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    Catarchy, also known under the name of “National-Futurism” or “NatFut” is a culturally centrist, orwellian, and economically profoundly right-wing ideology created by Bitzig Khan, a rich Norman-Mongolian entrepreneur. The main goal of Catarchy is world domination as the entire world is believed to fall appart. It is believed to be the prototype of Mondialism.

    Political values

    Known to be the most dangerous political ideology in history, Catarchy supports a patrocratic economy, a patrocracy is when a single entreprise dominates an entire society, including governments. He also supports a totalitarian dictatorship in which the people are both spied on and mind-controlled, thus restricting them from having certain thoughts and forcing them to believe everything the media feed them, as well as removing memories related to the “inferior races”.

    Catarchy’s achieved goal was to create an entire living space for Clossardians (Asian, round eyes) and Cocardians (White, squinted eyes), two races which Catarchy considers to be destined for world domination. The whole entirety of the Far-East and Siberia for Clossardians and Large parts of Africa for Cocardians, Asians except Mongolians (they are instead genetically modified to remove the squinted eyes, then asked to repopulate the far east as Clossardians) are deported to the Americas and a terraformed Antarctica (the native populations are forced to become a minority) and black Africans murdered and forced to become a minority as well. A religion known as Hebesy has been created so the Clossardians and Cocardians could practice it.

    Catarchy considers the non-profoundly inferior races as unworthy to lead a healthy lifestyle, those who are neither Cocardian or Clossardian can live a very unhealthy lifestyle if they want, for example, they have the right not to do sports, drug themselves and even commit suicide if they want, as long as they do not harm the patrocrate, but they overeating is illegal.

    Another of Catarchy’s goal was to destroy the profoundly inferior races the most horrible way possible, Arabs, Muslims, Turks, Central Asians, certain Europeans, certain mental disabilities and race mixed people were sent to gigantic factories, tortured and forced to work, they were starved until the day they are impaled, crucified, irradiated, burned in a brazen bull or drawn and quartered, the profoundly inferior races are forgotten by the civilization and everyone denies their existence due to mind control, those who dare agree with their existence are also sent there for torture and death.

    A typical Catarchist belief is that those who are beautiful, deserve more rights than the ugly ones no matter whether they are superior or not, those who are ugly must live in extreme poverty, in very polluted (e.g., full of factories and trash mountains) cities, those who are the most beautiful, the 10% of the world population, must lead healthy lifestyles in small ecological villages, but instead of working to gain wealth, they have to kidnap ugly people and force them to work at their place.

    Hardcore Industrialism and Sapient supremacy over animals is prominent in Catarchy, animals are considered as cruel and thus deserve no rights at all. Pollution is unlimited except in ecological villages, gigantic factories are built on 60% of the earth’s surface.

    Traditional values such as forbidding polygamy, rape, murder, rudeness, physical and moral harm, non-misanthropic sadism directed toward ugly people and other values are abandoned, Homosexuality is an exception as it is considered as dangerous for the human existence. Physical traditions such as music, architecture, arts, etc… in contrary must be maintained and racially restricted, to each race their own. Immigration is forbidden but tourism isn’t. Trying to maintain any tradition is strictly forbidden.

    Another important goal is to let sub-entreprises (all of them are part of the patrocrate) make warfare between each other so they could gain profit and give 50% of it to the patrocrate, men, women and children are all inducted into fighting for the enterprise a rule states that ecological villages must not be attacked. On the other hand, any expression of misanthropy, sexism or environmentalism is illegal.

    A religious cult of personality around Bitzig Khan’s family is mandatory for everyone, including the moderately and profoundly inferior races, everyone must be forced to obey all of Bitzig’s rules and worship him for the rest of their lives. Hebesy is an obligatory religion and every other ones must be abandoned, breaking any of these mentioned laws could result in lifelong torture then brutal murder.

    The school system is removed from society as it is not necessary anymore, mind-control machines inserts knowledge in the people’s brain and force the people to believe in everything the patrocrate wants and deny everything the patrocrate wants, the entirety of the person’s life is based around consumerism for the patrocrate’s profit.

    Catarchy promotes lust as a positive trait, sexual and fetishist activity between every human beings (excluding homosexuality) in any form is encouraged, everyone who dares disagreeing with it shall be boiled alive. Those who are disabled or both fat and gluttonous (or just gluttonous) must be sent in concentration camps where they are forced to work for the rest of their lives.

    Catarchy, since its creation, will always exist! even after the fall of the new world order, the regime still somewhat controls the world and force the people into believing what is false, and deny the existence of Arabs.

    The language used is very restricted, mind control and constant spying forces the people not to use a certain language that opposes the patrocrate’s policies.


    Catarchy is usually a deranged Brick. Everyone, including Nazi.pngNazism avoids him, and he has no friends, everyone including File:Gallo.pngGallomarchyGallomarchyball.png hates him. He tends to live without values, obsessed with sex and smoking his cigarette, he is anorexic as well as lazy. He built his own culture without any traditional values and dreams of imposing it on the entire world. The police are currently searching him.





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