloody is. Most of Totalitarianism Government did massacre even genocide.

    Here is the reason why Totalitarianism is a Devil:

    1. A totalitarianism country denying massacre of their country all of time.
    2. It always corruption.
    3. Controll their people and brainwaching them.
    4. When they attack another countries, always War Crime and Live labatory.
    5. Many types of things are banned, even apolitical.
    6. Tortures and terrorism aren't be limited.

    Social Darwinism Banned

    Why Social Darwinism is good? Just because it is progessful to human progress or morality degenarcy? Every poor's right shouldn't be ignored though it's progressful. Helping poors is a good foundation of humanity, isn't it? Reason of Social Darwinism is wrong:[1]


    1. Revive our Chinese Traditional Cultures
    2. Save all people from famine, war and terror


    He's a wholesome man, sometimes mad at that Totalitarianism and Brutalism. Always think Chinese Democracy is important and this is the duty.
    He supports Chiang-Kai-Shek, but if you dislike Chiang-Kai-Shek, he still say you are right.

    How to Draw

    Flag Meanings:Blue is Tridemism, Rose is SocDem. Drawing Celfloskism steps:

    Flag of Celfloskyism
    1. Draw a triangle.
    2. Color the ball with blue.
    3. Draw a white rose on the triangle.
    4. Add the eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue #000095 0, 0, 149
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255

    Alt Version(Uncompleted):

    • The Blue Sky and White-Sun refer to Tridemism and loyal to Republic of China, Right part refer to Revolution brought us Bright Tridemism, also Nordic Welfare Model.
    Flag of Celfloskyism
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue #000095 0, 0, 149
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0
    Yellow #FFFF00 255, 255, 0

    Anime Girl Version

    Draw an anime girl. (Head-wholebody ratio is 1:6 to 1:8)
    Give her a pair of flat eyes, red pupil but the left eye is Blue(#000096) And you can add eyebrow on the outer-side of her eyes. Give her black long hair, forehead hair is divided and the hair is long to waist. Besides, gave her a hair tail in a side of face, that means "A Long River".(#202020)
    Give her a hairpin which has a plum blossom. Give her a dress of Acient China
    Give her a Whampoa Sword( or Chiang-Kai-Shek sword)
    You are done!

    Draw an anime girl. (Head-wholebody ratio is 1:6 to 1:8)
    Give her a pair of flat eyes, red pupil but the left eye is Blue(#000096) And you can add eyebrow on the outer-side of her eyes. Give her black long hair, forehead hair is divided and the hair is long to upper-back(#202020)
    Give her a Shirt and Western-skirt
    Give her a Whampoa Sword( or Chiang-Kai-Shek sword)
    You are done!
    Draw an anime girl. (Head-wholebody ratio is 1:6 to 1:8)
    Give her a pair of flat eyes, red pupil but the left eye is Blue(#000096) And you can add eyebrow on the outer-side of her eyes. Give her black long hair, forehead hair is divided and the hair is long to upper-back(#202020)
    Give her clothes as you want (not Nudity)
    You are done!


    Enlightnenment.pngCore Values

    Mega Yes.pngMega Based


    Kinda Yes.pngKinda Based

    • Anti-Communism(1430mRFI) - Anti-Communism is based, but stop simping with some Rightists.
    • Hochi.pngHo Chi Minh thought-You're the best Socialist Leader of Indochina. Let's fuck off Pol Pot.
    • Thar.png Anti-Authoritarianism-Anti Totalitarianism bro. But I need have some authority, not too many.
    • Prgess.png Progressivism-Very good ideas, but some tpes of Traditions are also important, and drugs are illegal.
    • Mutalist.pngMutualism-Based at Economics, but you're an Anarchist
    • Conserv.png Conservativism-Alright, you don't support LGBT rights are cringe, but sometimes you are right. For example: We' re both mariuana is illegal.
    • Consocf.png Conservative Socialism (In the West) - Some variants of you like MLK are really cool, but please stop flirting with Dengists and tankies.
    • Soclib.pngSocial Liberalism - New Deal was a chad, but today you become......
    • Cdem.png Christian Democracy & Islamic Democracy.png Islamic Democracy - If you're more secularic, there will be better.
    • Soc.png Socialism - Depends on types of you. Original Socialism is Kinda-Based.
    • Clib.pngClassical Liberalism - Was great in his time, but now a dead ideology
    • Tito.pngTitoism - Market Socialism,Multicultural Nationalism and Anti-Stalinism are based, but authoritarianism and Imperialize to Bulgaria were cringe. It's too based supported us btw.


    • ChiangKaiShek.pngChiang-Kai-Shek thought - You Protected my country in Sino-Japanese War and improved some stuff, but White Terror is Cringe.
    • Socauth.pngSocial Authoritarianism(6800)- Social Democracy is good, but Authoritarianism, well......
    • Ecocap.pngEco-Capitalism-Well, you don't have welfare but you're still a cool guy who better than Capitalism.
    • Populism-The good point is, people will more together, but there might will be Ochlocracy. Besides, what the people want decided how I think about you.

    Kinda No.pngKinda Cringe

    • China-blueshirt.pngChinese Blueshirtism(3000) - The extreme KMT and extreme Right wing, the worst is, you didn't do something in Sino-Japanese War! At least you're a Tridemist.
    • Paleoconservativism-Isolationism and Conservatism are cringe, at least you don't support Lassiez-faire.


    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - No, Whole Free border trade will ruin our local worker's right, And Respect Poors!
    • Hoxha.pngHoxhaism(2300) - I don't know what you do, I just know you kicked Republic of China out of UN, Cringe.
    • ML.pngMarxism-Leninism - Bruh.
    • File:Neocon.pngNeoconservatism - Stop doing war crimes to others. Interventionism just in few times.
    • Orthlen.pngLeninism(1700) - Cheka is cringe, vive Menshivik.
    • Dengf.png Fake China(1001)- You say you are a Tridemist, right? Then the Nationalism part is racial unity, but you do genocide and assiminate minor ethnics. The Civic part is protecting people's right. Why you made Tiananmen Event and censored a lot of words. The Welfare Part is caring liveihood. Why you believes pay first, cure second and there are six hundred million Chinese don't earn 1000 RMB per month. You are not a Tridemist, but it is good at reviving China's Economy.
    • Awaj.pngAnarchism-Nations should exist in world. If there's no Laws and Justice, the criminals will do more crimes. The Anarchism in best way is, keep morality.
    • Sep.pngSeperatism(1000) - Stop seperate my nation, China is mine!
    • Ancom.pngAnarcho-Communism(12500mRFI)-You just based on primitive society.
    • Authcap.pngAuthoritarian Capitalism - Authoritarian + Capitalism = Bruh.

    Mega No.pngArchenemies


    Sablinism - Hi, my comrade.



    Absolute Negative

    P.S.This is not criticize someone's personality. High Score, high tier

    Mega Yes.png Perfect


    Kinda Yes.png Still Ok

    • AaronSH.png Aaronism-Mutualism is based but too libertarian and progressive(But based at you let Cons choose their life).
    • NSL.png National Social Liberalism- Quite good, but we should accept some socialism and some Leftists.
    • MATTball.png Mattism-Now you become more based because Social Georgism and Free Speech, but Traditions and Nations are worth. Also pls don't be too Liberal.
    • Hamburger.png Rejuvenative Hamburg thought - Seperate from Germany, What? Leftism is good.
    • TAM icon.pngThird Aquarian Model - Allies From Hong Kong. The problem is you're too woke for me and too Left.
    • Veronism-Socialism is kinda based, but you hate me just I hate Mao?
    • Owfism - Please more statist.
    • Blink.gif - Too left-wing. All are ok.
    • Novoscarlet.png Novoscarletism -

    First, your economic views are too-left but still ok because you still support marketsoc. Second, Cultural Views, Absolutely based. Third, civic and government views, also based, local direct-democracy is new for me. Fourth, foriegn policy, PRC is the evilest(Second is Russia and NATO), but other is based. Fifth, Your revolution is better in a Totalitarian Country(You know what I mean, right), not Democratic especially High Welfare Countries.

    Meh by buni.pngNeutral

    Meh.png Oppose

    • PATS.pngPan-Asian Tridemism with Socialist Characteristics - First, Your economic is too left for me especially State Socialism. Second, Cultural Views, No problem although a bit right. Third, Your diplomatic policies is too pro-East. Fourth, Your Civic views is cringe, Why People can't fight for their rights if There is People's Democracy(Dictatorships finally have to return power to people btw).
    • -
    • Typicalfan.pngNeo-Typicalfan1ism- Typical Fiscal Conservatism.

    Kinda No.png Kinda Cringe

    No.png Cringe

    Mega No.png Mega Cringe

    • Sabkvism -The Heresy, A crazy goddess does stuffs like Satan. Opressing people by your rediculous theocrat ideology. Push people to an absolute hell from birth to necro. You just an another type of Satan. I'll crusade you. Thanks God, you were quited by the founder anymore. Oh, you just a fanfiction.
    • Councilguy2.png Post-Councilism-Bad ideology, I think I don't have to explain why......
    • Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism - You're a Nazi now......
    • Implianium - Pol Potism = Esoteric Fascism but Communist. Need I say more?
    • Xirlan-alt.png - Like Casagon but worse, What is interrace shouldn't get married? God bless and loves all of us. We are all equal.
    • Palos.png Palostiusism - Literal Combatocrat.
    • Technototball.png Techno-Ultranationalism - Totalitarianism, Ultranationalism and Posthumanism is very cringe. Need I say more?
    • Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism Nazcaptangle.png - Honestly Cringe Ideology, but based Animegirls:troll:
    • Vermaatism2.png
      - The Woke AuthCap won't let social become nicer.
    • Atacczoombol.pngTechnocapital Cultist - I rather choose make a strugle to resist your Right-Acceleration.

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    1. Xin haonian: Crusade Communism declarations
    2. Maybe Porns can accepted, but the prostituion is illegal.
    3. I want to build the group who called Tridemist Youth League(三民主義青年團).

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