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    Caelumcracy is an ideology which is more of a policy. It focuses on aerial development, expansion and colonization, as opposed to its land and water cousins Tellur.png Tellurocracy and Thalassocracy.png Thalassocracy, which focus on dominating power around land and a body of water respectively.

    Its name comes from the Latin word caelum (sky) and the Greek word κρατοσ (power; rule), and information about its flag can be found in the "How to draw" section of this page.

    How to draw

    Caelumcracy's flag consists of an angry red-colored bird-plane hybrid facing front and flying ahead like this: Caelumcracy flag.png

    • Draw a white ball (#FFFFFF / 255, 255, 255)
    • Draw a yellow half on the ball (#fcc706 / 255, 199, 6)
    • Draw a red bird silhouette (#f20d0d / 242, 13, 13) and use the same yellow as before.
    • Draw a light red plane propeller on the red bird (#f55050 / 245, 80, 80) and fill it with the exact same yellow I mentioned before.
    • Draw two white eyes on the ball and you're done!


    Yes.png Friends

    Meh.png Frenemies

    • 1800ism.png 1800ism - Even though you're impressed with my ✈ plane collection, you still want to abolish ✈ planes.
    • Gamer.png Gamerism - I like Blazing Angels I and II, but why stop at video games when you can colonize enemy territory in our world?

    No.png Enemies

    • 1200ism icon.png 1200ism - Stop playing 'Mongol Empire' on my ✈ airplanes!
    • 1300ism icon.png 1300ism - Stop slashing my ✈ airplanes with your sword!
    • 1400ism icon.png 1400ism - Stop trying to joust with my ✈ airplanes! You're damaging them with your ⚔ lance!
    • 1500ism icon.png 1500ism - Stop throwing my ✈ airplanes in the ocean; they don't go well together!
    • 1600ism icon.png 1600ism - Ahhh! Stop charging at my airplane collection!
    • 1700ism.png 1700ism - Stop destroying my airplane collection!


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