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    BuzzFeedism is a culturally far-left, non-quadrant ideology that represents the political ideas of BuzzFeed. Despite being a staunch leftist, BuzzFeed is disliked by everyone in the PCB universe besides social injustice warriors and liberal feminists.

    Like Miraheze, BuzzFeed is thankfully shutting down. Unlike Miraheze, however, Buzzfeed is going to Internet hell instead of Internet heaven.


    BuzzFeedism is extremely misandristic and racist against whites, even to the point where she will fire you from every job just for being a cisgendered white male. BuzzFeedism also constantly complains about being "oppressed" and "the patriarchy," despite her being rich and leeching off of her dad's money. She also complains about how nobody will date her, despite that fact being due to her degrading and dehumanizing men, and not because of "the patriarchy."

    BuzzFeedism also acts like a stereotypical basic white girl, and can be seen at Starbucks typing with hashtags on her iPhone.




    • Nu-males - On one hand, you accept my Femtopia, but on the other hand, you are inherently evil just for being male! Also, did you look at me for 0.00000000000000001 nanoseconds? REEEEEEEEEE! #METOO! LITERALLY A RAPIST NAZI!
    • Postcolonial Feminism - #SLAY QUEEN, but why are you calling me a racist?
    • Black Nationalism - I virtue-signal all the time for you, but why do you not support me, and call me a basic white girl?!?!?!
    • Capitalism - Racist and patriarchal, but I would not exist without you.
    • Homofascism - Your sexuality is valid, but WHY ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH HIM!?!?!?!?!?
    • National Feminism - You may be a Nazi, and I wish you could hate more on whites instead of Jews, but other than that, you're great!
    • Marxist Feminism - What do you mean state liberalism won't solve systemic misogynimy that definitely exists?


    • Manosphere - STOP MANEXISTING!!!!!
    • Radical Feminism - SHUT UP, TERF!!!!! (at least you're just as misandristic as I am, I will give you that.)
    • Christian Theocracy - Literally a racist, sexist, and homophobic religion!
    • Christian Feminism - "White Christian mothers have historically succeeded in carrying out the work of white supremacist patriarchy by dressing it in a prettier, more feminine package."
    • White Nationalism - CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!!!!!
    • Heteronationalism - If you won't date a trans woman, you're homophobic!
    • Conservatism - Traditionalist bigot!
    • Socialism - Anyone who likes socialism is a misogynistic Bernie bro!
    • Third Positionism - You are like the guy above but even worse!
    • Nazism - Everyone I don't agree with is a Nazi!
    • Pretty much everyone else - Racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, fatphobic, [insert any leftist slur here]


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