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    Catboy Feudalism is Feudalism based around catboy agriculture.


    Catboy Fuedalism has been theorized by Marxian Rutabaga in an argument against SumisuArisu's catboy-distibutist policy, basically claiming that whoever is in charge of the catboy breeding pens will assume control over the commune and bring back Fuedalism.

    Full transript:

    Who'll breed them? Who'll breed the catboys? Will each commune have their own catboy breeding pen? Pretty quickly the one who holds the catboys will be the one who controls the commune, and now we're back to feudalism, where the people slave under the catboy breeder while they enjoy their catboys, and the people each get slivers of the catboys they produce. This is why we need a state, the threat of catboy feudalism is too great. Now, maybe the catboy pens will be community-owned and operated, but what if one day someone blockades the catboy breeding pen and gains de facto control over the pen, and by extension, the commune? These are the questions anarchists are too afraid to answer.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it half pink on the left side, and half blue on the right side.
    3. Draw a pale-yellow male gender symbol with the arrow facing downwards.
    4. Draw two cat ears on the symbol.
    5. Write "UwU" inside the symbol.
    6. Add the eyes.
    7. Add cat ears on top of the ball. Fill them blue. Fill the inside pale-yellow.

    You're done!

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