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    Cantonese Montagnardism , or Cantonese Jacobinism-Montagnardism, is an offshoot of Jacobinism merged with Cantonese nationalism and left-wing culture. However, it is somewhat notably less authoritarian.

    This nascent ideology advocates for the founding of an independent Cantonese Republic based on liberty, equality, and fraternity.

    As of current, this ideology is still sadly very niche and effectively a self-insert of User:IndigoDialectics. They hope to spread this ideology to others someday.

    However, User:IndigoDialectics has calmed down somewhat and mellowed down over the months. The ideology has gained some very little fame in Twitter after User:IndigoDialectics kept dunking on chuds and clowns in quote tweets.




    Cantonese Republican Universalism

    They believe that a Cantonese Republic is necessary for Cantonese language and culture to survive and thrive.

    Their plan for a Cantonese Republic would accomodate Cantophones of any origin and any skin tone, as well as local Cantonese residents, and members of the overseas Cantonese communities (including ethnically non-Asian Cantophones).

    In terms of citizenship and nationhood, Cantonese Republican Universalism incorporates both Civic Nationalism and Cultural Nationalism.

    All citizens would be equal in rights, privileges, and duties, regardless of their origin, skin tone, lineage, gender identity, or sexuality. The Cantonese Republic should be welcoming and egalitarian, not only because it is fair and just, but also because it would help attract newcomers.

    However, citizens would also be expected to adopt Cantonese culture and language as well, as well as the universal republican values of liberty, equality, and fraternity. But a Cantonese-French Cult of the Supreme Being should be the state religion and the national religion.

    Having a monarchy goes against the beliefs of Cantonese Republican Univeralism, and thus Cantonese Montagnardism as well. According to Cantonese Montagnardism, the Cantonese people cannot truly be free as subjects under a monarchy, more so if it happens to be a hereditary or a foreign monarchy.

    Monarchy creates a class divide and lineage hierarchy within Cantonese society, which would be harmful to the Cantonese nation. Besides, the idea of a monarchy also reeks of "blood fetish" which brings back unpleasant memories of Chinese chauvinism, Malay chauvinism, and White chauvinism.

    Interculturalism: Co-Existence and Learning

    Interculturalism is another pillar of Cantonese Montagnardism.

    Cantonese culture should co-exist alongside other cultures, and the same goes for countries as well.

    Obviously, Cantonese Montagnardism really hates it whenever Cantonese culture and identity gets belittled or suppressed.

    However, while Cantonese culture is to be cherished and defended, it also has to be enriched through cultural exchanges as well. This helps Cantonese culture to remain fresh and alive. At the same time, cultural exchanges also allows Cantonese culture to spread its elements worldwide.

    Moreover, the cultural enrichment that follows cultural exchange may also in turn contribute to political progress which is based. Like how Cantonese Montagnardism picked up the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity from French Jacobinism.

    Thus, interculturalism is seen as a win-win that brings forth a world of diversity and depth, where each culture may survive and thrive together while learning from one another.

    Also, interculturalism is seen as a better alternative to Ethnopluralism, as it does not fixate on « ethnicity » and « lineage ».

    Against Gatekeeping and Bigotry




    Cult of the Supreme Being

    The Cult of the Supreme Being should be ressurrected and enriched with Cantonese culture, and then be made into the religion of the state and of the newly independent Cantonese nation.

    How to Draw


    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Divide the ball verticall into three parts.
    3. Paint the Cantonese tricolor, from top to bottom: Green, Brown, Blue.
    4. Draw 2 intertwined branches in black on the face.
    5. Draw a headwear, either one of the following:
      • Phrygian cap variant:
        • Draw a Phrygian cap on top
        • Draw a Cantonese cockade on the cap, from the outside to the inside: Blue, Brown, Green.
      • Hard hat/safety helmet variant:
        • Draw a yellow hard hat on top
    6. Draw the eyes and you are done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #1EE183 30, 225, 131
    Brown #CC9866 204, 152, 102
    Blue #0080C1 0, 128, 193
    Red (Cap) #FF0000 255, 0, 0
    Dark Red (Cap) #7F0000 127, 0, 0
    Yellow (Hat) #FFF301 255, 243, 1
    Bright Orange (Hat) #FDCA0C 253, 202, 12
    Dark Orange (Hat) #E5B60B 229, 182, 11



    • Enjoy learning about new cultures and perhaps adopt elements of other cultures into themself, while still maintaining their core identity and culture. ( Interculturalism)
    • Though they may act calm and postured on the outside, they would feel disturbed deep down upon seeing injustice and discrimination.
    • May sometimes poke fun of themself, or imagine alternate versions of them.
    • May secretly find comfort in self-pity.
    • Have a persecution fetish, which they take great pride in. They often imagine most detractors being part of a "Capetian" "First Coalition" determined to crush the Cantonese Republic and the working class. Also loves to imagine how "principled" and "nuanced" they are compared to their "Capetian" detractors.
    • Some say Cantonese Montagnardism needs to get mental help, even some of their closest comrades too.

    Stylistic Notes

    • May either wear a Phrygian cap with Cantonese cockade or a hard hat, but seldom seen without a headwear.
    • May sometimes carry an umbrella, especially when wearing a Phrygian cap.
    • Sometimes love to write in French (Il aime tantôt écrire en français)
    • Feel reluctant to speak Mandarin, and dislike being spoken to in Mandarin, especially if the conversation involves known Cantophones.
    • Love to invoke citizen Louis Capet's name as a cussword or a strawman. Jokingly blames Louis Capet on anything that goes wrong. They even love to imagine Louis Capet as a salty ghost pulling the strings behind the scenes.
    • Have a guillotine fetish. They even want to upgrade villain hitting, a Cantonese tradition, by turning it into villain guillotining!
    • Always refer to Cantonese with the term « 廣府話 » whenever speaking or writing Cantonese.
    • Speak Cantonese with Malaysian accent, but with occassional gratuitous French loanwords.
    • Use the 《full-width guillemets》 for first-level quotes when writing Cantonese. Why? So they don't have to draw 『these』 for quotes within quotes since they can use 「those」 instead, plus this makes Cantonese feel more « French » so that's an absolute win!
    • May sometimes use a modified Hangul script to jot down grammatical particles, loanwords, proper nouns, and stroke-heavy Chinese characters in Cantonese.
    • Sometimes borrows the French plural definite article « les » to mark plurality for words other than pronouns in their Cantonese, instead of using 《們》 because that sounds too Mandarin. « les » takes the place of a classifier in this case. It is usually 레゚으 (/le/) before consonants, and 레゚스゙ (/le.z‿/) before vowels (See here). Plural pronouns are still 我哋, 你哋, and 佢哋, however.


    Tip: Go to "Frenemies" and "Enemies" for some really spicy hot takes!

    公民 / Citoyens (Citizens)

    • Republicanism — Vive la République ! 如果我哋想獨立同尊嚴、我哋就要自己嘅公民國!公民揸權、唯一生路! Pour notre indépendance et dignité, nous, les cantonais, avons besoin d'une République de notre propre ! (Long live the Republic! We need a republic of our own to secure our independence and dignity!)
    • Cultural Nationalism — A republic helps my beloved Cantonese culture to survive and thrive. But we also need to be welcoming and egalitarian so we will have newcomers bolstering our ranks. But why are you also serving Tridemism and Dengism against me?!
    • Civic Nationalism — Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ! All citizens are equal before the Cantonese Republic. But they should adopt Cantonese culture and language though.
    • Separatism — Vive la Cantogne libre ! 廣府/南粵獨立、唯一生路!
    • Localism — Vive la Cantogne libre ! 廣府/南粵獨立、唯一生路!
    • Nationalists — Vive la Cantogne libre ! 廣府/南粵獨立、唯一生路!
    • Linguistic Nationalism — 《乜都拆、廣州話唔可以拆!》
    • LGBTQ+ Rights — Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ! Consenting adults are free to love one another! The Cantonese Republic does not see sexuality, as all citizens are equal.
    • Feminism — Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ! Gender norms are detrimental and oppressive! The Cantonese Republic does not see gender identity, as all citizens are equal.
    • Men's Liberation — Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ! Gender norms are detrimental and oppressive! The Cantonese Republic does not see gender identity, as all citizens are equal.
    •   Left-Wing PopulismVive les sans-culottes !
    • Socialism — Mutualize the means of production for Cantonese citizens!
    • SyndicalismLes sans-culottes should form trade unions of their own! They help empower Cantonese citizens! Also, nice hat too!
    • Market Socialism — Bring democracy to the workplace to empower les sans-culottes!
    • Anti-Colonial — Based. Colonial powers fuck off!

    外國同志 / Camarades étrangers (Foreign comrades)

    • French Jacobinism — T'es ma plus grande inspiration ! Vive la Première République française, t'as jeté les bases pour tout ! What a breath of fresh air in these trying times! We have much to learn from the French indeed. Malheureusement, you're a bit too centralist for my liking, tone it down tolonglah. Also why do many of your children worship China so much, and why did you not let women vote, l’horreur !
    • Interculturalism — 我哋嘅廣府文化 should co-exist with other cultures of the world! 文化交流都幾得意吓哦! We should also learn from other cultures to enrich our own too, like how the French do their protests, strikes, and revolutions
    • Bloc Québécois — La langue de Molière, self-determination, language protection, LGBTQ+ rights and owning the rosbifs? I'm in! Vive le Québec libre, comme vive le Taïwan libre ! Thanks for your inspiration too, mon ami!
    • Irish Republicanism — We are both fighting for self-determination and defending our own languages! Love how you own les 鬼佬 and the monarkiddies too. Tiocfaidh ár lá! One struggle!
    • Ho Chi Minh Thought — o7. Respect. You kicked away imperialists off your clay and paved the way for a prosperous and sovereign Vietnam! Especially Chinazi and AmeriKKKa! And you're in la Francophonie which makes you even more based! Alas, it was a pity you had to fight France, but colonialist France was Thermidorian anyway so it was all okay! Oh, and back when I was a cringe blood fetishist, I worshipped you as my "superior" "pureblood" God because Bách Việt 百越 or something Blood worship or not, as neighbors, we still share a common background and history through the Bách Việt.
    • Ukrainian Nationalism — Cantonia stands with Ukraine! Also, thanks for debunking Chinese chauvinist bullshit with your mere existence. Can't comment much on anything else since I am not really in the know.
    • French Spreadism — Ouais, le français c'est une meilleure langue !

    半好半衰 / Mixte (Frenemies)

    • British imperialism — Why are you trying to make surplus value and simps out of Cantophones? And you're making Chinazis think I am your "slave"! B-but well, at least you helped preserve and promote Cantonese, and you're not as harsh as the Chinazis… but you still fucked up Malaysia where many Cantophones made their home! And Ireland! And Palestine! And especially Québec, but then again you protected Québec from Murica… Oh, thank you for the English language, I wouldn't be a smartass today without your help But hey, Charles de Gaulle didn't fall for your guilt-tripping!
    • Leninism — Sadly a tankie. but he supports self-determination and opposes monarchy which is very based! But why do you worship China so much?!
    • Auntology/姨學 — His or her maps helped inspire me a lot. They showed me how 華夏 (China) (not 《中國》 because it ain't the center of the world!) wasn't in Cantonia at the very beginning, and how the 諸夏 can and should break away from China. But most of her fans are too reactionary and conservative for my taste. I like interculturalism far better. Don't worry, I shall stand Liu on her head just as Marx stood Hegel on his head!
    • Anarcho-Communism — Based for opposing China, Britain, Japan, and America at the same time. Also appreciates his support for worker copperatives. But why are you so scared of a Cantonese Republic?! And why do you hate my beloved France?! Did Louis Capet haunt your dreams?

    衰人 / Ennemis (Enemies)

    • Monarchism — This is literally Louis Capet!!! L’horreur ! The Cantonese people cannot truly be free under a m*narchy, especially not a h*reditary foreign m*narchy! À la (supprimé) !
    • Racism — Eww wtf, bloodline fetish and skintone fetish! L’horreur ! Not to mention how racist gatekeeping only weakens the Cantophone community even more! À la (supprimé) ! Shit, I wanna forget that time when I worshipped Vietnam for having "divine" Bách Việt lineage
    • Dengism — L’horreur ! Cringe Chinazi 皇漢 imperialist who wants to erase Cantophone culture and exploit Cantonese workers!!! T’es pas si différent du rosbif et du américain !!! À la (supprimé) !
    • Whinnie the Pooh — Same as above but even more 衰樣. Why the fuck do you hate Cantonese culture and the 打工仔?! And Uyghurs too?! I love seeing Weibo users openly roast you in Cantonese! Oh, and à la (supprimé) !
    • Chiang Cry-shrek — You are just the above guy but girondin and kakistocrat. Blue tankie! 成日都掛住蒙古嗰笪地、係咪掛到戇鳩咗呀? Also, stop holding Taiwan hostage! Vive le Taïwan libre, comme vive le Québec libre ! À la (supprimé) ! But to be fair, at least you fought the Qing Dynasty cringe and the Japanese Tojoweebery. And you were too weak to run a Chinese empire or invade Hong Kong thankfully mdr
    • Far-right Tridemism — Mask-off moment! Gotcha, 國粉 (Kuofan)! I always knew you are a 皇漢, and a literal 皇漢 (imperial Han Chinese) at that! Bonjour, Louis Capet !
    • Kleptocracy — 想掘嗮我哋嘅民脂民膏?咪恣意呀! À la (supprimé) ! But at least you have weakened Tridemism and Malay Nationalism hahahahahahaahaha
    • Loan sharks — Why prey upon the vulnerable? Why waste red paint and burn stuffs? Wouldn't pyromania make it even harder for them to repay your usury? À la (supprimé) !
    • Showa Statism — Bloody monarchist and imperialist war criminal! À la guillotine ! (Ah, finally the censor has left me alone.)
    • Crab mentality — Why are you defending oppression and blocking progress? À la (supprimé) ! (屌, Louis Capet is censoring the g-word again!)
    • Conservatism — L’horreur ! À la (supprimé) !
    • Bloodline fetish — L’horreur ! À la (supprimé) ! Ignore how I used to worship Vietnam as the "pure" Bách Việt realm
    • White chauvinism — Ah, shit, here we go again…
    • Chinese chauvinism — Ah, shit, here we go again… 再講落去就真係嘥氣
    • Malay chauvinism — What, another blood fetish? Not again! And one that harms many Cantophones at that with their cringe "race"-based welfare!
    • Anarcho-Capitalism — You want capitalism running wild and you loathe the idea of a Cantonese Republic? L’horreur ! But at least I saw one of you supporting Cantonese independence, and you oppose China too.
    • Mandarin Spreadism — Stop suppressing Cantonese! But thanks for spreading 漢字

    同志 / Camarades (Comrades)

  • Yoda8soup Thought — Pretty chill guy! You want to bring democracy to the workplace and the market, which is very based! Like me, you also shares the same disdain for bloodline fetish, crapitalism and tankie bullshit. Progressive cultures that keep aesthetics and core identity? Based!
  • File:Council.png Post-Councilism — A voracious reader and a deeply devoted left-wing philosopher. Your theory on the state being a self-perpertuating, autonomous superstructure carried on by elites is very fascinating. Oh, fuck, are you saying that I was a mere petty-bourgeois bookworm? Bah… By the way, thank you for reminding me about strategy. We need strategy to usher in a Cantonese Republic. Oh, and you're a Žižek fan *sniffs*, I see. He'd likely cringe at the pure ideology I espouse here lol, from what I know so far
  • — You seem like a very chill, fun, and laidback ideology. A bit too chaotic, but you seem to be very relaxed and blissful. Maybe I should learn more from you sometimes. Perhaps I am too statist and nationalist? Seeing how you're anarchist, I guess you support worker cooperatives, and also oppose China and America too? Based!
  • — Spooky intellectual. I think you're onto something here when you talked about art being the means to channel one's essence. Your thesis on social egos not only makes me look at the world around me, but peer deeply inside my soul. My founder once wondered if even the most eager of helpers are ultimately selfish for they satisfy their desire of solidarity and they derive joy by doing mutual aid. Also, am I doing it for the greater good, or am I just defying clout by being somewhat contrarian? But one thing I know is that I am very, very much for a Cantonese Republic. As for others, sure we have all kinds of people, but ultimately they are all acting out of their own wants and beliefs — no matter if they are anarchists, tankies, Kuofans, Anglophiles, Tojoweebs, and so forth. Putting aside my prejudices, they look like fascinating spooks. Oh, and I am still reading portions of your theories and reflections oof.
  • 半好半衰 / Mixte (Frenemies)

    • File:InexistentIcon.png Inexistent Ideology — Seems somewhat too tankie, but I guess we'll get along. We can shit on capitalism and fascism together all we want. Make sure not to bring up China. Oh I now remember how North Korea also uses the 《full-width guillemets》 for quotes just like me omg! Also were you stopTHAAD in Twitter?
    • Owfism — Good intention and chill guy. I like how you plan to bring about equality. Like me, you also want to bring democracy to the workplace, which puts more power to 'les sans-culottes' (the grassroots). I also like how you try to adjust for bad happenstance outside a person's control, which will give everyone a fair and equal chance to survive and thrive. At the same time, you also seek to stomp out parasitism in the economy which is based. However, I am somewhat skeptical of « e-democracy » since electronic voting systems can more easily be sabotaged, and bad faith actors will certainly manipulate it since politics has a real impact on economics. Sometimes, the system may glitch or malfunction even without intentional sabotage. Though AI can process much more information than organic mortals do, they ultimately rely on patterns and codes fed to them which could be manipulated. On the off chance the AI gains self-awareness, who knows if it will be our friend or foe? Oh, and I am not so sure about uniting everyone under one world government, maybe it's just my trauma with China, Britain, Japan and America.
    • Glencoe — A good start towards progress, though it needs more work. Some of your ideas seem interesting, like bringing democracy to the workplace, encouraging local production, and ending parasitism. However, I feel you are too fixated on rigid numbers. Why does the parliament always need to be 999 members? What if your population or area becomes different? Why is it always 1000 dollars per month for old age pension? Wouldn't purchasing power fluctuate over time? Instead of hardcoding rules of fixed numbers, you should try to find your principles and reasonings, then adapt to the situation at hand. Maybe you are still exploring, but it would be great if you try to think about why you want to implement something. Maybe you can try asking yourself, for example, what should a modest welfare state cover? How will it support the citizenry? At the same time, sometimes your proposals also happen to be vague. What unit of measurement is "5,000 × 5,000" in? Who will determine the top 50 universities, and by what criteria? By the way, IQ measures only one's pattern-seeking ability. If you want to measure intelligence, be sure to consider other forms of intelligence as well. Also please consider how a person living under poverty or toxic household may struggle getting good grades.
    • Celfloskyism — Thanks for your understanding, but I would prefer being an independent country. Also, thanks for debunking racism and supporting intercultural cooperation! And you support worker cooperatives like I do, which is surprisingly great! You made a great point with self-hating people, like those Right-Auntologists who want to be slaves to Britain and Japan, or those Anglo-Tridemists who think written Mandarin is somehow "Cantonese" but look down on actual written Cantonese mdr. I don't see myself as self-hating, because I am not "Chinese", but some of your friends sadly do. That said, I am open to some cooperation with you. Your foreign policy sounds decent and okay too, just make sure to respect my independence and you're all good.

    古怪 / Suspects (Suspects)

    • New Model Of Cheesenism — Too reactionary and queerphobic to my taste, but hey at least you still care about the working class and you also dislike both Chinazi and AmeriKKKa.

    衰人 / Ennemis (Enemies)

    • Pantheonism) — mdr You are a monarchist but you think you're a socialist? T'es vraiment très intéressant… Also why do you think I am somehow "totalitarian"? How the fuck am I "totalitarian", when I am opposed to Tankies and Tojoweebs? I guess, "totalitarianism is when anti-monarchy"? "Waaa, waaa, how dare this big bad anartankie say monarchy bad?!" Yo, I want to empower the Cantonese people with liberty, equality, and fraternity; something rare under centuries of Chinese rule and decades of British rule. P.-S. Cope and seethe, monarkiddie!

    Further Information





    Bonjour, tout le monde ! Requests, comments or anything welcome!

    - Bruh, are you french ?

    File:Council.png CouncilGuy - add me?

    • Cantonese Montagnardism — sure, though give me some time to read your theories, they seem interesting. holy you seem very, very well read, as well as video essays too! o7. interesting theory on the state being a self-perpertuating, autonomous superstructure where elites continue to partake in. your theory on petty bourgeois intellectuals hmmmm nice advice on strategy btw, thanks. ahhh so you're a Žižek fan *sniffs*. he'd likely cringe at the sheer ideology i espouse here lol from what i know

    - Add me Pls :)

    Template:Inexistent-Template - Add me?

    New Model Of Cheesenism - add me pls

    - Add me? Not much on my page at the moment but I think you’ll get the idea.
    - Add Please?

    Glencoe - add me

    • Cantonese Montagnardism — done! oh and I've left you some suggestions and ideas too, go check 'em out! good work
      • Glencoe- i ment no less than 1,000 dollar for the pension thing also you are right on the IQ thing and i have changed it. Also i support a Cantonese Repuplic though only for pragmatic purposes

    Celfloskyism - Add me? Plus, I support you save you culture, you don't need to support Han-Culture in my society.

    • Cantonese Montagnardism — Done! also thank you for your understanding. though I'd still prefer independence after all the trauma, but we can cooperate from time to time, I guess

    Owfism - Ajoutez-moi aux relations? (Add me to relations?) (I am not French, but I know some french words)

    • Cantonese Montagnardism — Ouais, et désolé de ma réponse tardive (Sure, and sorry for my late response) (Psst, I ain't actually French either, but yeah)
    • Cantonese Montagnardism — done. oof, damn looks like I am too late. Sorry for taking too much time. Are you still there?

    Aryan Monarchishm - Add me?

    • MacDeko's_thought - Ajoute Moi stp. On a tellement chose en commun (sauf économiquement) comme le nationalisme culturelle et linguistique, ainsi qu'on est des francophones non-français .

    J'ai un point de vu mixte sur le Jacobinisme par contre.

    Omegaism - MFW F*ench Language

    • IDK Thought - Hellow, can you add me? F*cking Separatist


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