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    Cambrianism is the ideology that claims that the Cambrian period really happened 480 million years ago. All cambrianism holds that the Cambrian really happened, but some forms may deny the Cambrian Explosion (moderate cambrianism) or change the order of epochs within the Cambrian. It was named after the traditional name for Wales (Cambria). It is a conventional view, in contrast to Young-Earth creationism.

    The Cambrian started approximately 550-540 million years ago. During this time, there was a rapid increase in animal species dubbed the "Cambrian Explosion". This included the first trilobites as well as the earliest brachiopods. It is divided into 4 stages and 10 ages over a total length of ~60-70 million years. It ended with an extinction that wiped out many species of brachiopods and trilobites.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Cambrianism
    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Make the ball muted celadon. (#81aa72)
    3. Draw a thin top stripe in teal. (#00a98a)
    4. Draw a thin bottom stripe in pink. (#fe4c68)
    5. Draw a light celadon trilobite facing upwards. (#abc69f)
    6. Draw the eyes.




    • Cambrian Antiquitism and Ordovician Antiquitism - You can believe in a Cambrian without having to go back to it! Or maybe we should.
    • Christian Theocracy - You can't seem to make up your mind on how old the earth is.
    •  Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Take one more step and you'll be fine. Or have you already taken it?
    • Rebelism - You denounced me long ago but at least you allow me to be taught in schools.
    • Anti-Evolutionism - I didn't know my adherents were so split over evolution. The Cambrian really happened and that is what counts.
    • Anglican Theocracy - I can't believe an Anglican actually took Genesis literally.
    • Christian Conservatism - I think you may be okay but I have a big problem with Ham and Hovind there. Humans never lived with dinosaurs, YECs can cope.
    • Cambrian Fascism - I'm not totally a fan of this fascism thing but good going forcing old-earth curricula in schools.


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