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    Catholic National Socialism or Catholic Nazism, also known as National Catholicism or Papal Nazism, is a combination of National Socialism and Catholic Theocracy, strongly influenced by the governance of Catholic Imperialism. Under Catholic Nazism, The Pope is renamed into the Christian Leader while having nearly absolute power and only can break (if his policies undermines the main rhetoric) and have the Christian high court to oust the leader and replaced with a person with the rhetoric closest to Christian Nazism.

    In society and economy, only Aryan Catholics with a worthy political rhetoric is allowed to live and all other people of other races and religions are completely exterminated. The economy would be primarily capitalistic, however, the economy and trade would be regulated in order to put tough tariffs on materials that either "undermines Christianity" or anything that undermines the country's (near) totalitarianism, like the internet. The industry has different jobs for men (banker, businessmen, factory worker, soldier, and scientist) and women (Medic, cooks, and nurses) and they all work 9-18 hours work 24/7 (excluding Sundays).

    The Catholic Church itself is remodeled into a very fascistic like model in order to further secure loyalty to the government, religion, and race.

    Catholic Nazism's diplomacy would be somewhat imperialistic and genocidal, it ought to unite all predominantly white Catholic nations. And will do anything to stop people of other race and religion from pouring in those nations, including invading those nations where people of other races and religions are coming from and preforming massive genocides there.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Color the left half of it yellow and right half white.
    3. In the center, draw a white circle.
    4. In the white circle, using black, arrange 4 right-angles into a cross shape.
    5. Draw the ball wearing a purple dictatorial hat.

    You're done!





    Further Info

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