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    Bronysoc Monarchism is a ideology that is based on a My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic character called King Sombra/King Sombrero who ruler of The Crystal Empire but not once but twice and also he is a Unicorn but he is proud of it but we will become a Alicorn if he wins his conquest.

    King Sombra wanted the crystal heart to be the version that he likes and also King Sombra is a Latino for reasons like his name was a Spanish version of Shadow or there is a meme about him when he is King Sombrero/Doctor Sombrero but anyways since he is a Latino so he might trying to unite all Spanish speaking nations into one giant world power.

    King Sombra can hypnotise ponies for his will like creating a army of brainwashed pony soldiers to fight in a never ending war against Equestria and also King Sombra in the right timeline destroyed the tree of harmony even he is defeated wait I forgot because he has a girlfriend called Radiant Hope he he he.



    • Absolute Monarchism- This type of Monarchism is the best even it makes me alone.
    • Crystal Nationalism - Larga Vida Al Imperio De Cristal.
    • Pan-Hispanism - My blood is Latino so that means Spain, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Mexico & other rightful nations need my help.
    • Harmophobia - I have destroyed the tree of harmony when I was captured yay.
    • Ingsoc - This ideology was perfect for me even it was not Monarchist.
    • Bronyism - I am a cute tyrannical pony while I was twerking wait what.


    • Mexican Fascism- You hated America and you are a Monarchist but why did you have to be a ideology for Shining Armor.
    • Francoism- You wanted to restore Monarchism in Spain well that is good for you but I am not a Papist Pevert.
    • Caudillismo - You are almost like my ideologies that I used in my info but you are too lazy to stand up against America.
    • Anti Bronyism - No I don't want you to destroy this universe even you hated The Mane Six.
    • Brony Kakistocracy - I smiled at you for a new hope I gave you but you don't like it.


    • Harmoist Theocracy - You destroyed my conquest of the world.
    • Brony Progressivism - Too fat.
    • Brony Moonlitism - Please this nation called Equestria was made by American Slavery and why did you kill me.
    • Brony Sexocracy - Ewwww you are a total pervert but what worse is that my enslavement of you makes it more horny.
    • Brony Fascism - You with that Pink Peverted Alicorn but why.
    • Brony Epistocracy - Please I am not a Arab instead I was a Latino can you tell the difference.
    • Starlight Equalism - I think the Latinos are the master race even it was a Fascist idea by Germans.
    • Latinophobia - You wanted a wall but for Pink Floyd's album called The Wall and what for.

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