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    Burnhamism Is the political beliefs of the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham. His theories, also known as 'Aspirational Socialism' include many of the Mayor's duties, that being management of transport and non national issues. to this extent, he has taken a very radical stance on transport, introducing his 'bee network' plans, which aim to give the administration more control over fares and routes, which should include a net benefit for passengers.
    He is also a very strong supporter of a Land Value Tax, claiming in November of last year that it is the 'First Step Out' of a broken tax system.
    He is very well known for being in conflict with Boris Johnson over his Levelling Up plans, claiming that the plans as they were written gave no overall benefit to the north, and only further enriched the south. He has continued this criticism during the tenure of Rishi Sunak.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a red ball
    2. Draw the Manchester bee on it
    3. Draw a pair of eyes
    4. Add eyelashes to them
    5. Add a pair of glasses
    6. Add hair


    Burnhamism speaks in a Northern accent, and is often annoyed at Tory ideologies. He is a close friend of Scouse Syndicalism, being a scouse spy himself



    • Pope Francis - Fantastic job your 'oliness, but please be a bit nicer to the gays.


    • Blairism - There is only so long you can defy gravity and ask people to be relaxed about inequalities that made them Labour in the first place.


    • Borisism - 'Level Up' your arse, mate.
    • Mediacracy - 15/3/89!!! NEVER FORGET!!! SCOUSERS NEVER BUY THE SUN!!!

    Further Information


    Andy Burnham


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