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    Capitalist Nihilism is the fusion between Capitalism and Nihilism. It believes that nothing matter and thus argue that fighting against Capitalism is pointless and may argue that anything holding capitalism back is also pointless.

    2 types of nihilism

    There are 2 ways this ideology can work.

    Passive Nihilism

    It believes that nothing matters and thus fighting against the capitalist status quo is inherently pointless. Passive capitalist nihilist may use the accumulation of capital as a coping mechanism to deal with the meaninglessness of it all.

    Active Nihilism

    It may believe in many things although the one characteristic that combines Active Capitalist-Nihilism is the idea that anything "stopping" capitalism is pointless and thus these Capitalist-Nihilists tend to be Accelerationists.

    • Anti-Charity

    They may believe charity is useless if not detrimental and thus argue for the abolition of any welfare or charity organizations, they may argue charity only prolongs the suffering of the people receiving the charity and that it would be better to leave the less fortunate to simply die.

    • Beyond laissez-faire

    They may believe in the implementation of a laissez-faire market that is unbound by morals and pacifism, everything goes, from murdering your competition to slaving your workers nothing stands in the way of capitalism.

    Personality and Behavior

    Capitalist Nihilism doesn't really have any friends. He usually works in a high position or even as a CEO in a big corportation and accumulating more and more assets to cope that nothing actually matters. He often baths in dollar bills while crying that in the end nothing matters.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it out with a light black.
    3. Add a yellow dollar symbol in the middle.
    4. Add a eye and a monocle and then you're done.




    • Nihilism - I agree that nothing matters but i can't handle that fact ahhhh need money need capital!
    • Nihilist Catism - We both agree that nothing matters but idc about cats if I'm being honest.


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