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    Britannocommunism is the ideology of the Communist Party of Great Britain and its present-day successor, the Communist Party of Britain. Historically, the CPGB was founded upon Marxist-Leninist ideology, strongly opposed to British colonialism, sexual discrimination, and racial segregation after the Windrush. Prominently involved in the 1926 General Strike, union organising would become a key part of the party's praxis. They founded the Daily Worker (now the Morning Star) which is the longest-running Socialist newspaper in File:UK cball.png Britain, even outliving the party itself.

    They faced a significant drop in membership after they supported the Warsaw Pact's crushing of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. They would keep the same stance in their support of their invasion of Czechoslovakia during the Prague Spring. Due to their consistent support of Soviet military intervention, they earned the nickname 'Tankies' which would later become a slur for Marxist-Leninists as a whole.

    This also caused a rift within the party, between the Eurocommunists and Marxist-Leninists. This rupture would eventually result in the dissolution of the party, splitting into the Democratic Left and the now staunchly Eurosceptic Communist Party of Britain.

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    Flag of Britannocommunism
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    Further Information


    Communist Party of Great Britain

    Communist Party of Britain


    Morning Star

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