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    I would like to inform you I do not follow these beliefs anymore.

    Can't Think Of A Titleism (I genuinely couldn't), abbreviated to CTOATism, is one of the two current self insert ideologies of SolR, the other one being his brother Intism (not made yet). He is economically inbetween center-left to left wing, culturally centre-left and mildly authoritarian.

    It supports an economic system like Distributist Social Democracy with also many elements derived directly from Market Socialism, Liberation Theology and some from Democratic Socialism & Socialism of the 21st century. Its social/cultural views depend almost entirely in Progressive Conservatism as he believes that there must be progress for a society to function properly, but too much will significantly damage nations. He sees himself as progressive in developing countries, BUT, a tad bit more conservative in the 1st-world.

    He sits in the authoritarian-left side of the compass, not too auth and a little centrist. He supports left-unity (excluding woke culture ofc), moderate laicism, a hybrid between democracy and technocracy (more on that later), pacifism and environmentalism.


    Economic Model

    He believes in a market socialist economy that must be regulated by the government ocassionally to protect consumers in markets where competitive forces are weak, self-regulation will not work. Healthcare, banks, hospitals, education and major industries must be nationalized and owned by the state, except major industries, they can remain private but will be regulated by the state, and private ownership of scholar institutions shall also be allowed. Necessary utilities like Water, electricity, roads, etc shall be publicly owned. Small businesses must remain privately-owned, what does the state have to do with stuff like hotels and restaurants? He believes that the means of production should be owner by the workers through co-operatives and that Self-management must be implemented upon workers. Businesses should also be comprised of worker co-operatives, family businesses, or ESOP-based traditional businesses whenever possible.

    Social Axis


    His takes on religion inside the government vary from region and nation. In religiously diverse nations like India, Indonesia, Israel, Nigeria, etc., full Laicism must be implemented which completely separates religion from the government and the society in these nations in order to avoid any further tense conflict between religious groups conforming the country.

    You may ask, “what about the rest of the world where a single religious group is the majority?“. Answer is quite simple, adopt a moderate version of Laicism! Religion must not influence the government at all and thus, must be separated from it. But, this should not be the same case for society.

    All religions must be respected by both the state and society, even the slightest of religious minorities. Religious buildings should also be excluded from taxation. Any sort of hate crimes will not be tolerated.

    LGBTQ+ and gender identities

    Whatever goes down in your bedroom is none of the state’s business, nor society’s, and it MUST remain that way. A non-heterosexual/non-cisgender person must not mention their sexual orientation or gender identity in public spaces to avoid any discrimination coming from a considerable chunk of society, but they shall still be treated as normal citizens just like heterosexual people and any special laws for them must not be made, other than of course, protection from hate crimes and a little amount of exceptions regarding the “no special laws” constitution. Think about it as Laicism but instead of religion, it’s LGBTQ+ identities. Also, hate the sin but not the sinner.

    Pornography and sexual reproduction-related topics

    CTOATism is an advocate for the complete illegalization of prostitution and the distribution of pornography, both digital and physical. Not only because of religious values but because people will develop an unhealthy addiction to it and most likely ditch sex as a whole (Japan moment) thus completely destroying society. They will take extreme measures to assure pornography and prostitution is completely eradicated from the nation, like constantly spying on the deep web to take down hidden porn websites.

    He also believes sex before marriage is immoral but should not get you in jail and should not be illegalized. He’s currently trying to find a possible partial and moral solution to this problem.

    Racial discrimination

    CTOATism says, in his own words, “racial discrimination is extremely retarded” and should be eradicated completely from workplaces and if you’re caught discriminating someone for their color skin you will be imprisoned for a week and forced to do community service for 2 days and hopefully learn your lesson. Everytime you’re caught again discriminating someone based off their skin color, the duration of your time in prison will be duplicated and the maximum is 2 months... because y’know, being locked up in a cell for more than 2 months just for that seems kinda weird.

    If a police officer is accused of “murdering a man for their skin color or place of origin”, an investigation will be immediately launched and if found guilty by the court, he will be permanently stripped off his job as a police officer and will be in prison for 4 months.

    Jail time

    He believes that death penalty and life imprisonment are not required as the Catholic Church condemns them, and that the life imprisonment should ONLY be used for the enemies of the state (like the leader of a ruthless terrorist group). He will avoid death penalty because, in his own words, “seeing him locked up in a cell for the rest of his life is bigger justice for the people he has ruthlessly killed than for a quick and instant death”.

    CTOATism will also be careful and try to avoid stupid laws that can get you in this situation.

    The summary he can give of the law system he wants to implement will go something like this: small offenses like stealing a bag of chips should only get you 4 hours of community service if caught, breaking in into someone’s house and stealing the things that he has bought with the money he earned through the hard work he’s been into will get you 3 months in jail and a full week of community service (7 hours a day with some breaks of course for 7 days straight). And lastly, killing someone will get you 14 months in jail and each person you killed that day will just duplicate your current amount of time you’ll spend in prison, after you get out of jail you will be sent to rehabilitation to hopefully never commit such a crime like this again and if needed you can get a new identity to live again, though this part will only apply for those who have committed gruesome crimes and served a sentence greater than 10 years in prison.

    Government Axis

    According to CTOATism, both the Three Principles of the People and the the Pancasila model must be followed strictly inside the constitution of the nations. All nations must be free from the influence of imperialist powers and must be a democracy. However, he believes placing democracy in unstable, extremist hotspot or prone to ethnic conflict country will always lead to disaster and so he believes Social Authoritarianism must be implemented in these type of countries. He also thinks these type of countries must be ruled by philosophers elected by a government branch acting as a council filled with only experts whom will decide through popular vote which candidate’s promises and ideas will be better for the nation.

    Moving on from war torn countries, a healthy nation must be a mix of Technocracy and Democracy where politicians will run for the presidential elections as per usual and there will be of course, a popular vote within the whole of the population to choose the next leader BUT “a branch of the federal governments which operate as a council filled with people who are expertly specialized and highly educated about the nation, population, economics, vice versa.”’s votes will matter more than the other civilians in order to avoid regret coming from them later on during the leader they voted for’s presidency.

    CTOATism seeks to fundamentally restructure the political system. A new Constitution would redefine what rights should be guaranteed to everyone, placing the public welfare over private welfare. Private property, economic democracy, environmental protection and sustainability would also be enshrined in the new Constitution. Breaking up one-party constitutions and allowing the formation of new political parties to participate in a multi-party proportional representative democracy on all levels of government. Referendums would become more common place, access to voting will be easier, politicians cannot make more than double their state’s average worker’s wage, and politicians are subject to public performance reviews.

    He supports gun rights for the population but only for those over the age of 18 and when they’re threatened. There must be extensive background checks and safety measures in order for a gun to not be used in evil intention (example: shootings, a child gaining access to a weapon inside his residence and potentially shooting someone else or himself, etc).


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