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    Brutalism is an ideology that was founded by Lukko for a HOI4 mod she had planned. Brutalism is a Prgess.png culturally far left, Economic Center.png Economically Center, Totalitarian icon.pngTotalitarian, Ultranat.pngUltranationalist, Accel.png Acclerationist, and BorntoKill.png Ultra-Militarist ideology. It believes that all humans are to be conscripted into a nations army, except for those designated as slaves to work in factories of course, to fight in wars against the states enemies. This includes children and the elderly, as well as the physically and mentally disabled. Any and every person is permanently in reserve to fight until they die, either in or out of state. Under a Brutalist society there is nothing that can be identified as human, all plant life in cities is either dead or non-existant. There is no such thing as love because everyone is always permanently ready to be called to war, so it doesn't matter if you are queer or not. Crime runs rampant in the cities whenever there is no war because there are no jobs other than soldier, and no one is paid. The only people exempt from this are the nations elites, who always call the shots and have complete and total grasp over the nation.


    The state, similar to Ingsoc-icon.png Ingsoc, is everything to all civilians. Everyone in the nation is kept in the dark so to speak about everything, foreign propaganda is useless because all people are indoctrinated from birth onwards to feel nothing but unending, fiery patriotism towards the state. Any dissenting opinions are never listened to, as no one would listen to them, or even kill them for being against the state. The people aren't taught anything other than math, just enough to learn how to use weapons like artillery so that the state can keep full control over them.


    The economy of the state is almost non-existent, as the people have no concept of money or wealth. The leaders of the nation harbor all the wealth in the nation, leaving everyone else as bartering savages to fight and trade for food or other things. The concept of labor for payment doesn't exist in the state, which means that there is no such thing as communism or capitalism.


    Every person in the state is raised from birth to be the most patriotic civilian they can. Their nationalism is so ingrained into every day life that the people really can't think of another state without being driven completely mad at the thought of something other than their glorious nation. This nationalism is not based on ethnic means, but rather by nation, and anyone in the nation is instantly a brother of any other person, although their nationalism is not enough to prevent crimes against one another. For one reason or another they will still happen, be it because they need food, or other means.


    The accelerationism attached to Brutalism is unlike other forms of accelerationism, as instead of being for a certain political movement like right or left, or for the economy, or even for nature, but rather for existance. The goal of Brutalist Accelerationism is to accelerate the existence of state, life, and even some have proposed the planet, to the point where the only thing that will ever matter is the state. It warrants that preemptive strikes on other nations are important to further the cause of Brutalism, and even that they should conquer the entire planet, the land the skies and the seas. Some insane sects have even proposed thermonuclear war to create a planet where the only thing to exist is the state.



    Ingsoc-icon.png IngSoc - I too enjoy oppressing the human race

    Burgsys.png Burgundian System - Slave labor? Based!

    IngBurF.png IngBur - The best outcome!

    Showa-kanmuri.png Decisive Darkness - My biggest inspiration


    Nazi.png National Socialism - A bit to pacifist for my taste...


    PolState.pngPolice Statism - Why have police when you could indoctrinate EVERYONE

    Libunity-yellow.png The entire libertarian half of the compass - Anarchists will be the first to die in the war.

    Moder.png Centrists - Centrists shall be the second.


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