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    Burmese National Feminism

    Burmese National Feminism, also known as Burmese Way to National Feminism is Populist, Nationalistic, Authoritarian Left, White Supremacist, Culturally Reactionary, Feminist ideology.

    She draws heavily from her parents Burmese Way to Socialism and National Feminism, and is closely allied with her friends, the Nazbol Gang.

    Flag of Burmese National Feminism




    • National Shinto - Yeah, your views on race are great. But drop the imperialist crap and the whole "I'm better than you" attitude.
    • Conservative Socialism - You don't go far enough.
    • Planned Parenthoodism - Aborting minority babies is great, and support for women's rights is pretty based. But you support fucking perverts and are a disgusting progressive.
    • National Anarchism - I like a lot of your ideas. But you anti-authoritarianism is stupid.
    • Paleolibertarian Socialism - Same goes for you.
    • Khrutu Power - One of the few black dudes I can tolerate. We agree that black people and white people need to be segregated so there's no reason we can't work together to accomplish that goal.


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