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    The Burgundian System is an ideology originating from a Hearts of Iron 4 alternate history mod: "The New Order: Last Days of Europe". The ideology is based on the idea that mainstream Nazism did not go far enough in ensuring Aryan supremacy.


    It calls for extreme Spartanism, a lifestyle with as little consumption and as few luxuries as possible. Its founder, Heinrich Himmler, seeks to destroy and reset the planet via a nuclear hell-fire, thus ensuring that the Aryan population can re-populate the world. Burgundian System views that the planet has been so corrupted due to the Jews and degeneracy that it will attempt to scorch the earth in nuclear fallout. Under this system, the disabled, the obese, LGBT, and others will be either executed or used as slaves. The rest of its people will have a mandatory 18 hours of "paid labor". Not every variation of Burgundian System seeks to destroy the world. However, prolonged presence of the Burgundian System causes massive instability due to its unsustainable nature, leading to its eventual collapse.


    Personality and Behaviour

    Burgundian System is extremely secluded and rather mysterious around others. He absolutely loathes anything that he considers "decadent".

    How to draw

    Ball Version

    • Draw a ball.
    • Make it either completely black or a very dark shade.
    • Draw a circular swastika on it, like this.
    • Give it small, purple eyes (but red is also seldom used as well).
    • Give it a Nazi hat with a skull and bones (Totenkopf), and you're done!

    Reichtangle Version

    • Draw a rectangle.
    • Make it either completely black or a very dark shade.
    • Draw a circular swastika on it, like this.
    • Give it small, purple eyes (but red is also seldom used as well).
    • Give it a Nazi hat with a skull and bones (Totenkopf), and you're done!


    True Aryans

    He doesn't have Friends, Everyone else is a decadent Judeo-Bolshevik.

    Acceptable Collaborators

    • Taboritskyism - Let there be justice, though the world perish. Shame you're a degenerate Jew.
    • Dystopianism - Suffering as an end goal? Sounds nice to me.
    • Nuclear Power Advocacy - Yes. The nuclear power is the key to our success. The hellfire of nuclear weapon, IS THE NEW SWORD OF THE ARYAN RACE!
    • Social Darwinism - He likes the strong surviving, but decadence is still an issue.
    • Yukarian System - Some say you are in fact an Aryan.
    • Posadism - I like the nuke stuff, too bad you're a Judeo-Bolshevik Schwein.
    • Spartan System - You did not go far enough.
    • Esoteric Fascism - My IRL counterpart. But didn't go far enough either. Maybe I have got no time in that timeline, who knows?
    • Poopenfarten - It appears as if I'm shitting.
    • Neoliberal Burgundian System - A copy of my system used by degenerate globalist Juden...
    • Burgerdian System - And another copy of my system used by some fat degenerates.
    • Burgundian Heinrich-Cheungism - My beloved daughter. Who is eagering to clean the world. But your ethnicity is TOTALLY INFERIOR!
    • IngBur - A copy of my system that originates from a degenerate socialist. They say that this is more extreme version of me.
    • National Socialism - He did not go far enough to ensure aryan supremacy.
    • Fascism - Imagine being this soft... Pathetic.
    • File:EsotericPeron.png Esoteric Peronism - Too soft but better than your original version.
    • Hengshui Model - My practitioner in China.But you should kill the bad students,not punish them.
    • Superiorism - The Germans are the purest race in existence, and the Burgundians are the purest type of Germans.
    • White Nationalism - Claims to want to protect our race, which is admirable, yet counts Sl*vs, It*lians, Fr*nch, and sometimes even Hisp*nics and J*ws among it. William Luther Pierce is based though.
    • Alt-Right - The only people who would support me IRL, but too many of you are degenerates.
    • French Fascism - You may be a fascist, but you are Fr*nch. I have to rely on you for survival though.
    • Odalism - Fellow Aryan supremacist, but industry and nuclear war are necessary to preserve our race.
    • Legionarism - Fellow brutal fascist. You would be gigabased if you weren't R*manian.
    • Kraterocracy - Even more based form of social darwinism, but what's with this "any can be strong regardless of ethnicity" shit?
    • Welfare Chauvinism - Based nationalism, but why help the weak?
    • Separatism - On one hand, cutting ties with the now-degenerated Reich is now needed. On the other hand, Flanders, Wallonia, Luxembourg and East France are integral parts of Burgundy which cannot be lost.
    • Racial Nationalism - Aryan nationalism is based, all other forms of racial nationalism are Jewish trickery.
    • Odinist Theocracy - A much better alternative to Jewish Christianity.
    • Barracks Communism - Some good ideas, too bad you're a Judeo-Bolshevik R*ssian.
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - Fellow authoritarian and cultural rightist, however you aren't extreme enough.
    • Reactionary Modernism - Even though we must return to the ways of our racially-pure ancestors, technology shall be useful in our quest to purify the world.

    Judeo-Bolshevik Subhumans

    • Superfascism - He is just as weak as the above, possibly weaker and the fact that his ideology is from an It*lian disgusts me.
    • PNF-Ciano - You! The traitor to the Fascism! How dare you, to be this degenerate! You totally throw away your heritage form Benito! Just go to a corner and kill yourself, or you will die from the nuclear hellfire.
    • Eco-Fascism - His environmental views mean that he doesn't want me to cleanse the world in the nuclear hellfire.
    • Progressivism - Disgusting filth.
    • Marxism–Leninism - This Judeo-Bolshevik's influence is still felt even after we defeated them.
    • Veganarchism - I don't provide meat only because my subjects don't deserve it, ok?
    • Lipostocracy - Obesity is judisch propaganda!
    • Ylvisåkerism - No. the scum of earth.
    • Hyperborea - You scum dare to call yourself Aryans?
    • Esoteric Capitalism - Your name makes me want to puke WHY CAPITALISTIC YOU HEDONISTIC, DECADENT SCUM!
    • Wallexism - You're an adherent of my system and believes you're an Aryan. But your ethnicity is TOTALLY INFERIOR
    • File:Monteir.png Monteirism - You want to use my methods to fulfill your goals and you only want to support me or a leftist version of me only to fulfill your goals and reach the society you want, YOU'RE A DECADENT ANUNNOCOMMUNIST!
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - I know we had sex😳 and got a Daughter, but stop being this DEGENERATE!
    • Hermann Göring - You will never vöre me !!
    • Abolitionism - How dare you demand I free my Fr*nch and B*lgian slaves!
    • Speerism - You are a traitor to Nazism with your "reforms"!
    • Gang of Four - TRAITORS!!!
    • Jewish Theocracy and Zionism - [Comment removed by moderator, user banned indefinitely]
    • Organization of Free Nations - How dare you call me tyrannical, YOU ARE DEGENERATE JEWISH PUPPETS!!!
    • State Liberalism - While your methods are good, you are degenerate filth!
    • Gaullism - Anti-Nazi and Fr*nch?! DIE, INFERIOR SCUM!!!
    • Kakistocracy - I AM NOT YOU, INFERIOR UNTERMENSCH!!!
    • Illuminatism - LITERALLY THE JEWS!!!
    • Radicalism - Liberal, pro-democracy and egalitarian? DEGENERATE SCUM!!!
    • Liberal Socialism - Liberal AND socialist? DIE, DEGENERATE!!!
    • Gandhian Socialism - Pacifist, socialist AND non-Aryan? DIE!!!
    • Objectivism - Die, Jewish individualist degenerate!!!
    • Falangism - While you are a fellow fascist, you encourage degenerate race-mixing and are a Sp*nish untermensch!
    • De Francism - Socialism?! MANDATORY RACE-MIXING?!?! DIEEEEE!!!!!!
    • Indigenism - Why should I give land back to the B*lgian and Fr*nch untermenschen?
    • Dead Centrism - What do you mean, I should only gas half the Jews?
    • Jacobinism - Revolutionary AND Fr*nch?! DIE!!!
    • Babouvism - You are just a proto-Bolshevik version of the above!
    • Saadehism - While you are a fellow culturally-right third-positionist, Syrians are untermenschen and what's wrong with ethnic division?
    • Utopian Socialism - I don't care if you say you're not a Bolshevik, you are still socialist degenerate scum!
    • De Leonism - Trade unions are socialist degeneracy, plus you're a Marxist!
    • Enlightenment Thought - You are a degenerate pusher of Jewish modernity!


    Further Information

    The New Order - Last Days of Europe Wiki




    1. Counting in-game adherents of the Burgundian System and Imperial Cult ideologies
    2. While the Burgundian System is a TNO-only ideology, some factions or countries from other works of fiction ideologically resemble it.
    3. yes ik Epstein is a Jew but i see some key similarities like sadism, Ingsoc like totalitarianism and slavery so in putting it here
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