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    Caesar12ism is the self-insert ideology of Caesar.

    It is a Reactionary, economically Left, culturally Far-Right and diplomatically Globalist ideology. It primarily believes that the planet should be united and ruled under a theocratic monarchy.

    It is mainly inspired by the Roman Republican/Empire and Medieval French system.



    The nation should be lead by an Emperor who would be elected by regional aristocracies made up of scholars, and a series of algorithms, they would then be crowned by the clergy. A fully-automated Senate would be established and act as the main legislative and judicial body of the Government.

    The Senate would be in charge of appointing important government officials, advising the Emperor, and ensuring stability of the State—while the Aristocracy would be responsible for the administration of the empire

    The official state religion would be Christianity


    Caesar12ism supports a decentrally planned socialist economy in which algorithms and local councils of experts would make decisions about resource allocation and management. The means of production would be owned by trade guilds and the State—Albeit small businesses and self employment would still be permitted.

    A land value tax would be implemented in order to encourage productive use of land.

    Caesar12ism also supports the establishment of a large welfare state entirely funded by the slave labor of prison inmates because they only waste tax money.

    Some industries SHOULD be completely nationalized since they're too important to be privatized ( Utilities, Natural Resources, Education, and ALL Monetary services)

    The Nation

    Caesar12ism supports the creation of a new state that encompasses the entire Earth but ideally the entire Milky Way—All former countries would be reorganized into districts.


    Local cultures and traditions would be preserved and revised under the new Empire. The state would encourage and incentivize its citizens to retvrn to a more ruralist lifestyle[1] where they would be closer to nature. There will also be total gun deregulation.

    The official language would be Latin and all citizens would be expected to speak both Latin and their native language.


    State-directed innovations should be utilized to accelerate us as a species towards the technological singularity and in turn expand our reach across the Galaxy. There should also be state-mandated cybernetic augments because that sounds cool idk.



    • King Culture - he's literally me fr fr.
    • Reactionaryism - billions mvst reject modernity.
    • Caesarism - AETERNA VICTRIX! but Nero and Diocletian were heckin cringe
    • Byzantine Model - the roman empire was christian longer than it was pagan.
    • Neoreactionary Socialism - oxymoron but based.
    • Transhumanism - The fact my spine hasn't been attached through a large mechanical arm connecting to a city sized super computer, and my skin hasn't been replaced with compressed semi-organic polymer nano plating that never blemishes is a legitimate crime.
    • Crusadism - cool aesthetics but the 4th crusade was retarded.




  • Big Bongism (//) -
  • Altemism (//) - I agree on the civics, economy and social views, though your views on technology are bringe.
  • Hysteria thought (/) - This page is political satire.
  • Niiloism (//) - This page also seems to be political satire.
  • Pantheonism (//) - I disagree on the economic and social views, otherwise not bad.
  • User:Khomeinism - Doesn't have much info but seems pretty based.
  • (//) - Too economically right, but decentralization and the civics are based.
  • Constantine (////) - While i disagree on the laissez-faire economics, we both support theocracies and your philosophy is based.
  • Neutral

    • Brazilian Liberalism (///) - Globalism and Internationalism are based, the rest aren't.
    • Yoda8soup Thought (///) - I like the diplomatic views, however you're a marxist and your economics are too left-wing.



    Comment if you want to be added
    Serbian Socialism add me

    • - done.

    Brazilian Liberalism - Have you dropped Racism, Average Patriot? anyways Add me

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    1. Doebeit this would only happen when enough jobs in the cities are automated
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