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    This user joined in 2022.
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    "Proceeds to die in a war."
    This user is LibRight
    "Everybody's a commie except for me."
    This user is hella gay.
    "Alphabet Mafia Unite!"
    This user is Libertarian.
    "NO STEP!"
    This user is certified Off-Compass. You should start running.
    The user is an unironic pagan.
    "Yeah, I worship many gods totally not human sacrifice"
    This user is a post-humanist.





    I am a discordian, polytheist and general pagan. People should be free to practice any religion they want


    I have no particular attachments to preserving culture, neither to destroying it. It can be good or bad depending on the situation


    Technological progress is ALWAYS good


    The state needs to be minimized, possibly a loose confederation of planets and autonomous regions


    I don't support unjust monopolies that infringe on others rights, but I believe in a free market


    Most should be legalized.



    Materialism is a defect. When that which is spawned from The Gods is prioritized over that which is infinite, it is a defect. Technology must also use both the physical and metaphysical natures of reality


    Fiction, Reality, I see them as equally ‘Real’ we only consider one reality because it is what we live in. Pataphysics is based.


    Consciousness is a phenomena emerging from the collective organization of information (syuzhet), creating a greater whole. Consciousness is also layered(Egregores) and can be multiple with a looser identity between them(Systems). I know this from my discussions with others and from experience.

    What makes me religious?

    Even if the gods do not exist, just by acting as if they do and offering our devotion we make them more real. Beyond that, if gods represent fundamental aspects of our reality than they must exist as the maximal egregorical construct emerging from the self-interaction of that category. Hail Eris.


    Entropy is bound to reverse for a number of reasons. 1. The Consciousness evolution is on a hyperoperational pace, which will allow for us to escape this world or reconstruct it long before trillions of years pass. Even if it takes a hundred thousand years to become a type 3 civilization, we will be able to do so much by then that we may be considered gods. 2. If you look at the supposed cosmology of the Big Bounce and dark energy, it seems as if there is things that can override entropy. Thus there must be more that we can harness. 3. Gods. If there is things that are timeless, then could we not also become eternal?



    In the beginning, Eris declared two true genders, xenic and catgender. People should be allowed to identify however they want to. Anyone who has a problem with it should worry about themself before they say something about someone else.


    In the end, I wish for the most major language to be some combination of conlangs like toki pona and mathematical notation.



    Posthumanism: I wanna be a robot.
    Pinkcap: Gay+Capitalism? Based!
    Furry: I swear I'm not a furry!


    Eternal Post-ism: C-calm down there buddy


    Friends (Self Inserts)

    HelloThere314ism: You're obviously alot more philosophically literate than me, and we differ on politics, but you have very interesting ideas.
    Beryism: We are similar in ideology. Honestly don’t know what else to say.
    Ultra-Enlightenment: The Cathedral calls.
    Neo-XarTario Thought: Based.
    National Fracturism: We disagree politically, but you drew my new image so I’m obliged to put you up here.
    Potato6132ism: Nice.
    48-centimeters: ‘’’Thou shalt not commit heterothink, for what is 1 goes with what is 1, what is 2 goes with what is 2’’’
    Pirate Tails Ideology: We agree on… pretty much everything. Just get some robot arms soon bro
    Glencoe: You are based, but you understand that a big state doesn’t help technological innovation except to increase its own power right? Aside from this everything else is pretty based except economic leftism.
    Atronism: Nice. Good cultural and technological policy, pretty good civic policy, but as much as i hate to say it, people should be allowed to openly support facsism. Cut down on the commie and you’ll be perfect.

    Frenemies (Self Inserts)

    Tomassciism: Like I said in the polcompball rp server, we don't disagree on enough to be enemies, but we also don't agree on enough to be completely aligned in ideals
    O'Langism: The only thing that lands you here is being kinda post-civ. Aside from that, anti-auth, individualism is based.
    Yoda8soup Thought: Environmental regulations are cringe, we’ll be able to get off earth soon anyways. Progressivism is good but why the heck are you anti-Zionist?
    Floofel's Thought: Freedom is good, but why the primitivism?
    Stilluserr's Thought: Although you are authleft, you seem pretty reasonable and much better than the rest of authleft ideologies. I just wish you were less Auth and more progressive. Also being tolerant of other religions in authleft is rare so I like that
    File:NeoLukko.pngNeo-Lukkoism: Xenogender acceptance is Uber-based but being anti-economy? That’s… cringe.
    Savage Granny Smithism: I would have put you in enemies for being transphobic, conservative and communist, but like the one 2 above you don’t just insult everyone who disagrees with you and are progressive in some aspects. I do agree that materialism is cringe tho, even if we are very different. Also free markets are based.
    Pantheonism: Some really based ideas, (like federal world government) and some really cringe ones (having to do military service to get a gun). I like you mostly because you're pagan
    Neo-Kiraism: Ok being Pro-LGBTQ rights is based but torturing enemies of the state is not “civically center auth leaning”, it’s authie cringe. Fellow Changed enjoyer.
    Hydra'ism: We agree on alot despite you being anti-me. You're also pagan, but... the ethnonat is unforgivable.
    Bourgeoisie destroyerism: Very cringe but also not an asshole about it so I put you up here.

    Enemies (Self Inserts)

    Confederate Crusaderism: Cringe.

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        • O'Langism - I got you, I just 4 icons formatted like this: (///). Also, FYI, I'm not fully post-civ and I'm not a mutualist I'm a communist.
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    • National Fracturism - Hey! Can you change Dr. Occoism to National Fracturism? I changed my ideology.
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