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    Caressism is an ideology that dreams of a utopia where everyone finds happiness through their own religion and way of life while they are protected from harm and death. It advocates for a well-funded government that can help its citizens when needed, find everyone the job that's perfect for them, it should provide:

    • counseling,
    • quality care,
    • rehabilitation services,
    • universal and worry-free:
      • healthcare,
      • foodcare,
      • childcare,
      • housing,
      • electricity,
      • water,
      • tertiary education
      • pre-school (and all education between it and tertiary)
      • life insurance
      • public transportation
      • sanitation
      • washing, cleaning, and drying
      • auto/vehicle insurance
      • belongings/property/disaster/fire insurance
      • theft/crime insurance
      • paid maternal and paternal leave
      • support for the unemployed (voluntarily or involuntarily)

    Thus people under caressism should have little to no bills
    As well as monitoring the nation to prevent violent crime. Caressism is based around the government teaching its people compassion, inclusiveness, niceness, and promoting unity of all people from all continents, religions, cultures, ethnicities, races, genders, ages, and walks of life. The society aims to be completely immigrant-based, harboring religious people from all over the world.

    Political Organization

    Under Caressism, all positions of government should be elected, except if optionally there were to be a monarch, although it aims to have a somewhat direct democracy, there must still be a government and we wish for it to be partisan, a partisan (political party centered) democracy. However, not a hierarchical one, policy should be equal responsibility of all government politicians, thus there will be no president or prime minister and all people involved in making government decisions will be paid equally in terms of monetary income (including regular voters!)

    The government will be made up of 4 (or 5) Branches:

    • The Executive Branch
      • composed of the people, the general public
      • to propose, to elect, to make, to approve
    • The Legislative Branch
      • composed of the System of Parties and the System of Cities
      • to filter, to promote, to spread, to deliberate
    • The Judicial Branch
      • composed of the courts, the Supreme Court, and the System of Religions (also known as the religious courts)
      • to legalize, to explain, to interpret, to make rulings, to protect rights
    • The Bureaucratic Branch
      • composed of many agencies, bureaus, civil service, organizations, corporations, and departments
      • to enforce law, to run the government, to hold elections, to expose, to make efficient
    • and an optional Royal Branch in case there is a monarch
      • the monarch and their staff/servants/helpers/team
      • to set up, to lay out a system, to reform

    The basic method of how laws would get passed or dealt with in a Caressist government is as follows:

    1. a petition is made by the public
    2. these petitions gain their initial signatures/votes
    3. which house of legislature the petition is sent to depends on its subject matter
      • The two houses of legislature are equal but divided based on their subject matter, the System of Parties receive issues of national importance, such as national economics, government funding, foreign policy, etc. While the System of Cities receives and deals with intercity matters, it has representatives of all the cities that make up the nation, and thus decides more regional/local implementations.
    4. the legislature must select out of the popular petitions which to publicize, debate, or hear
      • their job is to filter out frivolous petitions without merit so that attention can be focused on issues that matter
      • thus law cannot start from the legislature, it must begin in the executive
    5. these petitions are crafted into official pieces of legislation if deemed worthwhile and are then voted on
      1. if there is no significant consensus, it will be sent off back to the executive as a referendum for voting so the public may pass it if >50% support it.
      2. if the law is passed by the legislature, it gets sent back as a referendum to be voted on, so the public may veto it if >50% oppose it.
    6. if a referendum passes, the law becomes valid, and is put into effect by the bureaucracy
    7. both the legislature, the bureaucracy, and the judiciary are elected
    8. as a law is being put into implementation, the Supreme Court has to determine if it abides by the Constitution, which has certain rights enshrined, like the right to life, the right to not be punished, etc.

    Caressism aims to have a truly egalitarian democracy, which it believes can be done through letting anyone vote, no matter their ethnicity, race, age, criminal history, social status, etc. However, to ensure that votes are always made on one's own volition and not just a projection of someone else, data from test results of each individuals, especially in political/demonstration-of-self classes required to vote, is used to determine if the individual qualifies to have their votes counted, which is common, as only a basic political understanding or indication of mature independence is needed.

    The way this is done is not through intelligence testing, but rather testing that the individual is able to demonstrate a good grasp of their own political opinion and why they believe in it. As long as unique individual thought is demonstrated, their votes will count. Anyone else who is interested in politics will be offered education so that they can also vote. Caressism believes education is important to a good democracy. Anyone with a verified disability that prevents them from being a qualified voter will be qualified nonetheless.

    All religions will be represented in the government, and elected religious officials (by members of said religion) will govern religious rulings, curricula of religious education, obligations and recommendations for followers of each religion. Religious classes are mandatory at least one day per week on the special day of the week for that religion (Friday for Muslims, Sunday for Christians, etc.), thus regular school is 4 days a week.

    Government policies require the majority of the affected people groups weighed by the degree of the affect to be passed. International policy is decided through popular referendum. A secure identification system will be provided to all persons, which will be used to verify signatures and identity to vote on polls, referendums, elections, etc.

    Caressism aims to lower corruption with all politicians receiving funding based on votes they receive from individuals with similar views being shown the platforms, speeches, and mannerisms of such individuals, operating on principles similar to E-Democracy.

    Political Organization Elaboration

    Since all branches of government are to be elected, this means that those in the government work with the consent and at the pleasure of the people, who serve as the de-jure executive branch.

    The summary is that: The Legislature is divided between Political Parties (everyone in the System of Parties belongs to one).
    The Judiciary has Judicial Factions who front candidates for the religious courts (which are specific to members of each religious sect) and the Supreme Court Justices are elected directly but serve for life, while lower courts have their official decisions of judicial response are decided by juries while legal professional present cases (evidence and reasoning) for their views, and judges who decide which cases are approved/heard/appealed are elected by local communities.
    And finally, the Bureaucracy is elected via Executive Committees, there is one for every agency, office, bureau, organization, foundation, commission, etc. in the bureaucracy and they are made up of regular citizens not employed with the government but still receiving the same pay for participating in the government, who must join their Executive Committees of interest, they may be able to join 2-4, they can either join few big ECs or more small ones, where they are involved with and oversee the operations of that bureaucratic body which the EC is made for, for example, a national security agency or a federal trade commission would each have their own executive committees, since the government is nonhierarchical and equal, one executive committee only has power over the other when it has been given to them by the people. So in a way, this is another electoral organization similar to parties, who is tasked with hiring and firing of workers in the bureaucracy but also bigger ones that more people have joined result in more power for that agency because the ECs deliberate and may form alliances to vote for how interactions between the organizations will go, when regulations created are in conflict with those of another organization, etc.

    Thus each branch has their electoral organization for people to turn to with clear Checks and Balances through Separation of Power as for the Legislature there are Political Parties, for the Judiciary there are Judicial Factions, and for the Bureaucracy there are Executive Committees, each are made up of different party-equivalents that compete against one another.

    Legislative Branch

    First and foremost, the Legislative Branch is the part of government that may be seen as the forefront, their job is to establish officiality, with connections to the media, these politicians are there to make sure people receive issues they care about to vote on and pass. However, their functions were discussed in the previous section so this will be more about how they are elected. There are two equal chambers in the Legislative Branch, the System of Parties and the System of Cities.

    The System of Parties


    The System of Cities

    The hosting Caressist country should act more as a union, in a way, a strong federation, of cities. This is adherence to sub-ideology I'd like to call municefralism (a word formed by combining the words municipal and federalism). Under municefralism, similar to federalism (as if instead of states it's cities), cities would not be able to pursue their own military ventures and rely on the municefral/national government for protection. Also, cities themselves are offered much more freedom, even in deciding their own government and selection processes, where they're not necessarily required to have democratic municipal governments, although it is encouraged, since citizens are better represented at a municipal level. However, freedom of movement must be maintained, so the municipal governments don't get to control the movement of citizens, who largely choose where they live. Again, however, ultimately the people's will goes, so if enough people sign a petition for regime change, the national/municefral government must hold a mandatory referendum to see if the citizens want to change how the city government is structured, usually this would be expected to be a change to a more democratic municipal government. Thus ultimately ensuring that municipal governments remain accountable to the people.

    Economic Organization

    See Economics and Governance for more information.

    While Caressism wants to have a market economic system, whereby people can create their own private enterprise, it also wants the common people to be prosperous, happy, and especially have their needs met. In a true Caressist society however, most corporations and business would largely be allied with the government, wherein multinational corporations might make deals with the government to run and profit from the branch of the business in the hosting country.

    Caressism practices globalist economics, with little to no trade barriers, except to oppressive countries to which they may initiate an embargo. Tariffs are never added for economic reasons.

    Most businesses in the hosting Caressist country will be loyal to the government, but not through force or coercion by law making to take down businesses or corporations, and there is no privatization or nationalization, but rather, slowly but surely, through negotiation over the years, those in power will be softened, and offered a carefree convenient and good life, while the government uses their wealth and power for funding, and runs businesses fairly. The government works to eliminate unions by allowing workers to submit petitions and answer referendums direct democratically to allocate business wages and funding.

    So basically, Caressism would have large monopolies and corporation that are friendly and good-willing thanks to government interaction with those in charge and such businesses may be considered pseudo-private. These good businesses would usually aim to establish control over the market naturally through support of the people, to ensure no greedy and bad-meaning corporations gain ground in the market.

    Societal Organization

    Caressism requires as much government funding as possible, international corporations, donations, and of course heavy taxation will be used to provide the services it aims to establish, advocating for extremely centralized in government scientific research for the betterment and utopianization of the lives of those who live in the society.

    Despite this, Caressism wants society to be to be free, and dislikes excessive authoritarianism. It is fully open to criticisms and allows free-speech and most things to be direct-democratically governed. It advocates personal liberty of legalization of all recreational activities that don't involve hurting anyone, however will offer rehabilitation instead for addicts.

    Caressism will absolutely not penalize any citizens for most crimes, drug use is permitted without significant disruption to surrounding civilian life or environment. However, drug use is noted, and appropriate supplying will be provided to addicts and put into the appropriate counseling and rehabilitation programs. Borders are completely open with anyone arriving into the country being accepted into immigration centers where any physical or mental ailments will be detected and they will be attempted to be cured. Under no circumstances is an immigrant to be turned down, except on the basis of irreligion. Still, irreligious immigrants willing to become religious will be given appropriate materials and education. Even in cases of pandemics, immigrants must be accepted and each tested, with immigration centers having a safe environment to slow the spread of disease, any found with the disease will be provided healthcare.

    Human beings are not to observe people in private households, especially not while they are naked, all people employed in surveillance must be trained ascetically, with pure focus on the mission keeping people safe, only those shown with these pure intentions will be employed, and those who falter will be fired. However, if automated surveillance systems detect a weapon this is to be investigated, local police must be dispatched is someone is seen in possession of a gun. In cases of weapon possession such knives that also have peaceful purposes, the individual is to be monitored, however, exiting their property in possession of a weapon warrants police investigation. Camera video feeds must censor bare bodies and faces so that surveillance workers are not distracted, official footage will only be used in court for crime resolution.

    An important aspect of Caressism is how people will live and how government will be handled. Firstly, building of cities will be done by an advanced AI, with aims to reflect natural human architecture and supply a diverse array of buildings. Society will rapidly urbanize, with surveillance measures discreetly installed everywhere to maximize crime prevention. All crops, will be fully optimized with the latest genetic and technological advancements, production will also controlled by the mega AI that will also mine resources for the construction of said facilities and other purposes. This mega AI also uses surveillance and people's actions to determine their hobbies and interests, their positive attributes, so that they can be given the job that fits them the most. Built into many buildings will be nonlethal robotic traps or contraptions that may be activated in cases of someone possessing a lethal weapon, so that people may be saved if police can't arrive on the scene in time.

    Boring Politics in Real Life

    Other than Rayz9989's unique beliefs, in real life in terms of practical support, they may be classified as a Lib.png liberal and perhaps more specifically a Soclib.png social liberal or a Synclib.png syncretic liberal for fervently supporting the Demcr.png Democratic Party of the United States of America through the doctrine of "vote blue no matter who!" although with a preference for Socdem.png social democratic candidates like Sanders.png Bernie Sanders or candidates who are less privileged like minorities and women such as Obamium.png Barack Obama Obama2d.png, Socliber.png Andrew Yang, and PCB-Hillaryism Sprite.png Hillary Clinton.

    What mainly sets them apart from other Demcr.png Democrats is their tendency to support religious policies and oppose secularism.

    Being an immigrant himself, their main focus is immigration policy, thus being the main reason why they support the Democrats.

    They also have a great love for their city, Cball-Greenbelt.png Greenbelt even more so than the state in which they reside, Rockrep.png Maryland, and the country where they live, Cball-US.png USA. Thus they are incredibly patriotic for Cball-Greenbelt.png Greenbelt and Greenbelt alone, except for their true home country where they were born and derives all ancestry from: Cball-BANG.png Bangladesh which they admire equally.

    Personality and Behavior

    CaressismBall is eccentric, imaginative, and creative. They're also devout, with a strong belief in their religion, they commit to their religious activities everyday, but is still very accepting of others. Empathy is key in their personality, they're extremely goodwilling, doesn't often get mad, but also completely opposed to sadism. Caressism likes to develop close and important friendships, and feel true bonds, however, sometimes they can be shy when meeting new people. They like to play video games where they can be nice and helpful. They're also extremely idealistic and utopian, sometimes thinking that reality is too limited and wanting to be in a fictional world. However, even though they try to be nice, they still have their inner prejudices like how they secretly dislike atheists, and can't stand it when people talk positively about death, pain, or injury. And also, they like to plan things out before doing them, likes laws and orders, but at the same time they don't bother cleaning up their own mess and have no problem as long as they know where things are.

    How to Draw

    Add this symbol to the center of the hat.
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill in the ball with purple
    3. Make a wide, rigid, tilted and angled, pentagon that looks like a tent in the center of the ball, color orange.
    4. Make a rigid, green triangle that goes from the bottom of the pentagon to the very top point, it should look a bit like a path.
    5. Draw the base of the hat, a soft and flexible/crooked rectangle that overlaps with the top of the ball, it should be colored white. Add texture to it like by drawing lines extending from the sides to the center.
    6. Now draw the pointy hat, shaped like a pentagon but with curved sides you can look at the ball to see proportions.
    7. In the center of the hat, copy and paste the Religious eye symbol provided. Color it a distinctive and bright purple, preferably, #9d42ff
    8. Add a bright golden glow to the entire thing, and that's it!

    Old Relational Lore

    Caressism is very opinionated, but has pretty low standards. A lot of their ideology comes from their parents. Demcr.png Democratism inspired them to be multiculturalist, accepting, nice, because this is their favorite parent, they always support them, and sometimes get along with their half-siblings. However, Caressism is still rebellious and took many ide as from their other parent, Theocrat.png Theocratism which was kind of upsetting to Democratism. But Democratism is ok, doesn't care that much. While Theocracy is very angry and doesn't get along very well with Caressism, however, Theocracy is very mysterious, Caressism doesn't see them often, they only got their views by interacting with Theocracy's descendants who Caressism often makes friends with.





    • StateathFedora.png State Atheism [+ all other atheist or anti-religious ideologies] - Atheism is gae (also the scourge of the Earth)
    • Awaj.png Anarchism [+ all its variants] - Too much decentralization! Decentralization makes for inefficiency. Too individualist (no collective security & safety)
    • Totalitarian.png Totalitarianism [+ other tot ideos] - But I like freedom D:
    • American Republicanism.png American Republicanism - Still the bad guys
    • Republicanismpix.png Republicanism - Monarchy is fine tbh
    • Indiv.png Individualism - Grrrrr


    Ideologically Similar

    • Ethwelball.png Ethnic Welfarism 9 - Mah good ol' pal oRange. We go way back, I remember his presence in the OG anarchy wiki days well. The ideology, is actually quite compatible with mine. Ethnopluralism is a good policy and is a good deal for most separatists. My disagreements are mainly only with the specific oRange System type (i.e Laicism) so Ethwel's a very agreeable ideology. However one disagreement is the creation of a multiculturalist state for immigrants, which is what my ideology advocates for so that it may be implemented in that nation.
    • Takoyakismicon.png Takoyakism 14 - A super nice new friend :D, there's some nice n awesome ideological similarities, like both religious progressive, having municipal governments, corporatism, multiculturalist, progressive, democratic, all around super based! The world federalism is the part where I don't agree tho

    Ideologically Very Based

    • Funkismicon.png Funkism 2 - A kind friend who I encountered as being a fellow religious progressive. Likes Nordic Model and that's cool, in libcenter which is my favorite quadrant.

    Ideologically Based

    • Moonlit.png Moonlitism 8 - A silly friend (big twitteroid :p) who's a progressive Muslim like me. Havin' a religious progressive ideology earns tons o based points, plus it's socbert, which is nice. main disagreements: secular, gender, corporations, and surveillance.

    Ideologically Slightly Based

    • TAM icon.png Third Aquarian Model - 19 - Woaa a fellow INFJ, a fellow nationstates player, and soo a really cool person overall. The ideology's pretty much good all round, the likes on the page are especially wholsum, the constructivism, the democracy, the progressivism, except it's socialist & far left, but ofc one o the better socialists.
    • Retro Lib.png Retroliberalism 6 - A fellow liberal, I like the democracy & taxation and we share a lot in common, but there are forms of tax like LVT which I don't like and laicism and populism which I don't like. Overall still good tho.
    • Jedpill.png Jed-Pilled Thought 7 - A very very helpful friend who's always there for me! His ideology is nice too considering that its distributist (economic center like me) and very religious (awesome). So it has a very similar compass position to me, but other than that, all the conservatism and anti-trust are parts I don't like.
    • PSP2 icon.png Evoluder Lelouchism 13 - While it's nice that this is economic center, it's a slightly based ideology, having very nice technological and civic (democracy) opinions, but still with cultural disagreements.

    Ideologically Bringe/Crased

    • Analtru.png Anarcho-Altruism 4 - Sabkv! A wonderful friend who was very helpful to me in my early days in this community and was key to me being as integrated as I am now. There's many aspects of this ideology that mirrors mine, altruism, kindness. "values emotions and feelings" is huuge based points :p But it's also anarchist and communalist, that provides a perfect counterbalance to bring to bringe.
    • BeryAbLib.png Beryism 15 - tbh altho bery is a great guy and epic friend, this ideology is pretty different from mine lol. Althought both liberals, bery is more of a liberaltarian, that's kewl and all but it due to how right leaning it is, it goes against my welfarism. there are many otha economic disagreements like LVT, but I agree in some areas like deregulation, we have many sociocultural agreements, bein progressive, but I oppose interculturalism. also I'm kinda an interventionist. But aiming for a somewhat direct democracy is one of the more awesom aspects, since Swiss model is good. SO yeah, some strong agreements and some strong disagreements.

    Ideologically Ambivalent

    • NuSocRep.png Chirotesla Thought 11 - You have an interesting ideology, and seem pretty cool. However I think it's a bit balanced in my eyes. Although market socialism is one of the better types of socialism, I still dislike socialism and georgism. You have some good cultural positions but I don't fully agree as a progressive.
    • BaconwobIcon.png New Baconism 12 - Bacon's a nice friend and good guy, but in terms of cultural issues we disagree sometimes since I like progressivism, but I think compared to others this is a workable ideology and doesn't conflict much with mine although I don't quite like neoliberalism.
    • TheIced.png Icedism 18 - Transhumanism is alright but I'm pretty against LVT, and don't particularly support fiscal conservatism. The only thing that I really like here is direct democracy.

    Ideologically Slightly Unbased

    • NSL.png National Social Liberalism 16 - yooo pirate tails, man's OG. buut, anti-immigration D: I don't particularly like da economics, or anythin, at least we're both progressive but that's kinda it.

    Ideologically Unbased

    * 1 - My best and longest-time friend of all from pcb. Still never really liked the ideology tho. The nice things are the corporatism, opposition to socialism & anarchism, the bad parts are atheism.

    Ideologically Very Unbased

    • File:Capacitationism2.png Capacitationism 3 - A good friend with an admirable personality, a bit too debatey for my tastes, but certainly passionate. But the ideology has not many ideological qualities that I like, and many that I don't like.

    Ideologically Cringe

    • Ferola.png Ferolaism 5 - Another one of my long-time friends, together forming the Super Six (Nourishismicon.png Rayz, Quarkism.png Quark, Analtru.png Sabkv, Funkismicon.png afunky, File:Capacity.png Solar, and Ferola.png Ferola). We've been through tumultuous times together. His ideology tho, I don't like the Soviet Union and its tankieness so nah on this one.
    • Pixil-frame-0(5).png Universal Cheddarism 17 - Kinda too reactionary, authoritarian, discriminatory, oppressive and violent for me.
    • Councilguy2.png Post-Councilism 10 - A great, dependendable and interesting friend. Although a bit pessimistic at times, I think he's a nice person. Buut, we disagree on a whoole lot, I know he'd say "egoism isn't an ideology" but it's one of my least favorite whatever-it-is :p

    Political Test Placements



    Implianium - Add me

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