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    CMNFism is an ideology that supports mandatory Naturism for women while still wanting men to wear clothes. This ideology is deeply tied to Patriarchy as forced naturism is usually used as a means to humiliate and degrade women. However some variants such as Matriarchal CMNFism view female nudity as a means to liberation similar to Naturist Feminism. While CMNF is often associated with sexual fetishes it is not necessarily sexual in nature. Its opposite is CFNMism.


    CMNFism is a primarily patriarchal ideology however not all variants are. The Patriarchal elements usually justify forced female naturism as a means to make women more vulnerable and subservient thus ensuring male controlled society continues. Patriarchal CMNF often also advocates for sexual objectification of women.

    In addition to forced nudity variants of CMNFism, a libertarian variant exists as well related to Libertarian Naturism. The general concept is to achieve female naturism through private communities and cultural means. The belief being that female nudity is already commonplace so implementing such a society is within reach through free market and cultural means. However, Prudist Masculism is important to both Libertarian and Authoritarian CMNFism.

    Opinions on Transgenderism vary among CMNF believers. Some believe that Gender can only be assigned at birth and thus all AFAB individuals must be nude. However the majority of CMNF ideologies believe that any individual that identifies as female should be disrobed and all individuals that identify as male should remain clothed.


    CMNFism behaves similar to Misogyny as both believe women to be inferior. CMNFism dispised feminism especially Radical Feminism because of its negative attitudes toward female nudity and patriarchy. CMNFism disliked all women that oppose naturism and wear clothes.

    CMNFism is an avid supporter of traditional gender roles, preferring the woman to be subservient to the man. He dislikes any kind of female dominance or matriarchy. The CMNF ball is always accompanied by his nude female companion ball that he claims is his property.. She is usually shy, timid and reserved most likely due to her disposition.


    In antiquity female nudity was often not accepted, however in states such as Sparta, women would parade nude to motivate men in the military. While Male nudity was commonplace in ancient Greek Art, female nudity was not. One of the first nude female statues in the Greek classical period was the Aphrodite of Knidos.

    Female modesty was a major part of European culture up until the renaissance period. Paintings such as "The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli and "Perseus and Andromeda" by Giuseppe Cesari both depict female nudity in the presents of a clothed man. For much of the history of the Ottoman empire and North Africa Female naturalism was commonplace. Female slaves and concubines were often kept nude at slave markets and harems respectively.

    In modern times, CMNFism has found its way into modern cinema. The invention of Film as well as the growing sex positivity movement led to female nudity dominating the silver screen. This has often sparked outrage from Prudist Feminism and Radical Feminism who both view female nudity as degrading and contrary to female liberation.

    How to Draw

    Flag of CMNFism
    1. Draw two balls
    2. Color one a deep blue, the other color green.|
    3. Place a white Mars symbol ♂ in the blue ball.
    4. Place a pink Venus symbol ♀ in the green ball.
    5. Add eyes to each ball.
    6. Add a pink bow and eyelashes to the green ball.




    • Christian Naturism- Eve ate the apple, she should be the one that's nude.
    • Naturist Masculism - I like the attitude, but please put your clothes on.
    • Patriarchal CFNM- I don't think that is the best way to achieve patriarchy. Men should be clothed, Women should be nude.
    • Matriarchal CMNF- The female nudity is a good start, but women shouldn't be in charge.
    • Transgenderism -I have mixed feelings, but if you identify as a woman, you better prepare to be nude.


    • Matriarchy - Men must rule over Women.
    • Prudist Feminism- Women will be objectified, stop resisting and take off your clothes.
    • Simpism- Pathetic, stop worshiping women.
    • Islamic Theocracy - Women's modesty has been a disaster for the Human race.
    • Radical Feminism - Yes it is sexist that women are nude in media, and we intend to keep it that way.
    • CFNMism- you can try but you will fail


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