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    Burned Furryocracy is a broadly culturally far-right furry ideology which is commonly thought to have sought to kick all the degenerates out of the furry fandom; based off the Burned Furs movement.

    The goal of the movement was to create a better image for the furry fandom and counter the the rise of the furry fandom becoming "overrun by sexually dysfunctional, socially stunted and creatively bankrupt hacks and pervs", a goal derived from years of prior schisms revolving around such internal turmoils.

    Critics of the Burned Furs often accused them of wanting to impose an anti-sexual vision on the rest of the fandom and wanting to destroy those who they did not consider to follow the wholesome truth. Despite official statements from the Burned Furs organization stating that alternate lifestyles were not a problem if they were kept in private, certain members were not tolerant of obscure fetishes, erotic content, homosexuals or Christian furries.

    In addition, certain Burned Furs, allegedly, made threats of physical harm towards opponents, however no attacks have actually been caused by the Burned Furs.


    The Burned Furs were founded in 1998 by Squee Rat and Eric Blumrich to bring awareness and to counter the rampant degeneracy in the furry fandom, which according to Squee is something that previous furries have been "burned at the stake for" in the past.

    In 1999, a furry convention known by ConFurence put Burned Fur member Darrel Exline in power as manager due to previously ongoing boycotts surrounding the organizer's willingness to ignore lewd behavior performed by convention-goers. Remarks by notable Burned Furs including Hangdog, Scott Malcomson and Mitch Marmel claiming this would turn it into a Burned Fur Convention scared away those who believed the Burned Furs were about physically removing degenerates from the fandom. On April 27, 2003 ConFurence shut down for good due to declining attendance.

    By 2001 the original Burned Furs had effectively died out as a group with many members leaving the furry fandom all together and their original website was eventually picked up by a pornography host.

    On November, 22. 2005, a new group called the Burned Furs II was founded by people not connected to the previous group with an ideology similar to the original Burned Furs. The group later renamed themselves Improved Anthropomorphics and changed their logo to separate themselves from the original and controversial Burned Furs movement.

    The Burned Fur's legacy has went on to influence some Alt-Furries, including some unironic Nazi Furs, however Burned Furs including Improved Anthropomorphics generally disown nazi furs, and so does every one else.


    Burned Furryocracy behaves much like Conservfurtism, but is much more aggressive and can easily get into heated arguments with others online. Burned Furryocracy abhors perverts, sexual deviants and porn.

    How to Draw

    File:Flag of the Burned Furs.png
    Flag of Burned Furryocracy
    1. Draw a ball with ears.
    2. Color it all black.
    3. On the ball, draw a paw outline in dark red.
    4. Color in the paw normal red.
    5. Use the same red to draw the outline of a flame around the paw.
    6. Color the flame in yellow.
    7. Color the insides of the ears red.
    8. Give it a flaming tail.
    9. Add the eyes!

    You're done UWU!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Dark Red #430200 67, 2, 0
    Red #FE0000 254, 0, 0
    Yellow #FFE602 255, 230, 2




    • Furry Nazism - You can get quite off-point a lot of the time, but you still support me a lot of the time.


    • Sexocracy - The absolute state of the furry fandom.
    • Veganarchism - You utter moron. Stfu with this bullcrap about how real furries aren't supposed to consume animals.
    • Voreism - And that's not what I meant when I said consume animals!
    • Frozen Furryocracy - F*ck you, you trash lifestyling degenerate! Next time I see you I'll kill you with my bear hands!

    Further Info


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