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    Buddhist Anarcho-Utopian Market Socialism

    Hi, Jreg!

    Buddhist Anarcho-Utopian Market Socialism, or just abbreviated to BAUMS, is the personal ideology of the user SorcerersilasGC. BAUMS does not want a state, preferring if people could decide laws democratically on online forums, as well as believing that the state is violent in nature so Buddhists should oppose it. he believes the best way to bring upon socialism is through founding of voluntary communes and co-ops.



    BAUMS is a market socialist. he doesn't have that much focus on markets, but believes that a gift economy or the like cannot be successfully implemented in the modern day and a free market would just be better for modern-day conditions.


    He believes in diplomatic pacifism no matter what and hates war, imperialism, and colonialism. He supports the Alter-Globalization movement, believing though internationalism is a good idea, globalization just hurts the economy and makes it unstable.


    BAUMS is anarchist, believing in Philosophical Anarchism. he wants to have some laws set down by the community (ie. democratically elected, preferably online ) but thinks too much laws is bad. He views the state as inherently violent and that giving the state more power has always resulted in violence, therefore Buddhists should oppose the state.




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    • Classical Conservatism - yes, morality is important, but don't you realize everything you stand for contradicts that?
    • Neo-Selfism - Are you ok, Lexsiek?
    • - - - Fellow utopian religious progressive but please stop being a bootlicker




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