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    Catholic Imperialism is a clerical, near absolutist, very imperialist and Christian ideology which would exist under the influence of a Pope who would restart the Crusades except to entirely new levels.

    Under Catholic Imperialism, a monarch with almost absolute power would reign with the clergy having a bit of power beneath him. The only way the monarch can have his power stripped from him is if he violates the clergy's laws that are imposed on him. The job of the monarch is to maintain a Christian Theocracy reigning across his lands and beyond. To due this, Catholic Imperialism imposes an imperialist policy to conquer as much land and sea as possible to secure its religion and the church. Heretics would be prosecuted and genocided to fix their problems with non-Christian religions and to keep the land Christian.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Color it blue.
    3. Draw a white Maltese cross in the center.
    4. Draw 8 triangles around the cross; it resemble sunshine.
    5. Draw gold crown atop the balls head.
    6. The crown should have a blue (same shade as the ball) cross in the center of it and two blue gemstones, one on each other side.
    7. Draw a small, tilted gold cross atop the crown.
    8. Add the eyes to ball.

    You're done!




    • Paleoconservatism - Religious, but doesn't want to imperialize.
    • Neoconservatism - Wants to infare in the Middle East, but doesn't want to genocide infidels.
    • Esoteric Fascism - Tends to hate Christians, but I might tolerate you if you help me get rid of some common enemies.


    Further Info

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