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    Canadis Nationalism is a fictional ideology inspired by the nationalism of the Great Socialist People's Republic of Canadis. This ideology is characterized by several key elements, including the legalization of marijuana for all uses and the influence of Juche and National Bolshevism.

    Canadis Nationalism promotes the full legalization of marijuana as a way to liberate society from the restrictions imposed by the state and allow individuals to exercise their free will. Marijuana is considered a sacred plant and an integral element of Canadis culture and identity. Its consumption is seen as an expression of personal freedom and a way to connect with nature.

    Canadis Nationalism is also influenced by Juche, an ideology developed in North Korea, which emphasizes self-determination, economic independence, and self-sufficiency. In the context of Canadis Nationalism, this implies promoting national self-sufficiency and reducing Canadis' dependence on foreign imports. The goal is to develop an autonomous and protectionist economy that benefits the local population and promotes the well-being of all citizens.

    Furthermore, Canadis Nationalism incorporates elements of National Bolshevism, an ideological current that combines elements of nationalism and revolutionary socialism. In this sense, it seeks to create an egalitarian and just society where resources and opportunities are distributed equitably. Emphasis is placed on solidarity and cooperation among citizens, and any form of exploitation or inequality is rejected.

    Canadis Nationalism also promotes the defense of national sovereignty and the preservation of Canadis' cultural identity. Patriotism is valued, and efforts are made to strengthen community and national ties. Education is considered crucial in instilling Canadis Nationalism values in future generations, fostering a sense of belonging and commitment to the country.

    Canadis Nationalism also focuses on environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable practices. The importance of preserving Canadis' natural resources is recognized, and policies that promote conservation and responsible use of these resources are advocated for. Research and development of green technologies, as well as the adoption of renewable energy policies, are encouraged.

    Regarding foreign policy, Canadis Nationalism seeks to establish relationships based on mutual cooperation and respect for the sovereignty of other countries. Non-interference in the internal affairs of other nations is promoted, and the principle of self-determination of peoples is upheld. Efforts are made to forge strategic alliances that benefit Canadis and promote solidarity among nations with similar interests.

    In terms of governance, Canadis Nationalism proposes a structure based on citizen participation and collective decision-making. Direct democracy is advocated for, and mechanisms that allow citizens to have greater control over government policies and decisions are promoted. Bureaucracy is aimed to be reduced, and transparency in government is encouraged.

    Canadis Nationalism values cultural diversity and social inclusion. Equal rights and opportunities for all citizens, regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, or gender, are promoted. Efforts are made to eliminate any form of discrimination and work towards building a just and equitable society.

    Personality And Behaviour

    Fictional Nationalism is kind and gentle. It is an ideology that supports everyone and loves reading, reading anything. In addition to being kind and gentle, it supports anyone, whether they are good or bad.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Canadis Nationalism
    1. Draw a round black ball.
    2. Draw red eyes.
    3. Draw a Marijuana.
    4. Colour it.
    5. Done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    Green #15A801 21, 168, 1
    Dark Green #008100 0, 129, 0
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255





    • Champi - HAHA LITTLE CHILD HAHA!!!



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