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    Flag of Bukharinaism

    Not to be confused with Bukharinism or IRL Bukharinism Also spoilers for TNO Komi path.

    Bukharinaism is the ideology of Svetlana Bukharina in the Hearts of Iron 4 alternate history mod: "The New Order: Last Days of Europe".


    Before The Events Of The Game

    In the history of TNO, Nikolai Bukharin takes over the Soviet Union instead of Joseph Stalin. His New Economic Policy (NEP) failed, causing the Soviet Union to be unprepared to face the German Reich. During WW2, Germany utterly humiliated the Soviets, causing the fall of the USSR. Warlord states formed past the Arkhangelsk-Astrakhan (A-A) Line, one of these being the West Russian Revolutionary Front (WRRF), a red army junta led by Field Marshal Kliment Voroshilov. and the West Siberian People's Republic (WSPR) of Lazar Kaganovich. The WRRF and the WSPR launched and invasion to recover lost land during the Second West Russian War. However, they failed, breaking the WRRF into more warlord states. One of these states was the Komi Republic, a chaotic democracy led by former WRRF bureaucrat Nikolai Voznesensky.

    Events In Game

    (Spoilers ahead!)

    Political Situation of the Komi Republic

    3 factions would emerge in the Republic: The Centre:

    • Voznesensky's DSNP, Democratic Socialist/Left-Wing Populist, classified as SocDem in-game
    • Alexei Kosygin's SMR, "Managerial Socialists". Liberal Democracy
    • Svetlana Stalina's PSD, anti-extremist. Authoritarian Democracy

    The Right, known as the Passionariyy:

    • Lev Gumilyov's Eurasianists. Ultranationalism
    • Igor Shafarevich's "Compassionate Conservatives". Fascist
    • Sergey Taboritsky's OVRI. Seeks for a restroration of the missing and dead Alexei Romanov to the throne of the Tsar of Russia, Despotist, later Burgundian System

    The Left, the Communist Party of Komi, (KPK):

    • Mikhail Suslov's Orthodox Marxism-Leninism, anti-revisionist. Authoritarian Socialism
    • Andrei Zhdanov's Ultravisionary Socialism. Libertarian Socialist at game start, flips to Authoritarian Socialism later in-game but can flip back to Libertarian Socialism later
    • Svetlana Bukharina, the daughter of Bukharin, and her reformists. Libertarian Socialist
    • Ivan Serov's Ordosocialism, defects to the Passionariyy later in-game. National Socialism.

    A election looms on the already chaotic republic, and this allows Bukharina to rise through the ranks of the KPK. At one point, she has the option to kill either Zhdanov or Suslov and eliminate their clique of the KPK, allowing her to solidify her foothold in the KPK. After the election, the Left and the Right can coup the government. Should the Left take over and unify West Russia, Bukharina can take the reigns in another election. From that point on, Bukharina can mold Russia in her vision of progressive socialism with authoritarian undertones and later reunite Russia.


    She unlike most of her counterparts in Komi wants to empower the soviets and give the soviets more power that the communist party itself. She wants to have a soviet democracy, both federally and in the workplace.


    Bukharinaism is very progressive and egalitarian. She wants what's best for her people but is willing to kill or forcibly retire political rivals if they get in the way of progress. She Is happy, energetic and hopeful, promising herself that she will not make the same mistakes as her father. She despises fascism in any form and plots to take them down.





    • Ordosocialism - Hey Bro, you're racist and betrayed the party to defect to the Passionaryy, so screw you.
    • Taboritskyism - I should have had you shot earlier!
    • Karbyshevism - Your desire to prevent the Nazis from harming us ever again is admirable but it is not necessary to create an authoritarian state.
    • Burgundian System- The worker will crush your nightmare state!
    • Hyperborea - You are actually insane.
    • Fascism - Nice try, Mr. "Compassionate Conservative"
    • Ultranationalism - You're a worse fascist, not to mention one that is delusional.

    Further Reading

    The New Order: Last Days of Europe Wiki


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