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    Buzzardism is the Ideology of NRxCap.


    Buzzardism is against all intervention in the Economy and believes in Austrian Economics. It is Hayekian when it comes to banking and believes that monetary inflation by the fed causes the boom-bust cycle. Welfare of any kind would not be supported.

    Views on Governance

    Buzzardism accepts Anarcho-Capitalism as the most ethical system and should be transitioned to whenever the chance arises, however it sees other ideologies as more realistic goal or compromise. To quote Nick Land, "The state isn’t going anywhere because — to those who run it — it’s worth far too much to give up, and as the concentrated instantiation of sovereignty in society, nobody can make it do anything". It sees a decentralized version of Neocameralism as a viable alternative that would generally have high amounts of economic freedom.

    Social Views

    View on Democracy

    Buzzardism asserts that democratic states encourage low time preference activities due to the fact that leaders have incentive to destroy any resources or happiness that happens after their rule and therefore to the enemy party. To quote Land again, "Political agents invested with transient authority by multi-party democratic systems have an overwhelming (and demonstrably irresistible) incentive to plunder society with the greatest possible rapidity and comprehensiveness. Anything they neglect to steal – or ‘leave on the table’ – is likely to be inherited by political successors who are not only unconnected, but actually opposed, and who can therefore be expected to utilize all available resources to the detriment of their foes. Whatever is left behind becomes a weapon in your enemy’s hand. Best, then, to destroy what cannot be stolen. From the perspective of a democratic politician, any type of social good that is neither directly appropriable nor attributable to (their own) partisan policy is sheer waste, and counts for nothing, whilst even the most grievous social misfortune – so long as it can be assigned to a prior administration or postponed until a subsequent one – figures in rational calculations as an obvious blessing. The long-range techno-economic improvements and associated accumulation of cultural capital that constituted social progress in its old (Whig) sense are in nobody’s political interest. Once democracy flourishes, they face the immediate threat of extinction."

    Views on LGBT+

    Buzzardism views that the LGBT+ community is bad for society and that it is against the natural evolution of heteronormativity, and it is against the nuclear family. They have higher rates of STDs(with the exception of lesbians), they have higher rates of crimes against children, they have higher rates of general crime, they have higher rates of suicides and they have higher rates of substance abuse. It accepts the only solution to the problem is to accelerate promiscuity and therefore STDs in the LGBT+ community to a point in which society properly recognizes the issue of their identity.


    It believes that in a democratic or anti-capitalist state must be accelerated to a point of destruction. The end goal of the acceleration is to bring about a revolt against the state in order for a new right wing free market society to be brought about. People who do not want to be part of this destruction would secede from the country to avoid a violation of the NAP. Buzzardism also believes that the acceleration of capitalism will bring a point of post-humanism in which humans will be so artificially enhanced it is improper to call them human anymore. It supports this enhancement.

    Views on Socialists

    It views socialists should be removed from society if they try to get their policies into action through the state. This also includes members of the popular media who promote socialism and fundamentally control the state.

    View on Immigration

    Immigration would be up to the property owners of the land near the borders. Also communities of private land owners could decide who goes inside there own property. This would encourage not allowing immigrants who commit crime into communities but help honest and hard working immigrants in. This is the utopian solution, however in the current state of affairs with democracy and a welfare state immigration should be prohibited until the welfare state and democracy fall.

    View on Foreign Policy

    Buzzardism believes in a strict anti-war policy with the exception of defensive war. This defensive war we be fought through decentralized communities and competition for defense would encourage upmost safety.





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