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    Burrism is the beliefs of Aaron Burr and the foundations of infamous Burr Conspiracy.


    Aaron Burr was born in 1756 and would go on to join the American Revolutionary War on the side of Cball-USA.png Continental Army.

    End of the Revolutionary War

    The last major battle of the revolution was the Battle of Yorktown, where the File:UK-icon.png British Empire and Amroyal.png American Loyalists surrendered to American Forces. Notably, Burr was not even present as the battle as he resigned from military service in 1779.


    After the revolution, Burr went back to New York City, New York and studdied law with Hamiltonianism.png Alexander Hamilton. Though, Hamiltonianism.pngHamilton would do much better then Burr at law school causing him to become very jealous of Hamiltonianism.png Hamilton.

    Election of 1800

    Aaron Burr would run in the election of 1800 as a Confed.png Democratic-Republic, and the running-mate of Jeffersondem2.png Thomas Jefferson. Though, due to the old electoral system, when Hamiltonianism.png Hamilton endorsed Jeffersondem2.png Jefferson over him, Burr got very angry.


    In 1804, Burr and Hamiltonianism.png Hamilton held a duel to settle their differences. Burr shot Hamiltonianism.png Hamilton right between his ribs, killing the man almost instantly.


    After the duel, Burr was charged with murder in both New York and New Jersey. Though, these charges vanished.

    Burr Conspiracy

    The infamous Burr Conspiracy started during his term as Vice President of the Cball-USA.png United States. Burr's goal was to establish his own independent state in modern-day Texas.

    A major player in the conspiracy was US Military General James Wilkon, though he later betrayed Burr.

    In 1807, the conspiracy sort of fell apart because President Jeffersondem2.png Thomas Jefferson had him arrested for treason. However, due to lack of evidence, Burr was declared not guilty and was left to live as a free man.

    Aaron Burr's Death

    Decades after the conspiracy, Aaron Burr died of natural causes right before an upcoming divorce trial.





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