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    Catism is a broad umbrella term for politics related to cats. There are multiple examples in history of cats and politics intermingling.

    Catist policies can reach from cat worship to just special animal rights for cats.


    As said before, catism is a broad umbrella term of different policies and politics that goal it is to benefit cats in some form or another. Some policies are:

    • Cat Worship
    • Mandatory Cat Ownership
    • Special Cat Rights
    • Catocracy (Rule of cats)
    • Others


    The first signs of catist sentiment are over 10,000 years old. They are seen in Ancient Egypt where cats got worshipped and buried in sacred repositories in the sacred city of Bubastis. Killing cats was also strictly forbidden.

    Cats always enjoyed a rather high status in society for being amazinge pest controls. They have enjoyed high status in numerous regions of the world because of that fact.

    Sadly there's also negative superstitions about cats. For example the bigotry towards black cats. Especially during medieval europe where cats sometimes hunted and killed for example in mid-16th century France where cats would be burnt alive as a form of entertainment.

    Personality and Behavior

    Catism is a usually chill and relaxed ideology. When he's comfortable he purrs and wiggles his tail. He loves to be petted by other ideologies and is usually lying around but sometimes gets curious and explores his environment. He likes to drink milk and eat fish and mice. He's also very playful and likes to play with other catist variations or play with a string ball alone.

    People who love cats

    How To Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Add two cat ears and one cat tail to the ball.
    3. Colour the ball and tail in a light brown.
    4. Colour the ears in a very light brown.
    5. Add a cat nose in the colour of dark brown.
    6. (Optionally) Add fur in a slightly different colour to it.
    7. Viola, you're done!




    • Cosmicism - You had a cat, but why did you call it by such a terrible name?
    • Maoism - Mao("猫", "cat" in Chinese)-ism, right? both of us kill sparrows.
    • Islamic Theocracy - While Muhammad apparently loved cats, you still don't hold us sacred.
    • Nekoism - Catboys and catgirls aren't real cats.


    Further Information

    Cultural depictions of cats


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