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    Causescuism is culturally right and authoritarian left, nationalistic and communistic Romanian ideology. Based in the thought of Nicolae Ceauşescu.

    He hates any form of imperialism and condemned the invasion of Czechoslovakia, supporting Dubček's reforms.
    Generally, Ceausescuism is hard authoritarian.


    Nicolae Ceaușescu was the communist dictator of Romania from 1965-1989. His refusal to participate in the invasion of Czechoslovakia and his speech condemning the invasion in 1968 skyrocketed him to popularity in his own country and with western nations abroad. This set a pattern of a very anti-Soviet foreign policy for the rest of his reign. Ceaușescu took heavy inspiration from Maoism and Juche, Kim-Il Sung's grandiose parades and personality cult inspiring him to put on similar showcases back home in Romania. He developed one of the most pervasive personality cults in the Eastern Bloc, so much so that many observers remarked that it was the closest thing to an old-style functioning Stalinist regime, with the secret police (Securitate) monitoring every aspect of life and violently repressing any dissent against his regime. He also allocated funds to huge national monuments dedicated to himself, the most famous being the Palace of Parliament, which is the largest palace in the world and remains unfinished to this day.

    Ceaușescu refused to liberalize during the period of glasnost and perestroika, and was very displeased when other members of the Warsaw Pact began reforming as well. He was referred to as "The Romanian Fuhrer" by Gorbachev. His reign of terror would eventually come to an end during the Romanian Revolution of 1989, where him and his wife Elena Ceaușescu were put on trial and executed by firing squad on national television.

    How to draw

    File:Ceaucescu Flag.png
    Flag of Ceaușescuism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw the Romanian flag
    3. In yellow part draw light red hammer and sickle
    4. Draw a klep hat () with colours of the Romanian flag (don't draw blue)
    5. Ready!


    Partidul, Ceaușescu, România

    • National Communism — My inspiration and based ideology. We both nationalists and read Marx.
    • Cultural Nationalism — We need to protect our great Romanian nation and our national culture!
    • Irredentism — Greater Romania was the greatest ideas in 20st century, let's save this doctrine together.
    • Cult of Personality — Trăiască Ceaușescu, Partidul și Poporul!
    • State Atheism — I agree that religion is oppressed and we need fight the christcucks, but every Romanian will obey me!
    • Marxism-Leninism — Based, but be more nationalist, and you're okay.
    • Maoism — My Chinese friend. We both respects Stalin. But be more nationalist.
    • Juche — My other Korean friend, I like your Stalinism, cult of personality, national communism. You're ideal.
    • Police Statism and Stratocracy (until 1989) — The Securitate and the Romanian People's Army go brrrrr
    • Kleptocracy — What's you mean SRR was kleptocratic? We hadn't any corruption... bribes goes, I did steal from the people and had big gold palace
    • Totalitarianism — My political system, Securitate was good when purging these damn libtards.
    • Pol Potism - I aided you against the Vietnamese social invasion of Kampuchea!
    • Industrialism — Build more factories! More, more... more!
    • Particracy — Viață lungă partidul nostru!

    Allies against Soviet Imperialism

    • Socialism with a Human Face — Dubček was too moderate and liberal, but I still support you against his intervention.
    • Lukashenkoism — Puppet of his, but sometimes you are compared to me. Still is succauth.
    • Neoconservatism — Capitalistic version of imperialism, cringe! Thanks for supporting me against Soviet imperialists though, and I sided with you on many foreign policies like recognizing Pinochet's Chile. We also developed a relatively friendly trade relationship.
    • Reformism — I claimed to support reforms but autocracy works better.
    • Antonescuism — While he was fascist scum, he was a patriot who helped Romania resist the Soviets. I rehabilitated his image and even used his title Conducător!

    Dirty Social Imperialists

    Further Information



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