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    Hey Jreg, you probably arent reading this, but if you are. Give me your foreskin. - Butters, me

    Butterism is what I'd like to call an off compass ideology that advocates for the mass genocide of dull people who are lack luster and cant stand out in a crowd. What qualifies for being "unique" is advanced or shows great passion in something. I believe that everyone has the capacity to be unique although many reject it, meaning they can go get therapy to specialize in anything, or just straight up get killed by the state.

    Monkey terms: only people who are good at shit get to live in communist utopia


    An NAP where you can only do something to someone if they agree to it. If you dont, oh look you've been fucking vaporized!


    Butterism is an Off-Compass Authoritarian Right ideology that advocates for strong government but strong individualism. Now we first start with the working class, the working class do not control the means of production but the government does which takes all the money and then gives back to the people, keeping surplus to help with social projects. How does one become a working class? By a person is 18, they must legally be skilled in something, so production is at high, that be entertainment, drawing, or more physical things like wood cutting. The "Dull" are relocated to a big therapy office which is honestly just a prison where they try to convince the dull out of their shell so they are nudged to be skilled in something. Now the government. They are very hidden from the public eye and only serve to relocate, break corporations, provide equal class, and provide things for the unique's talents, and uh Big ass vapor guns but besides from that, they dont do much and let the people do what they want, except if it breaks their version of the N.A.P.

    And also that you shouldnt mix fucking entertainment with politics

    I dont want 12 year olds claiming they're fucking anarchists

    Views on Capitalism

    Butterism views Capitalism as a system that promotes dullness, and decline of pursuing what you love. "9/5 isnt the life you want to lead" is their main saying.

    Views on Anarchy

    Tsk. Anarchy could never work, without a state, without hierarchy it devolves into Chaosism, Avaritionism, and then they get their shit together and come crawling back to a government.


    Butterism believes that all money should be given to the government, and which will be redistributed equally through to the unique working class. Only the citizens should be equal econimically, the government will keep the surplus of money for other things that will help the people.


    Butterism is a down to earth ideology if personified. He just sits around drinking pepsi and playing the piano.


    While it is governed by a central government, but only to redistribute wealth. There are other ministries to enforce other certain things. Every 6 years the people get to vote who wants to run a ministry, except for the redistributing ministry, as they serve until they die or resign. If that's the case, they can choose an "heir" to their position, who will then choose an heir as well.


    • Step one, go into capitalist country
    • step two, print billions, trillions of dollars
    • step three, inject into economy
    • step four, watch it crumble

    Thoughts on sexuality?

    Butterism is fine with any sexuality because it is a form of expression.

    How to Draw

    Egoism with *drip* on middle

    1. Draw circle
    2. Color cyan
    3. Draw darigold logo in the middle, kinda like a red blob
    4. Draw egoist glasses


    I know a few people.

    The Unique

    • Oofitism - I dont hate rightists but I do hate conservatives.
    • Logavism - LGBTQ rights! Anti Capitalist! Progressive! And a statist! Not as egoist as me but man is he cool!
    • Daveism - I like you. Although the people should define the people

    The Shallow

    • Piism - pokes with stick yo what are you. Free markets are good tho
    • Airisuim - Your ideology is just anarcho syndicalism with sex slaves, how do you think those sex slaves feel?
    • Gabrialduffeyism - Like... the exact opposite of Oofitism... but you are unique.
    • Potashism - A leftist like me. Although he aint like me too much.
    • Conseilism - An Auth Left... Who... Is kinda libertarian... and restricts gay marriage... I can work with this.

    The Dull

    • Wallism - Why does one care about race so much? It is not a form of expression, simply something you are born with, you shouldnt be proud of something you were born with, but to earn.


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