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    BritMonkeyism is the ideology of the YouTuber Michel BritMonkey. He believes in LVT, free trade, and is very fond of grand ideas and project, whether in public of private sphere.

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    • Georgism - «The air we breath is naturally occuring, necessary for life, and available to everyone, regardless of race, gender, social class, politics or country of origin. Nobody should have to pay to breath air because nobody invented air. Sounds reasonable, right? So why can't the same be said for land?»
    • Technoliberalism - Literally me except for crypto. Cryptocurrency is trash dawg
    • Environmentalism - Let's ban cars!
    • Khamaism - «One man - Seretse Khama - is on a mission to turn Botswana from the poorest country in the world into a real life Wakanda.»


    • Third Way - You were doing so well but then you just had to help him commit war crimes and start infringing on civil liberties.
    • American Model - You could become a real utopia, just fix your damn gun and healthcare policies.


    • Eco-Socialism - "Some people who are particularly up their own arses think the only way to fix climate change is to abolish capitalism."
    • Wilsonianism - «...I propose that April 6th, the day of US entry into the first world war is to become official Woodrow Wilson Hate Day. Schoolchildren in the DC era should be taken to his grave and taught to burn effigies of him.»
    • George W. Bushism- «The casualties in Iraq were mounting, the war was taking longer than expected to win, and the American leadership weren't actually smart as people first thought.»
    • Trumpism - Climate change denying lunatic.
    • EU - Literally a Gerontocracy.

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