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    Brony Confederatism was a ideology that is based on a My Little Pony : Friendship Of Magic character that is named Big McIntosh who is a earth pony who works at the apple farm with his family and also he does not speak that much also he is transgendered during the sisterhooves social.

    In season 5, episode 13 there is a dream when Big Mac becomes a Alicorn along with other pony dreams in it and what if Big Mac was a Alicorn in real life so that means he would be ruler of Equestria to turn it into The Confederate Empire Of Equestria also he thinks that apples where the better form of crop than cotton.

    In Hoi4 : Equestria At War there is a nation called The Confederation Of Southern States when J. D. Neighvis, Silverstar, Rockerfeller & Braebun created a nation from Equestria and also Applelosa was a capital of this new nation even it was Harmoist or not racist anyways those are the two versions of Brony Confederatism.




    • Brony Moonlitism - This is what happens if you let Blacks rule this nation.
    • Starlight Equalism - You are a stupid commie but you work with Princess Celestia.
    • Slavery - Wow wow wow, just because I am a Confederate that does not mean I support slavery even I hate different ponies.
    • Brony Nazism - It reminds me of the Alt Right but I think Princess Celestia will be mad at us.
    • Klansmanism - Wait this isn't The Cutie Mark Crusaders and why did you have to wave the American flag in a poster.
    • Transgenderism - Maybe I will be more female this time.


    • Bronysoc Monarchism - The South Will Not Fall You Immigrant.
    • Anti Bronyism - You are the same people who have elected Lincoln in 1860.
    • Harmophobia - You are the one who divided this nation by controlling people's thoughts about north and south.
    • American Model - You have ruined the south you super jerk and also you have Liberals fool.

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