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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Britannica Monarchism is an Off-Compass Totalitarian, Economically Right, Culturally Far-Right, Racial Ultranationalist and Monarchist ideology which wants to rebuild the British Empire.

    It wants to start a revolution to instate its own system instead of the contemporary one. Everyone who is against revolution would be deemed a counter-revolutionary and would be discarded. All people who do not like the ruler or the ideology of the state would also be killed off.

    It's a Monarchist ideology and wants a king to be the leader of the country. He would wield absolute power over his dominion and be able to do absolutely anything. Unlike most Western Traditionalists the ideology is not a Christian but rather worships the king like a god.

    Radical Traditionalism is something the ideology embraces. It wants almost every aspect of society to go far back through time. It also wants to rebuild the British Empire, seeing all former British land as rightfully its own. This empire would include all of what Britain had at some point in time, including areas which it held before the age of Imperialism.

    The ideology is also an Anglo-Saxon ultranationalist, believing its people to be "true Imperial revolutionaries". All other people who currently occupy its land are to be dealt with, this includes everything from Slavery to Execution. It also wants to wage war against all the other people who have been enemies of Britain and the Anglo-Saxons at some point in time. This includes the French, the Germans, the Norse Germanic people, the Indians etc.

    The state would be able to exert an extreme amount of power and everyone living under the system would have to follow the ideology to the point. Daily indoctrination, constant surveillance, a thought police and a bunch of other policies would be used to ensure absolute compliance.




    • Juche - Ah, another revolutionary and ethnocentric leader-worshiper. Although, you have to embrace your monarchist elements and you're still a commie and a k*rean.
    • Taboritskyism - Fellow insane racist and ultra-totalitarian monarchist, why do you have to be r*ssian?
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - Equality is a myth.
    • National Socialism - You have a lot of good ideas, but you are a g*rman and went against Glorious Britain!


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