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    Calreibozism is an ideology of Calreiboz Semi Mapping. It is culturally-right, conservative, and a monarchist. It believes the government can be ceremonial monarchist, maybe also gamerist. Maybe it can be autist too. He probably is agrarianist.

    Policies & Beliefs


    • Cats can be counted as citizens.
    • More freedom to people that have cats.


    • Sultan system?
    • For controlling, monitoring and bringing the freedom.


    • LGBT+ peoples is fine, unless they are extreme.
    • Various party state.


    • The Geometry Dash cat cube means Calreiboz's love for cats
    • The magenta colour represents the monarchism?

    Family tree

    Ceremonial MonarchismFile:Catgirlism Icon.png Catism Autism Islamic Theocracy




    • Metbolism - Uh oh, funny authoritarian nationalist. But you do love cats!
    • Neo-Metbolism - Metbolism with less cringe, but with tiny bit of extreme beliefs.
    • Kira Kween Thought - Pat the ca- wait, you said gay?
    • Neo-Selfism - funi cyborg, funny robot
    • Gabrialduffeyism - I support tradition and conservatism, but why do you think leftists are bad? But i like your wiki!
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - Although i am culturally right and partially capitalist, i am not supporting nazis.
    • Anti-Deathism - I do not want Michigun die forever, a Geometry Dash veteran, but you do dislike monarchism and capitalism.
    • East Jalangism - Reject Islamophobia and you'll be more based.
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Authoritarian Angry Birds and Minecraft fan that is nationanlist.



    • Homonationalism - You are too nationalist! Too cringe! Hates every sexuality!
    • Plenderplarism - Scariest scary authoritarian dark ingsoc thing, except you're enviromentalist.





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