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    Britsoc (short for British Socialism) represents the views of A Tea Addict as a moderator, seperate from their actual political views.

    Primarially, Britsoc is a very nihilistic ideology, taking enjoyment only out of the harsh moderation of idiotic members of the wiki (alongside the fallout of said moderation), but even then they simply questing the morality of the moderation to the point of depression.


    Britsoc originated from the fallout of the Democracy wiki drama, and the banning/unbanning that followed it. While during the drama Britsoc enjoyed themselves, there was simply a sense of dread after it; a sense of pointlessness; a sense of emptyness about the wiki, and by extension moderation in general.



    Being one of A Tea Addict's many views, Britsoc is a fervent AnBrit.


    BritSoc, being a moderator of an Anarchy wiki, practices a form of AnTot, wherin everyone is free to do as they wish, but the moderator may step in (with the power of a totalitarian state) to limit the freedoms of certain individuals.


    Britsoc, by virtue of the circumstances of its existance, is incredibly nihilistic when it comes to the Anarchy wiki, feeling a sense of dread whenever looking at anything to do with the wiki/community.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Britsoc has the same personality as AnBrit (adoration of tea, British accent, etc.), with the key difference that Britsoc is much more controlling, and much more depressive.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Draw a union jack,
    3. Draw a large, black V-shape in the centre,
    4. Draw a single eye in the centre, and you're done!
    5. (Optional) Add a top/bowler hat along with furry ears and a tail.


    Inner Circle

    • What's the point, honestly?

    Outer Circle

    • Anarcho-Altruism - "Haha, funny dog fucking", what the fuck was I thinking back then? Jesus fucking Christ.
    • Jadeism - Welcome back (still fuck Fandom though).
    • Inkysoc - Best admin, in my opinion.
    • The Regulars




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