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    Brony Capitalism was a ideology that is based on a My Little Pony : Friendship Of Magic characters were named Film & Flam who are twins even they hate each other a little bit and also they are traveling salesponies who convinced the citizens of Equestria or maybe The Crystal Empire to but their stuff but they do not work so that means they are prankster scammers.

    Brony Capitalism have been used in a alternative timeline of Equestria when Film & Flam overthrew or control Celestia these funny Twins have turn Ponyville into a factory village while destroying the environment with modern machines but this is not the main timeline and maybe Film & Flam will one day create a society even a anarchist one.

    Film & Flam have a resort in Las Pegasus where people can go on rides, gamble & being annoying and Film & Flam rival enemy is The Apple Family along with Apple Jack even there is a apple ideology called Brony Confederatism but when Film & Flam try to stop them from prank scamming but they got caught and failed.




    • Harmoist Theocracy - Some parts of this religion will not be used for profit even in The Friendship University.
    • Brony Confederatism - We have apple cutie marks so that means we are part of you so please don't ruin our profits.
    • Brony Epistocracy - Come on you are always greedy even you denied it as a Jew who is a Bolshevik.
    • Brony Sexocracy - Ewwwwwwwwwwww I will not make sex toys for profit and you are a sister of Twilight Sparkle.
    • Brony Fascism - Almost there to a ideology of Chancellor Neighsay.
    • Brony Polandism - You married to Twilight Sparkle who hates our ideas.
    • Crystal Nationalism - Maybe this nation was safe from Sombra, Divorce & Rape.
    • American Republicanism - Are you a Trump or a Lincoln even they have different ideologies of government of this nation.
    • Harmophobia - I will side with you when three villains are gonna destroy Equestria.


    • Marxism- You are not Santa instead you are a jerk with a beard who created a system of suffering.
    • Regulationism- Oh god I feel bad about the ponies in a society with you in it.
    • Anti Bronyism - That is Communist propaganda but more brutal than Stalinism.
    • Starlight Equalism - Oh no we thought Socialism does not exist anymore.
    • Bronysoc Monarchism - You want to steal pony jobs even it are owned by us who we paid them.

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