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    CFNMism is an ideology that supports mandatory Naturism for men while still wanting women to wear clothes. It is usually a matriarchal as a concept, as so women can assert their dominance over the Patriarchy or to humiliate men out of spite, though in theory, a patriarchal society could have that too, similar to how Muslim women must wear hijabs, but it could also be a sexual fetish. It's the opposite of CMNFism.


    CFNMism is usuall predicated on the beleif that males are inferior to females. This makes it a primarily matriarchal ideology with clothes being presented as a symbol of status symbol and means of humiliation. CFNMists tend to view nudity as degrading which likley results in males having submissive behavior toward females. Radical feminist ideologies often champion CFNMism as a means of furthering female liberation and contributing to the destruction of the patriarchy.

    There is a common concept promoted by CFNMits that male modesty is not only something to be abolished, but also a ridiculous concept to begin with. They usually justify this by saying that men are often more likely to strip in front of others than women. Thus men being naked is more natural.


    In the classical antiquity, the portrayal of nude men in art (including the exposure of genitals) was considered to be more acceptable than that of the naked female form. By the Renaissance, this view had reversed.

    In modern times, the women's sexual liberation has led many women to a role reversal wherein they view men as sex objects in a manner similar to what they criticize in men's treatment of women.

    How to Draw

    Flag of CFNMism
    1. Draw two balls, one staked atop the other.
    2. Fill the top ball with deep purple, and the bottom one with green.
    3. In the top ball, draw a white venus symbol in the center, and add a white bow on the head.
    4. In the bottom ball, draw a large white triangle dividing the ball into three, and draw a dark green mars symbol in it.
    5. Draw a green fig leaf in the lower body of the bottom ball.
    6. Add in the eyes in both balls (with the upper one having eyeslashes), and you're done!

    Personality and Behaviour

    CFNMism tends to be behave like an authoritarian mysandric dominatrix, as she wishes nothing more in life than to see all males forcibly stripped and degraded, for her to rule and dominate over like she pleases too. Any male who doesn't comply with that she wants is an enemy in her eyes, while all those who voluntary strip and bend over are rewarded and treated slighty better.

    Regading her relationship with the other gender, like a Radical Feminist, she wants for women to be empowered as for them to rule over men, but at the same time, she has quite prudist views of them, disliking women who are nude, even if voluntarily, as she doesn't want women to be sex objects.





    • Masculism - This gun is real. Now strip!
    • Masochism - Lol, image disrobing and degrading yourself for a M*le.
    • Patriarchy - Your days of dominance are over. Now take off you clothes or else!!
    • National Patriarchy - Let's see you try to achieve dominance once you are forcibly disrobed.
    • Prudist Masculism - Take off your clothes, now!
    • Libertarian Naturism - Yes I shall thread on Men!, do you have a problem with that ?
    • CMNFism - My opposite. Men should be the naked ones, not women!

    Further Information



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