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    Beliefs (WIP)

    Anpostleft.png Civics - Post-Left Anarchism and Post-Anarchism: New Anarchy Post-an.png

    Anarchism is an ideology that advocates for the removal of all hierarchies within society. It criticised Marxist thought for it’s economic determinism and reductionism. However, classical anarchism still has some serious flaws and possibly hierarchical relations: Mostly the adherence to left-wing institutions and tendencies as well as Enlightenment rationalism and humanism. One of the core tenets of classical anarchism is a hatred towards oligarchical and authoritarian institutions such as the state and corporations by replacing them with democratic institutions such as the commune, trade unions and worker co-operatives however these institutions are also authoritarian as they extort the will of the collective over the free will of the individual. Democracy is incompatible with anarchism due to its collective authoritarianism and so democratic institutions like these should be castaway. By extension, economics and all associated with it (markets, money, private property etc.) shall also be castaway as a social construct that only seeks to haunt the individual and bring forth the evils of socialism and capitalism. Other unlikable tendencies include a humanist framework and a dialectical view of history as well as other rationalistic enlightenment ideas, all of which are incompatible in the contemporary postmodern world. In order to solve this, anarchism needs to accept the ideas of poststructuralism which is inherently good at deconstructing and destabilising the authority of institutions. The ideas and philosophy of anarchism and poststructuralism are complementary and solve each other’s problem resulting in a new form of anarchy, Post-anarchism together coupled with a rejection of leftism (post-leftism), these ideas make up the new anarchy.

    Structure (or lack thereof) (WIP)

    Economics (WIP)

    Culture (WIP)

    Meta-Ethics (WIP)

    Psychology (WIP)

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