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    Brony Progressvism is a ideology that is based on a My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic character called Princess Celestia who is ruler of Equestria along with raising the sun for it's citizens in day time for a thousand of years or more and also has a black sister called Princess Luna also known as Brony Moonlitism who controls the moon for night time but banished to the moon after he becomes so that means Princess Celestia can control the sun along with the moon but Princess Luna (Brony Moonlitism) is back.

    Princess Celestia has relatives like Prince Blueblood who is a distant nephew along with a adoptive niece called Princess Cadence (Brony Sexocracy) but not only that also he is a teacher of Twilight Sparkle (Brony Epistocracy) that have been sent to Ponyville to become Alicorn Princess by having five friends and learn about a religion called Harmonism.

    Princess Celestia is the first Alicorn ever in the world while he is adopted by Starswirl The Bearded who has adopted Princess Luna (Brony Moonlitism) as well. Princess Celestia was the founder of The Royal Guards or E.U.P. after certain terror that shocked Equestria and Princess Celestia was a huge fan of cake in a episode called Ponyville Confidential.

    Princess Celestia has lovers but the first one that he got is King Sombra that came from a alternative universe but he is corrupted for the greater good and there is a another lover but it does not came from My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic well his name was Diesel who is a character from Thomas The Tank Engine.

    Princess Celestia has a pet phoenix called Philomena even it fooled Fluttershy & Twilight Sparkle along with Princess Celestia having bad acting skills for a play that is taken over by Fluttershy as the main character and also Princess Celestia is like the progressive woke version of Gorbachev so his policies was school safe spaces, equal marriage, women's rights & drug legalization but also has polices like freedom of thought, free markets even they are controlled a lot, the death penltiy & maybe democracy.



    • Harmoist Theocracy - I have become the first deity of this religion and it gives way to women empowerment.
    • Brony Moonlitism - Hi sister, how is your 1000 years on the moon and wait is that coffee.
    • Brony Epistocracy - You worshipped me and you are my best star student but also you are Jewish so screw white privilege.
    • Brony Sexocracy - I have turn you into a Alicorn by giving you a horn to make yourself horny.
    • Equestrian Nationalism - America is the land of white privilege, systemic racism & violent revolutions.
    • Crystal Nationalism - No more division in North America because now I can made this nation better with the new culture for it.
    • Brony Democracy - We have won the culture war so you can being a democrat and not beat up by the SA.
    • Starlight Equalism - Now that is how you run a woke society but don't tell Twilight Sparkle that I have turned you into a Alicorn.
    • Brony Polandism - I have will make Poland strong again to battle against the next generation of Nazis.
    • Sandersism,George Floydism, MLKism & Obamaism - I can make a new mount rushmore out of you.
    • Progressivism- Together let's cancel the people who called me a fat$$.
    • Bronyism - looks don't matter even you are hairy or nerdy.


    • Brony Fascism - I know you are a Jew but why did you pick a ideology that is belong to bigots like Sh!tler.
    • Brony Confederatism - Ha Ha I have beat you in arm wrestling you klansmen.
    • Brony Kakistocracy - You need to go to school to become a Alicorn instead of being born as one.
    • Bronysoc Monarchism - I have loved you at first but I think my diversity make me marry Diesel even he is a train.
    • Lipostocracy - Why there is a picture of me eating cake that have been in a newspaper.
    • State Liberalism - This is me when I do not get my cake.
    • Banana Republicanism- It reminded me of the banana farm that have been destroyed by bats even you like Americanism.
    • Castroism - You are just like me but as a Communist who likes milkshakes even the milkcakes.


    • Brony Capitalism - You don't have to be a Conservative to sell your weird drinks even it boosted up hope by a lie.
    • Harmophobia - You are the worst version of William Dudley Pelley.
    • American Nationalism - I will not let you back on the world stage you bigot.
    • Moon Man Thought - This is what happens to the moon if Princess Luna was killed.
    • American Republicanism - This is the worst future that Equestria had if there is a never ending war that divided my citizens.

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