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    CelestTheo.pngCelestia Theocracy is an Authright.png Authoritarian Right and Religious ideology that exists in much of Teyvat. This ideology is very old spanning from thousands of years even before the archons ever existed. Celestia Theocracy has came in many different ideological forms in the past and currently rules through The Seven Theocracy ideology though even the seven have started to break away from Celestia.


    Celestia Theocracy can be the worship of Celestia as well as how Celestia works. Celestia Theocracy believes that the gods of Celestia are the ultimate rulers and protectors of Teyvat and human beings as well as gods should recognize the authority and rule of Celestia. Celestia should be the ultimate protector of humankind and Teyvat. Celestia Theocracy believes that mortals get ascended if they proven themselves worthy enough and go protect Teyvat with them. However even ascended mortals are considered below the Celestial gods.

    CelestTheo.png Heavenly Principles

    Heavenly principles are one of the main points of Celestia Theocracy. Heavenly principles are the natural order of Teyvat and must be sustained no matter what happens. Heavenly principles is considered the truth of this world to Celestia Theocracy. Not much is known about the heavenly principles except one aspect which is known as erosion and the relentless flow of time. All beings even gods will fall to erosion, humans are considered lucky due to dying but immortal gods after enough time could lose their sense of self, can have their consciousness split apart, and cause someone to become irritable and angry as well as feel agony.



    • Gnosticism.png Gnostic Theocracy - We resemble each other a lot so friends.
    • Comb.png Combatocracy - A lot of the ascended mortals are fighters themselves. Also I made the gods fight each other to see who will be the last seven to rule Teyvat.
    • Oligarchy.png Oligarchy - Celestial gods shall rule all of Teyvat and protect it.
    • VigilantismIcon.png Vigilantism - Good mortals who I ascend to help protect Teyvat with me.
    • Divine Envoyism - The era when I talked to people directly, good times but I replaced you with the Seven.
    • Feud.png Feudalism - Your love for heroes is really based.
    • Arist.png Aristocracy - We the Celestial gods are the highest in Teyvat.
    • Favon.png Favoniusism - Vennessa the first Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius ascended to Celestia.


    • TimeCapIcon.png Time Capitalism - You understand the relentless flow of time which is really based but you also earn to increase your time which is cringe. I decide when you die and it's final.
    • Monarch.png Monarchism - Some monarchs are cool but some are just cringe.
    • Archonism - Rule of archon is based but I'm gonna reduce it to seven instead of many more.
    • The Seven Theocracy - I put Seven Archons in place to rule Teyvat but a lot of you are starting to break away from me.
    • Humanismpix.png Humanism - Honestly I don't mind if someone is gonna go without any gods but the last time that happened... The Cataclysm ugh!
    • BarbatosFree.png Barbatos Freedom - Vennessa is based but Barbatos kinda has second thoughts on me now.
    • MoraxTheo.png Morax Theocracy - He doesn't have anything against me but WHY DID YOU GIVE UP YOUR GNOSES TO THE FATUI!!!
    • Makoto.png Makoto's Eternity - I like your eternity better than your successor, but still heavenly principles will overpower eternity eventually. There's nothing you can stop it.


    • Lawrenceism.png Lawrencarchy - Vennessa ascending to Celestia go brrrr!!!
    • Khaenri'ahism - Idiot who annoyed me a lot for no reason. Eventually he got too far with his Khemia that started destroying Teyvat and I had to destroy him.
    • Scientocracy Small.png Scientocracy - Gold literally tried to end Teyvat and the Fatui also loves science so yeah you kinda suck. Plus you give humans ambitions which opposes my rule.
    • Soul.png Soulism - Don't even think about trying to 'free' yourself from the heavenly principles. Heavenly principles are eternal and everyone will succumb to it.
    • Watatsumi.png Orobashi Theocracy - You have been found guilty of four counts of profanity and eight counts of deceiving living souls for telling the story of Before the Sun and Moon! I made this accusations up because they are a threat to my power.
    • Libtard.png Liberalism - Stop making stupid conspiracy theories about how I'm evil and I want to control all of Teyvat and all kinds of other theories! because it's true.
    • Abyssal.png Abyss Theocracy - I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!

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