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    "Monarchies have failed, Marxism too, I'm not talking about democracy at all. Slavs need a new idea, based on the achievements and mistakes of previous regimes, that will be able to unite them and lead them into the future."


    Burkinism-is self-insert, economically left, culturally conservative and authoritarian ideology of user Burkin1812. This ideology was not created as universal for whole world, but only for the Slavic peoples and states. Also i call my ideology Slavic Centrism because its mix of experience from various regimes and states and very essence is unification of various nations and ideological groups, where hard to please everyone, but possible.



    Slavs need a strong leaders who will lead them into a bright future. If elections are held in the country, then only among participation of parties members, that can hold a regional or small central posts. Main posts can be hold only by members of Veche[1]. Main loyalty must be around idea and country as such but nor around party or ruler, many powerfull countries falls because death of leader or changing of political course. Some officials may make small adjustments to the system, but not change it too much so as not to ruin everything.

    List of official parties and factions:

    • Slavic Peoples Veche - main party - Burkinism
    • All-Slavic Democratic Party - main opposition - controlled democracy, Right-Wing populism, Zhirinovism
    • Slavic Agrarian Union - agrarianisn
    • Peoples` Defence - Left-Wing nationalism
    • Union of National Avant-Garde - Futurism




    We need to keep an eye on certain media to stop the popularization of dangerous ideas and anti-Slavic and separatist sentiments. At the same time, moderate criticism of the authorities and individual political persons is allowed, for example, for insufficiently proper work or policies that are harmful to the country and society. Foreign media also should be verified.


    Main enemies of our regime and prosperity of slavs is our officials, they are the ones who are responsible for our failures. To do this, the oprichnina will be revived, which will constantly monitor officials and at any time stop corruption and harmful actions for the country.


    Welfarism, but main sectors of the economy belong to the state. There is also significant support for small businesses. The presence of trade unions is allowed, but state-owned. Taxes are progressive.

    We should also adopt some part of protectionist policies to support our economy and local businesses and spread them to other states. Our economy should be decentralized with great autonomy for the regions. Excessive centralization in the USSR and some post-Soviet countries has already shown its inefficiency in the form of an incorrect distribution of the budget among the regions, as well as a cumbersome bureaucracy. Planners can be ineffective and grow into corruption and nepotism, while the bourgeoisie is always ready to sell out our country and ideals.

    All-Slavic Revolution

    Unfortunately, we will have to use force and make some sacrifices to establish our ideas. The oligarchs will not make concessions so easily. Harder part in establish of our regime is creation of new identify founded on legacy of Kievan Rus, that can errase cultural and polititcal borders between east slavic nations.

    Since the ideology itself is pan-Slavic, it cannot be established in only one country. Hardly two. Three more is possible. Only the general cooperation of the Slavs will show its full potential. Even if the Slavs are not united by one country, then even a small alliance will already be able to unite the peoples.

    Federative system

    Burkinist state are federative. so many nations and cultures cant be united by unitary state. So slavic states will be like Soviet Republics but with more authonomy. Disputed territories will be separated republics like Crimea or authonomies inside republics like East Ukraine.




    The population of especially large cities should move to villages and smaller cities. This will have a positive result for demography, economy and the order as a whole.


    Nationalism is more based on culture and identity, so any white can be slavic and assimilated into slavic culture. Since the Slavs are considered to be connected between the European and Asian civilizations. Slavs should become the new light of civilization, which will give other peoples development and decent conditions, what is required of them is complete loyalty. I think that different races should be on their regions and therefore looks negative at interracial mixing. But we are not going to plant our ideas with laws, we need to instill in the population a sense of national unity and the preservation of the Slavs.

    Gender equality

    Women ahahahah Males and females are equal. Womens can have hard work and serve in military forces and can do well, this was shown in World War II, when men were at the war and there was essentially no one else to work.

    But modern feminism is useless because only make all worse.


    All cigarettes should be banned. Its literally a tool for genocide, leading entire nations to weakness and degeneration. Paramount we must heal society from smoking. Marijuana can be use onsly for medical reason.


    Abortions accepted only in critical cases. People need to think where and when to shove. The fact that in our time people create the basis for life with complete irresponsibility and destroy it with the same irresponsibility says a lot about our society.


    Burkinist state is Secular. Religion is a very important way to maintain stability in the nation, but the population should not be very religious, as this can cause conflicts between Slavs, as can be seen in the example of the southern Slavs. If God will want to all humanity believe in one religion, he would contribute to this.


    Military service should be voluntary. It will good to attract foreigners in our army for prevent loses from our people.


    We return cossacks as idenpended from main army types. The have own commanders operating separately from main commands. Its fully private organizations and located in own bases, where they can have own military fabrics that in peacetime can serve for our country.

    Foreign Policy

    Try to unified main part of East Europe for creating of Pan-Slavic state and support pan-nationalist movements. We will have to interfere in the affairs of other states if we want to defend our interests. Some of the actions may be immoral, but otherwise we cannot survive in such harsh geopolitical conditions. We only need to return the influence of the USSR and perhaps even the Empire, we don’t really need the rest of the world, since competition with other hegemons will better unite nations.

    Former Soviet republics

    The former non-Slavic republics of the USSR should be included in the sphere of influence, if necessary, we will even have to use intervention and install puppet regimes through the opposition. Especially in the Baltics. Also important is the settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict.

    We must interve in Kazakhstan and another Central Asia. Citizens dissatisfied with Tokaev and Berdymuhamedov regimes will be very thankful for theys overthrow. Kazakhs and Russians will peaceful again.



    Strongly support automatization. Desirable implementation of genetic engeneering in society for make slavs stronger in unhealth conditions. If we want to overtake West and China we must spend huge amounts on science. The scientific progress of the Slavs is arranged in such a way that we can stand idle for a long time, but we make such a leap that it will not be easy to reach our level.

    Migration policy

    Our borders are open for migrants from allied countries but Russia and west-slavic countries have big problems with minorities from Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia. Very important to make borders with this countries stricted to prevent invasion of "Churkas"[2] on our lands. Also important to support a slavic peoples in another countries and attrackt to homeland.


    Enemy of Ecology is enemy of Nation.

    Historical vievs

    Although Rurik had scandinavian roots, he eventually adopted the slavic culture and faith. In the era of feudal relations, the ethnos did not matter much, and the Slavs could manage without it and Rurik`s dynasty Slavicized.

    Christianization of Rus was a necessary for relations with Byzantium and orthodox has large influence on culture.

    The reforms of Alexander 2 to abolish serfdom were a failure and did not improve the situation of the peasantry. Rather, on the contrary, those who moved to the cities had even worse living conditions. With the coming to power of Nikolay 2, defeat in the war with Japan and the suppression of workers' uprisings show him as one of the worst leaders of Russia. It was clear that the monarchy would come to an end.

    The revolution of 1917 was a necessity and the Bolsheviks took advantage of it. The best outcome would be the victory of Kerensky's provisional government.

    Some of bolsheviks politics was good like universal education and gender equality but not all. Like NAP and so-called "positive discrimination" directed against slavic culture. Stalin understood the basic problems of Leninist politics and Marxist economics itself.

    The USSR made the greatest contribution to the victory in World War II and only thanks to the will and perseverance of the people and leadership. If not for the USSR, then Hitler would have directed all his forces to Britain and it would hardly have survived. The United States would have surrendered.

    Stalin, of course, was also not without flaws. For example, he got rid of such great and experienced military leaders as Tukhachevsky, who, even being Trotskyists, could be useful for the state and repressions against intellygency.

    Khrushchev, having come to power, reformed the country, rehabilitated the victims of repression and continued to restore the country after the war. So thanks to his policy we have already overtaken the West. It would be worthwhile to continue his policy, but Brezhnev came, starting stagnation. It is clear that his heirs also did nothing special, bringing the sucker Gorbachev to power.

    Yes, Gorbachev is sucker, who, under the guise of democratization, without having done something useful, put the alcoholic Yeltsin into power, completely ruining the country. After this, it was scum still justified that he did everything right.

    Our Final Goals

    1. Unification of Slavs
    2. Restoration of ecomy that able to compete with West and China
    3. Return at least part of the political and economic influence of the USSR
    4. Saving of slavic culture and history
    5. Improving the physical and spiritual health of the Slavs.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill the outsides with tricolor with Dark-red at the top, dark blue-green i centre and dark violet at the bottom
    3. Draw 2 black diagonal lines at the sides
    4. Eyes
    5. Optional: Draw purple hat
    6. Draw red shield with white Kolovrat on hat

    Influential Figures

    • Bogdan Khmelnitsky (1596-1657)(Ukraine)
    • Pyotr I the Great (1672-1725)(Russia)
    • Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861)(Ukraine)
    • Nikolai Danilevsky (1822-1885)(Russia)
    • Nikolai Fyodorov (1829-1903)(Russia)
    • Aleksandr Kerensky (1881-1970)(Russia)
    • Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922)(Russia)
    • Valerian Muravyev (1885-1932)(USSR)
    • Josip Broz "Tito" (1892-1980)( Yugoslavia)
    • Nikita Khruschew (1894-1971)(USSR)
    • Vladimir Zhirinovsky (1946-2022)(Russia)
    • Alexandr Lukashenko (1954-our time)(Belarus)
    • Oleksii Arestovych (1975-our time)(Ukraine)


    • Religious Burkinism - more religious orthodox version of Burkinism. This version uses religion instead of ethnicity for slavic unification.
    • Monarcho-Burkinism also known as Proto-Burkinism - monarchist and right-wing version of Burkinism. This ideology was created because poor knowledge of imperial and soviet history.
    • Ultra-Burkinism - п̶͍͖̠̫͒͌и̷̺̯͙̰̾̇͛͘̕ӟ̸͎̫́͒д̸͚̦͕͈͆̀е̵͕̃͝ц̸̦͕̘͇̳̓͋̓͌͝
    • Anti-Burkinism - greedy and zionist version, that hate slavs and loves money.




    • Apoliticism - if you are not interested in politics, politics will be interested in you.
    • Fourth theory - i like your Eurasian ideas, but dislikes your loyalty to Putin`s regime.
    • Technoprimitivism - your concept is based, but you going soo far.
    • Gopnism - kick gypsies is very good but can you stop playing hardbass on full volume?
    • Lukashenkoism - the good thing is that he made such a standard of living and a social program in such a small agrarian country that surpasses other post-Soviet countries, but, why is he cooperating with this greedy, bald-pated scum.
    • Zyuganovism - you`re a Putin`s puppet, but some ideas are based.


    • Putinism - slavic-hater, your friend waiting you in Hell.
    • Zelenskyism - the servant of the oligarchs is trying to expose himself in other countries. You're just a pathetic actor.
    • Banderaism - no comments.
    • Neoconservatism - dont forgive Yugoslavia!
    • Zionism - *insert antisemitic joke here

    Not seriously


    • Retro\Vaporwave
    • Webcore
    • Sovietwave
    • Naturecore
    • Russian\East Slavic folk architecture

    Political tests






    1. Veche - popular assembly in medieval Slavic countries.
    2. Churka - pejorative sense of Caucasian or Central Asian immigrant.
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