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    Bright red Sun:Last of the Eagles

    Bright Red Sun:Last of the Eagles

    This is a alt history collab with Leninisbased check out:https://polcompballanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/What_if_the_1949_economic_boom_never_happened%3F_(Alt-histroy_scenario_detailing_alternate_history_of_world_and_etc)#explaining_this_scenario_and_other_stuff or you will be confused but with that out of the way let’s begin. Now you often hear this story from the Communist Perspective but this to shine light on the Liberal Side the democratic alliance for this is what Bright Red Sun:Last of the Eagles is.

    What happened to US presidents in this timeline

    Biden: Is still a senator from Delaware in this timeline from 1972-1994 were become head of the Federation Rail Service something that he still is today. His son beau never died and is now a Captain in the Federation Army

    Trump: Is head of a Minor Party in parliament called the Social National Union know for its antics. He is still a realtor.

    Obama: Became President of Amfed from 2010-2018 and before that was a Senator from Wisconsin and Mayor of Chicago.

    W.Bush: Fled from the PCC after his Father was executed and became head of NABL[1]

    Clinton: He never married Hillary and Became a member of the Arkansas Border Zone Council in 2004.

    H.W Bush: Was Executed in the PCC in 1959.

    Regan: Was the Dictator of the USR from 1981-2001(though he was puppet in his later years do to demtinta) and is remembered as a ruthless dictator.

    Carter: was a famous USR dissident who was in prison 1982-2003 and ran in the 2004 election but narrowly lost.

    Ford: Became President of the American Federation after President Rockefeller Died in 1979 and lost the 1982 elections. Is mostly forgotten about now a days just like in real life.

    Nixon:Was Dictator of the USR from 1969-1981 were he was disposed due to being to moderate and corrupt.

    LBJ: Fled the PCC and was a Federation Presidential Advisor for several years and died in 1977

    JFK:Was the Founder of the American Federation and President from 1958-1970.

    Eisenhower: Was the Finally President of the USA before Collapse and was dictator of the USR from 1958-1969 where he died. On his deathbed he gave equal rights to blacks in the USR.

    Truman: Felt Bad about his poor response to the Second Great Depression and Blamed himself from the collapse of the USA as a result he became an advisor to JFK to redeem himself.

    Vice Presidents

    Harris: Leader of Californian National Party a party advocating for the separation of California from the Federation.

    Pence: Was the Governor of Indiana in the USR from 2013-2021 and has announced he intends to run in the 2024 USR presidential election.

    Biden: See the President section

    Cheney: Founded a large Farming company in the GPR known as Cheney Produce and is President of the GPR.

    Gore: Was a USR dissident and was in prison during the Reagan Years and was Jimmy Carter's running mate in the 2004 USR election.

    Quayle: Is a business man in Phoenix

    Bush: See the President section

    Mondale: Was a 2ACW who served in the Federation Army and would become a Senator from Wisconsin.

    Rockefeller: Became the President of the Federation after RFK and would be the only Federation President to die in office.

    Ford: See the President section

    Humphery- Is Remembered as one of the Founding Fathers of the Federation and was a Senator till 1978

    LBJ- See President Section

    Nixon- See President Section

    Barkley- Died before the 2ACW could begin

    Other Famous People

    Elon Musk:His father was executed before he was born so he never existed

    Bill Gates: Due to being born in Socialist Cascadia, he became a committed socialist advocating for technocratic socialism and became the premier of Cascadia in 2021.

    Jeff Bezos: Owns a Bookstore Chain in South Florida that is under investigation for Workers' rights abuses.


    Steve Jobs:

    A Brief History of the Second American Civil War


    Second Great Depression(1948-1949)

    Calm Before the Storm(1950-1953)

    Riots and Martial Law(1954-1955)

    After many riots a radical decision is made by president Eisenhower to repeal the Posse Comitatus Act, this leads to the American military being allowed to operate on US soil. This could only make things worse.

    One of the biggest riots happened in December 1954 called the battle of Harlem as New York National guard troops clashed with black liberation army members for 3 day resulting in over 1,000 causalities The BLA was ultimately forced to surrender after ruining out of Ammo however the brutality's shown further inflamed puplic opinion against the government especially there use of bombers which practically flattened some sections.


    The War Begins(Late 1954)

    On Christmas Eve, the war would begin as the Alaskan Indpeddece Front seized control of the Town of Nome and began to take control of Northern Alaska. A Few days later the Texas revolt would begin with socialist rebels fighting a guerrilla war against National Guard Troops.

    Unrest spreads(1955)

    First Battle of Dallas and Warlords (Early 1956)

    First New Afrika Revolution Crushed (Late 1956)

    Beginning-Middle(1957-Early 1959)

    Continued Secession(Early 1957)

    With the Federal Government becoming increasingly authoritarian and stretched out several states began to leave the Union. The first would be Arizona, led by Barry Goldwater colorado soon followed suit, and Missouri and Kansas left and merged into the MKU.

    Federation Separation (Mid 1957)

    In 1957 many politicians met in secret in Philadelphia to plot their own secession and create their own nation and restore the American values that had been lost. This lead to the creation of the American federation lead by John F Kennedy.

    The first major battle the Federation fought was the siege of Pittsburgh when the US army attempted to take the city. Despite their best efforts, the Federation defenders held strong, and the US army had to retreat after six months of brutal house-to-house fighting.

    Battles of Houston & Chicago (Late 1957)

    In Late 1957 two major battles would take place, The first being the battle of Houston, where Texan Socialist Forces successfully beat back an attempted US marine landing. The second was the Battle of Chicago, a brutal three-way battle between the Federation, the USA, and local communist groups ultimately ending in a Federation victory.

    Collapse of the New Mexico Pocket,Seattle Commune, Dawnland Separation, and Operation Thunderstorm(1958)

    In early 1958 the New Mexico pocket, a group of USR troops trapped behind the PCC, would finally collapse after their final stronghold was overrun.

    The Seattle commune was formed by communists in 1958 successfully beating back US forces after winning several battles.

    With New England being cut off from the rest of the USR they would separate from them and become Dawnland with Northern Massachusetts choosing to join them.Despite some small scale battles at first Amfed and Dawnland a ceasefire was agreed too rather quickly.Dawnland was created by the the hardships of many of the locals during the second great depression.

    In late 1958 the Federation launched its first major offensive: Operation Thunderstorm, in an attempt to take Ohio. while they were able to take Akron, they were defeated in the Battle of Cleveland and had to retreat.

    CDR Formed(Early 1959)

    After successfully beating back American forces the Seattle commune continued expanding after winning for battle again the United states and reorganized itself into the Cascadian democratic republic.


    Second New Afrika Revoution & Treaty of Tulsa (1959)

    Washington Campaign(Late 1960-1961)

    After the failure of the Rock Island Offensive and Operation Thunderstorm the Federation decided to switch focus eastward to a new target Washington D.C in the hopes that Capturing it would cause the USR to collapse. The result was the Washington Campaign one of the bloodiest campaigns of the war that resulted in 950K casualties. It began on Oct,20 when Federation Troops crossed the Pennsylvania border into Maryland and Delaware with the First Battle being the battle of Wilmington.Federation Hopes of a quick victory were dashed as there Forces got bogged down in the Battle of Baltimore for three months after Baltimore they spent 5 months going through line after line of US defenses to reach D.C.The Battle of Washington D.C lasted several months but eventually ended in a Federation Victory but not before the US army destroyed every bridge on the Potomac.

    In November 1961, two things happened in Colorado. The first was the last stand of the 3rd Infantry Brigade, a colordan Infantry Brigade who refused to retreat orders, instead holding their position to help civilians evacuate from the oncoming desert army, which was already well known for its brutality the brigade was able to hold them off for 17 hours before being forced to surrender due to running out of ammo and, the survivors were executed despite this there actions saved tens of the thousands of lives. The second was the most infamous of desert atrocities: The Rape of Grand Junction, which saw the desert army executing thousands of civilians and kidnapping approximately two thousand women to use as concubines.


    Collapse of Colorado(Early 1962)

    With enemies coming at them from all sides, it was only a matter of time before the Republic Collapsed, and in March 1962, it happened. On February 3rd, Warlords would sack Denver destroying the Government in the process, and the republic disintegrated. Three days later, the last reaming military unit, the 9th Mechanized Brigade, would be destroyed by the Desert Army.

    Operation Hurricane(Late 1962)

    With the Virginia front having turned into a stalemate, the Federation began looking for new ways to win the war. In October 1962, Operation Hurricane was launched, with Federation Marines launching an invasion of South Florida. The USR was caught off guard, and they were able to take several areas before being forced into a stalemate.

    Western Armistice(1963)

    In 1963 with the CDR and Amfed needing to put troops elsewhere, they decided to sign a ceasefire along with Desert. However, Desert refused and only agreed after JFK threatened to Nuke Salt Lake City. Despite this, it was a sign that the end of the war was near.


    Virginia Campaign(Early 1964)

    The Virginia Campaign was the last major offensive it was launched by the Federation in early 1964 with the Goal of Capturing the State of Virgina and Northern North Carolina. Fighting was brutal ulitamely culminating in the battle of Richmond was one of the last and most deadliest battles of the 2ACW resulting in the death of 150,000 civilians and 25,000 soldiers. This sheer death toll of this battle only proved the point that peace had to be made. This Battle along with almost equally brutal battle of Norfolk despite both ending in a Federation Victory had decimated the The Federation 1st and 14th Armies. However Despite this the Federation Made one Final push to take Raleigh despiste being able to Take Elizabeth City they were defeated in the Battle of Rocky Mount the final battle of the war.

    Treaty of Louisville(Mid 1964)

    With everyone being tired and worn down by the conflict it was obvious peace had to be made and in June,1964 Delegates from Amfed,USR,Dawnland,Desert,Arizona,MKU,and Cascadia[2] Met in Louisville to create a peace agreement after 3 weeks of Discussion the Treaty of Louisville was Signed bring the 2ACW to a close after 9 years of fighting.

    Continued fighting in New Afrika(1965)

    Due to New Afrika not Sighing the Treaty of Louisville fighting between them and the USR would continue for about a year or so before a ceasefire was sighed. Despite this fighting continues to be on and off to this very day.


    After the War ended conflicts continued here is a brief overview of them.

    Great Plains Warlord Conflict(To Early 80s)

    Fighting Between the Warlords would Continue for 18 more years as various cliques and warlords fought with each other and raided towns across the borders.However with the support of the American Federation the three largest warlords the Dakota Clique,Lincoln Clique, and Wyoming-Denver Clique would sign the Denver Accords agreeing to end the fighting and consolidate all three into single nation and most warlords seeing the writing joined the new nation.Despite this some most notably the Northwestern Clique(based out of Missoula) resisted most were moped up rather quickly expect the Northwestern Clique which due to difficult terrain continued to resist for another 11 months before surrendering.

    Continued New Afrika Conflict(To Present Day)

    Fighting between the USR and New Afrika has continued to be on and off.Of particular note is the town of Mobile which has switched between the two quite frequently as of the 2011 ceasefire it is currently in USR hands,As a result the town has been decimated. Here is the list of ceasefires and Conflicts:

    • 1965 Ceasefire
    • 1971-1976 Conflict
    • 1976 Cease fire
    • 1982-1989 Conflict
    • 1989 Ceasefire
    • 1995-2000 Conflict
    • 2000 Cease Fire
    • 2002-2011 Conflict
    • 2011 Ceasefire

    With Pete Buttigieg winning the 2020 USR elections[3] and him showing to willing to enter official relations with New Afrika there is renewed hope for a official peace accord.

    Border Conflicts(To Early 80s)

    Numerous border conflicts would be fought in the aftermath of the war. Most of these were out west with numerous border clashes along the desert border due to its expansionist ways, most notably the Cascadian-Desert Border war, which ended in a Cascadian victory, and the Rocky war in the late 60s with the MKU. Another war was the Virginia war between Amfed and the USR between 1977-1979.

    Desert Civil War(1979-1981)

    After the Second American Civil War, Desert due to its and expansionism would become internationally isolated[4] It would have a tough time recovering from the war and in addition to this would have to deal with constant raids from the warlords. By the Mid 70s it was obvious something had to be done done as a result the government began to moderate its social policy’s and began to open up to the rest of the world.This Horrified the Fundamentalists who one Oct,1,1979 would attempt to overthrow the government while the coup in the capital[5] was successfully thwarted the Fundamentalist were still able to take over most of the Country, with the government only holding on to the Captial,Northwest,Colorado ,and a small pocket along the Federation Border and it look liked it was going to be a easy Fundamentalist Victory. However the Moderate Government fought a tenacious defense and due to the Fundamentalist antics it brought most of the world on there side. In early 1981 a Federation led coalition comprising the CDR,Arizona,MKU,Mexico,and the USR[6] invaded Fundamentalist Controlled areas. The Fundamentalists were overwhelmed despite this pocket would continue to hold out to Mid 1982 before being destroyed.

    Puerto Rico Emergency(1975)

    Alaskan War(1968-2003)

    The Alaskan Independence Front, would counties to wage a guerrilla war in Alaska for several decades against the USR, however, the war would end in 2003 with the Fairbanks accords, which saw Alaska become an autonomous territory.

    Photos from the War


    F39380E7-0353-4558-BCE2-DF873A53D312.jpg US Army Tanks belong to the 1st Armored Division Mobilizing in North Texas in the early days of the war. 61F5ACBC-70FF-43CD-8DD7-00CF68F1CDDB.jpg US Marines advance to meet alaskan insurgents, January 13th,1955 545B76E1-470D-4481-BDD5-13E2E556FB3C.jpg Socialist Texas troops holding defensive postions south of dallas

    Beginning-Middle(1957-Early 1959)


    Federation B-36 Bomber during a raid on Jacksonville. 3FE17BA9-8745-4334-AA37-724DDFCBCBF5.jpg Warlord troops and M24s at a railroad track

    D7F8F65D-0EEA-4039-9C4E-31F86306099C.jpg US troops retreating during the Fall of Des Moines in late December 1958. C4C53DC0-51E0-4CAC-8752-B9758158B030.png Cascadian tanks in February of 1959 Frameless Federation Soldiers capture Local Communist Rebels during the Battle of Chicago 1C81D190-3984-4C4D-89B8-98191EC39110.jpg PCC troops after the Battle of Houston



    Federation Tank crew repair its M60A1 Tank during the Washington Campaign


    Federation Artillery Strikes the Capitol building on Oct,19,1961. Washington DC would fall to Federation Forces on the 21st of October.


    USR solider in machine gun nest just Southeast of DC. E12D485A-02D6-46DF-A9DD-F4CD15F9A24E.jpg Artillery gun belonging to the 3rd Infantry Brigade firing. This image is presumed to have been taken just hours before the 3rd Brigade was overrun by desert units.



    USAF F-86 in the air. Taken during 1962 at some point.


    Black Federation Soldier during Operation Hurricane. After the 1959 Equality Decree Black Soldiers in the Federation Armed Forces would often fight along side whites.



    Federation M103 Longstreet outside Norfolk. The M103 would see service thought the war by both the Federation and United States. 33E5E33B-CF34-4419-93CC-540F53AE8C0D.jpg Federation Soldiers crossing the Potomac at the start of the Virginia Campaign

    Cultural/Economic Changes

    The Decline of the Rust Belt in this timeline is not as bad due to the lack of countries to export jobs to though some outsourcing still occurs mostly to Mexico,Thailand, and Brazil.

    Due to the 2ACW suburbanization doesn’t happen on the large scale it did and cities remain intact

    American Federation

    File:AmericanFederation.png American Federation


    In Parliament

    Democratic Party
    Famer Labor Progressive Party
    Moderate Party
    Libertine Party
    American Nationalist Party

    Minor Parties In Parliament

    Social National Union
    Unification Movement- Liberal
    Unification Movement- Conservative
    Communist Party of the American Federation
    Green Party
    Party for Socialist Liberty

    In State Parliaments

    California National Party
    Native American Unity Party

    Fringe Parties

    Union of Trotskyists


    True Nationalist Party
    Maoist Communist Party
    National Communist California Front

    Government Institutions


    Parl.png Federation Parliament(1000 members)

    • Parl.png State Parliaments(100 members)
      • Parl.pngCounty Parliaments(10 Members)

    Federation Parliament Composition

    Major Parties

    Libertarian.png Libertine Party: 435 Seats
    Neoliberal-icon.png Democratic Party: 210 Seats
    Liberalsoc.png FLPP:199 Seats
    Liberalconservative.png Moderate Party: 102 Seats
    Plcn2.pngAmerican Nationalist Party:36 Seats

    Minor Parties

    WelfChauvin.pngSocial National Union:8 Seats
    Civnat.pngUnification Movement-L:3 Seats[8]
    Glib.pngGreen Party:3 Seats
    Natcon.pngUnification Movement-C:2 Seats[9]
    Libmarx.pngParty for Socialist Liberty: 1 Seat
    Marxlen.pngCommunist Workers Party: 1 Seat

    Government Agency’s

    • World.png Foreign Affairs Department(1961)
    • Strato.png Defense Department(1960)
      • StratoHelm.png Federation Armed Forces(1960)(3.55 Million Active Personal,2.79 Million Reserve Personal)
        • Tellur.png Federation Army(1960)(1.68 Million Active,9,425 Tanks,64,000 IFVs,47,500 APCs,1,650 Tank Destroyers,17,600 Artillery Guns,8,190 Self Propelled Artillery,4,675 Rocket Artillery,28,852 Helicopters,1.26 Million Personal in Reserve )
          • StratoHelm.png Special Operations Taskforce Organization(1964)
          • StratoHelm.png Federation Marines(1960)
        • Thalassocracy.png Federation Navy(1960)(229,945 Active Personal,474 ships, 172,458 Personnel in Reserve)
          • StratoHelm.png Federation Submarine Service(109 Subs)
        • StratoHelm.png Federation Air Force(1960)(1.03 Million Active Personal,8,300 Manned Combat Aircraft,573 Support Aircraft,300 Drones, 765,737 Personal in Reserve)
          • Nuclear Icon.png Federation Nuclear Program(1967)(1,750 War Heads)
        • StratoHelm.pngNational Guard(1960)(581,280 Active Personal,35,000 IFVs,1,050 Artillery Guns,840 Helicopters,580,000 Personal in Reserve )
        • StratoHelm.png War Plans Division(1965)(1,000 Active Personal)
        • Thalassocracy.png Federation Coast Guard(4,225 Active Personal,65 Ships,3,169 Reserve Personal )
        • National Catastrophe Relief Auxiliary(20,000 Personal)
        • Scientocracy Small.png Military Research Institute(6,000 Personal)
      • FBI.pngFederation Intelligence,Investigation & Security Agency(FIISA)(1961)
        • FBI.png Investigation Bureau(1964)
          • Anti-Corrupt.png Anti Corruption Agency(1971)
          • Posadist.png Federation UFO Agency(1997)
        • CIA.png Intelligence Bureau(1964)
        • PolState.png Security Bureau(1974)
          • PolState.png Anti-Terrorism Task Force(1995)
          • StratoHelm.png Peace Guards(1973)
          • StratoHelm.png Parliament Guards(1960)
          • StratoHelm.png Presidential Guards(1960)
    • Welf.pngHealth Department(1964)
      • Welf.png Federation Health Service(1985)
      • Scientocracy Small.png Covid Commission(2020)
    • Scientocracy Small.pngScience & Technology Department(1984)
      • Welf.png Health Research Agency(1987)
      • Technocracy.png Federation Space Administration (FSA)(1986)
    • Nooc.png Education Department(1964)
    • File:DVCoordination.png Economy Department(1965)
      • File:TechnoCom.png Committee on Economic Policy(1983)
      • Regulationism.png Federation Revenue Agency(FRA)(1964)
      • Synd.png Federation Labor Relations Agency(FLRA)(1965)
      • Marketsoc.png Committee on Encouraging Co-oops(2008)
      • Welf.png Federation Welfare Agency(1967)
      • Bankocracy.png Federation Central Bank(1965)
      • Welf.png Federation Housing Agency(1967)
      • File:Sports.png Federation Sports Agency(1968)
        • Mansphere.png Federation Football League(1968)
        • Blacknat.png Federation Basketball League(1968)
        • European Federalism.png Federation Soccer League(1983)
    • Mediastocracy flair.png Media Department(1965)
      • Mediastocracy flair.png Committee on Media Relations(1962)
      • Mediastocracy flair.png Committee on Media Regulations(1983)
      • Mediastocracy flair.png Federation Television and Radio Service(FTRS)(1971)
        • Corp.pngFederation Television Network(1987)
        • Corp.pngFederation Radio Network(1987)
    • Indust.pngInfrastructure Department(1965)
      • Regulationism.png Federation Transport Agency(FTA)(1965)
        • Corptism.pngFederation Railroad Service (FRS)(1972)
        • Corp.png American Federation Air(AFair)(1986)
        • Corp.png Federation Aerospace Company(FACO)(1969)
        • Regulationism.png Federation Civil Aviation Office(1967)
      • Indust.pngFederation Energy Agency(1973)
        • Nuclear Icon.png Nuclear Energy Committee(1977) [10]
        • Corp.pngNorwegian-American Oil Company(NAOCO)(1974)
    • Envi.png Environment Department(1970)
      • Ecocap.pngCommittee on encouraging Environmentally friendly business practices(2010)
      • Envi.png Federation Park Service(1966)


    The American Federation Military is the Largest in North America and the 4th Largest Globally. It has the 4th Largest Army,3rd Largest Navy, and 2nd Largest Air Force only Behind the Soviet Union. Conscription is Limited and is for 3 1/2 Years. The Military is Split into 4 Domestic Commands and 5 International Commands. List of wars the Federation Military Fought in:

    • 2ACW(1957-1964)
      • Federation-American War (1957-1964)
    • California Crisis(1968)
    • Japanese Civil War(1966-1970)
    • Indochina War(1967-1974)
    • Virginia Border War(1977-1979)
    • Desert Civil War(1981-1982)
    • Second Greek Civil War(1990-1991)
    • Upper Michigan Rebellion(1996)
    • Libyan civil war(2011-Present)
    • Greenland conflict (nov 2021 - present)

    The Army is the Largest Part of the Military. It uses the M-16 as its main assault rifle and the FT-1 Abrams’s as its main battle tank and FT-2 Chariots as light tanks it also has small amounts or AMX-30s and T-64s. For APCs and IFVs, they use the FT-5 ATAPCs and FT-8 Spearman.

    Equipment List:

    • 5,650 FT-1 Abrams
    • 3,325 FT-2 Chariots
    • 350 AMX-30s
    • 100 T-64s

    The Federation Navy Consists of 474 Ships,109 Suburimnes, 71 Destroyers,56 Frigates,52 Corvettes,46 Minesweepers,41 Landing Ships,10 Replenishment Ships,6 Battlecruisers, and 4 Aircraft Carriers. The Suburimen Force in Particular is the Pride of the Navy with its sub currently being replaced by the Athena Class which has been praised as the “Dreadnought of Subs”.

    Air Force

    The Air Force is the Pride of the Federation Military with Top of the Line Equipment and Some of the Best Pilots in the World. The main fighter jet in the air force is the FF-17 "Cobra" though it currently being replaced by the FF-32. there is also the FF-23 “Black Widow”which is a stealth fighter. For Naval Aircraft there is the FNF-5 "Osprey" which is basically the F-14 but smaller and with one (powerful) engine there is also the FNB-1 "gull" which is a naval bomber. The Pride of the Air-force though is the FSB-70 Valkyrie the main strategic bomber of the Air Force it has a maximum altitude of 81,000 feet and ability to go Mach 4. The Air Force is currently developing the FFB-2 a stealth replacement to the FFB-1.

    List of Equipment:

    • 1,950 FF-17 “Cobras”
    • 900 FF-32 “Dove”
    • 300 FF-1 “Tigershark”
    • 1,200 FA-9 “Velocity”
    • 1,050 FF-23 “Ghost”
    • 450 FB-70 “Valkyrie”
    • 450 FB-4 “Aeris”
    • 150 FB-1 “Dragon”
    • 1,400 FFN-15 “Odyssey”
    • 200 FNB-3 “Gull”
    • 300 SA-10 “Reapers”
    • 75 KC-10s
    • 400 FTA-5
    • 400 FT-6
    • 67 FE-300
    National Guard
    Coast Guard

    Federation Offensive Doctrine is called “Pincers and Hammers” Land Forces would move rapidly in Pincer Movements Aiming to encircle as many enemy troops as possible.Meanwhile the hammer part is reference to air power The Air Force would first focus on taking out Air bases and fuel storage sites to take out the Air Force once that is done it would focus on close air support and using strategic bombers to pulverize the enemy’s industrial capacity.

    Federation Defensive Doctrine is called The Forward Facing Hedgehog which would rely upon using small groups of troops to go behind enemy line and disrupt the supply chain while Certain Units will stay behind and willing get encircled then go and cause havoc behind enemy lines.

    Federation Naval Doctrine is called “Supply Protection and Harassment” focus on protecting supply convoys and using subs to harass enemy ships.

    Military Units
    Northeast Command
    • 42nd Infantry Division “Rainbow” [11]
    • 26th Light Infantry Division “Yankee”[12]
    • 10th Mountain Division “Alpines”[13] [14]
    • 80th Airborne Division “Blue Ridge” [15]
    • 6th Armored Division “Super Six” [16]
    • 27th Armored Division “Empire”[17]
    • 50th Armored Division “Jesery Blues” [18]
    • 69th Infantry Division “Fighting 69th” [19]
    • 18th Airborne Division "Winter Fighters"
    • 72nd Infantry Division
    • 15th Mechanized Infantry Division “Crazy 15th”
    • 28th Light Infantry Division “Keystone” [20][21]
    • 3rd Armored Division “Spearhead” [22]
    • 103rd Drone Squadron [23] [24] Plane Used: SA-10 “Reaper”
    • 119th Fighter Squadron [25] Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 27th Fighter Squadron “Fighting Eagles” [26] Plane Used: FF-32 “Falcon ”
    • 104th Fighter Bomber Squadron “Fightin' O's” [27] Plane Used: FFB-16
    • 58th Fighter Squadron “Gorillas” [28] Plane Used: FF-23 “Ghost”
    • 131st Fighter Squadron “Green mountain Boys” [29] Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 308th Fighter Squadron “Emerald Knights” [30] Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 201st Bomber Squadron “Thunderbirds”
    • 4th Fighter Squadron “Crow” Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 80th Naval Fighter Squadron “Hurricanes”
    • 81st Naval Fighter Squadron “Lights”
    • 15th Attack Squadron
    • 17th Attack Squadron
    • 64th Training Squadron “Gomers” Plane Used:FTF-6
    • 65th Training Squadron Plane Used: FTF-6
    • Mid Atlantic Fleet Command
    • 608th Transport Squadron
    • 504th Refuel Squadron
    Southern Command
    • 5th Marine Division “Sunshine”
    • 70th Infantry Division “Shark Kights”
    • 11th Infantry Division "Lafayette"
    • 99th Light Infantry Division
    • 83rd Armored Division “Sunbeam”
    • 111st Fighter Squadron “Sundowner”[31] Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 19th Fighter Squadron “Gamecocks” [32] Plane Used: FF-32 “Falcons”
    • 82nd Naval Fighter Squadron “Crocodile”
    • Gulf Fleet Command
    • Caribbean Fleet Command
    Western Command
    • 40th Mechanized Infantry Division “Suburst” [33]
    • 6th Light Infantry Division “Red Star” [34]
    • 49th Infantry Division “Argonauts” [35]
    • 1st Marine Division “The Old Breed” [36]
    • 135th Airborne Division "Spiders"
    • 48th Infantry Division "Quicksilver"
    • 15th Armored Division “Desert Snakes”
    • 21st Armored Division “Hawaiian”
    • 101st Infantry Division
    • 21st Airborne Division "Typhoon"
    • 91st Armored Division
    • 194th Fighter Squadron “Griffins” [37] Plane Used: FF-32 “Falcon”
    • 199th Fighter Squadron “Mytai Fighters” [38] Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 60th Fighter Squadron “Fighting Crows” [39] Plane Used: FF-23 “Ghost”
    • 202nd Bomber Squadron “Flyers”
    • 204th Bomber Squadron “Cyclones”
    • 32nd Fighter Squadron “Wizard” Plane Used: FF-23 “Ghost”
    • 33rd Fighter Squadron “Sorcery ” Plane Used: FF-23 “Ghost”
    • 11th Attack Squadron
    • 203rd Bomber Squadron “Ice Rangers”
    • 444th Fighter-Bomber Squadron “Ace” Plane Used: FFB-16
    • West Coast Fleet Command
    • 607th Transport Squadron
    Midwest Command
    • 47th Infantry Division “Viking” [40]
    • 32nd Infantry Division “Red Arrow” [41]
    • 34th Infantry Division “Red Bull” [42]
    • 46th Infantry Division “Ironfist” [43]
    • 59th Infantry Division "Rattlesnake"
    • 39th Armored Division “Thunder Rollers”
    • 29th Light Infantry Division “Truck”
    • 8th Mechanized Infantry Division “Badgers”
    • 113th Light Infantry Division
    • 179th Fighter Squadron "Bulldogs"[44] Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 172nd Drone Squadron [45] [46] Plane Used: SA-10 “Reapers”
    • 93rd Fighter Squadron “Makos” [47] Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 107th Fighter-Bomber Squadron “The Red Devils” [48] Plane Used: FFB-16
    • 13th Bomber Squadron “Grim Reapers” [49]
    • 28th Fighter Squadron “Greenery” Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 87th Fighter Squadron “Scrapyard”[50] Plane Used: FF-1 “Tigershark”
    • 22nd Attack Squadron
    • 20th Attack Squadron
    • Great Lakes Fleet Command
    Continental Command
    • 63rd Infantry Division “Blood and Fire” [51][52]
    • 9th Infantry Division “ Old Reliables” [53][54]
    • 55th Light Infantry Division "Fortiude"[55]
    • 94th Fighter Squadron “Hat in the Ring” [56] Plane Used: FF-1 “Tigershark”
    • 1st Fighter Squadron “Morbuis” Plane Used: FF-23 “Ghost”
    • Davis Straight Fleet Command
    • 502nd Refuel Squadron
    European Command
    • 14th Mechanized Infantry Division “Normandy”
    • 15th Infantry Division “Shoemaker”
    • 17th Infantry Division “Arctic Victory”
    • 9th Airborne Division "Quick Lighting"
    • 25th Armored Division "Rapid Cannon"
    • 22nd Armored Division “Democracy”
    • 9th Mechanized Infantry Division “Star Wreckers”
    • 2nd Marine Division “The Great One”
    • 205th Bomber Squadron “Launchers”
    • 37th Fighter Squadron “Gease” Plane Used: FF-23 “Ghost”
    • 22nd Fighter Squadron “White Knight” Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 42nd Fighter Squadron “Pikeman” Plane Used: FF-32 “Falcon”
    • 5th Fighter Squadron “Phoenix” Plane Used: FF-23 “Ghost”
    • 85th Naval Fighter Squadron “Arctic Storm”
    • 87th Naval Fighter Squadron “Islander”
    • 89th Naval Fighter Squadron “Ocean Roller”
    • 160th Naval Bomber Squadron “Thunderstrike”
    • 42nd Attack Squadron
    • 91st Attack Squadron “Blue Streaks”
    • 602nd Transport Squadron
    • 603rd Transport Squadron
    • 645th Transport Squadron
    • 535th Refuel Squadron
    • North Atlantic Fleet Command
    • Mediterranean Fleet Command
    Africa and Middle East Command
    • 93rd Infantry Division “African Rangers” [57]
    • 94th Infantry Division “Eagle”
    • 16th Infantry Division “Alligator” [58]
    • 39th Fighter Squadron “Black Snake” [59] Plane Used: FF-23 “Ghost”
    • 23rd Fighter Squadron “Snower” Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 56th Fighter Squadron “Yellowbird” Plane Used: FF-32 “Falcon”
    • 604th Transport Squadron
    • Indian Ocean Fleet Command
    Pacific Command
    • 43rd Infantry Division “Winged Victory”[60]
    • 7th Armored Division “Lucky Seventh” [61]
    • 25th Light Infantry Division “Tropic Lighting” [62]
    • 3rd Marine Division “Caltrap” [63]
    • 306th Fighter Squadron “Gunners” [64] Plane Used: FF-17 “Cobra”
    • 393rd Bomber Squadron “Tigers” [65]
    • 2nd Fighter Squadron “Cross”[66] Plane Used: FF-32 “Falcon”
    • 90th Naval Fighter Squadron “Tidal Lock”
    • 91st Naval Fighter Squadron “Hopper”
    • 92nd Naval Fighter Squadron “Sudden”
    • 161st Naval Fighter Squadron “Lightingstrike”
    • 95th Naval Fighter Squadron “Blue Typhoon”
    • 96th Naval Fighter Squadron “Rapid Cyclone”
    • 97th Naval Fighter Squadron “Tsunami”
    • 162nd Naval Bomber Squadron “Oceanstrike”
    • 78th Attack Squadron
    • 601st Transport Squadron
    • 615th Transport Squadron
    • 700th Refuel Squadron
    • Pacific Fleet Command
    • Hawaii Fleet Command
    South America Command
    • 8th Light Infantry Division “Amazon” [67][68]
    • 105th Infantry Division “Jungle Cats” [69]
    • 53rd Armored Division “Panther”
    • 10th Marine Division “Tough Tenth”
    • South Atlantic Fleet Command


    The Federation Economy is a Social Market Economy there is a decently sized welfare state and several things are nationalized.


    Amfed has the highest GDP in the region with a GDP of 4.5T it has the 2nd highest GDP per capita with 93,500 dollars


    Most of the Workforce is in a Union after the passing of the Union Representation Act in 1985 they negotiate through there employers through tripartite agreements with the government as a mediator.


    Average Annual Income is 45,000-60,000 dollars 3rd highest is the region.

    Random Stuff

    Rail Network


    Most of the Trains of the Federation Passenger Network are Class 68s and Class 195s, in addition to these Class 801s and Class 43s are used for most high speed journeys though the Class 802 is used on the Chicago speed link. Some other trains such as the Class 377,Class 331s, and Class 357s are in the network long with the outdated class 143s which will soon be phased out. Freight is handled by class 66s and class 08s. Sleeper Services are done by class 93s. These are all bought from Britain and modified for federation use.


    Washington Union Station survived the war but it was unadulterated to meet passenger traffic and was deteriorating fast so it was replaced in 1993 with Washington Central a massive station with 30 platforms and Mall.

    The original Penn Station in New York Was never torn down and is still in use and Grand Central operations were merged into it.

    Chicago Union is Still in Use

    Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport Station is the station that serve’s Minneapolis.It has 4 Platforms

    Boston South Station and Boston North Station were merged and replaced by Boston Union Station in 1996


    The FRS has several brands first there are the regional brands that represent certain regions there are 5: Northeast Rail,Michigan Rail,Midwest Rail,South Florida Rail, and California Rail. Then there is Inter-Regional which does Inter city service. Then there is Sleeper service which handles long haul services. The final brand is Federation Express which does High Speed Rail.

    Northeast Rail

    Northeast Local: Virginia Beach-Boston(1972)

    Dover Connect: Washington D.C-Dover(1977)

    NYC Connect:Washington D.C-New York City(1972)

    Harrisburg Connect:Washington D.C-Harrisburg(1977)

    Vermont Connect: Washington D.C-Burlington (1977)

    Buffalo Limited: Washington D.C-Buffalo(1977)

    Cleveland Zephyr : Washington D.C-Cleveland(1991)

    The Virginia:Louisville(USA)-Virginia Beach(1993)

    Elizabeth City Link: Elizabeth City-Norfolk(2010)

    Michigan Rail

    Bay City Link: Detroit-Bay City(2010)

    The Michigan:Detroit-Cheboygan(1972)

    Indiana Cardinal: Detroit-Indianapolis(1993)


    Detroit Limited: Detroit-New York(1984)

    The Paul Bunyan: Detroit-Minneapolis(1991)

    City of Steel: Chicago-Pittsburg(1993)

    Supreme Cardinal: New York City -Chicago(1991)

    Southwest Zephyr:San Fransisco-El Paso(1978)(1987[70]) [71]

    Nova Scotia Limited: New York City-Halifax(1985)(1988[72])

    Piedmont: Washington D.C-Columbia(1993)

    Midwest Rail

    The Chicagoan: Detroit-Chicago(1991)

    Wisconsin Looper:Chicago-Minneapolis-Duluth-Green Bay-Chicago(1972)

    St.Louis Rocket: Chicago-St.Louis(1975)

    Cleveland Limited: Chicago-Cleveland(1993)[73]

    The Cornhusker: Chicago-Lincoln(1983)[74]

    California Rail

    Pacific Surfer: San Diego-Los Angles(1972)

    California Runner:Sacramento-Los Angles(1972)

    Las Vegas Shuttle: Los Angles-Las Vegas(1978)

    Inland Runner:Oakland-Los Angles(1978)

    South Florida Rail

    South Floridan: Miami-Naples(1979)

    Key West Link:Key West-Miami(2011)

    Federation Express

    NYC Express: Washington D.C-New York City(1986)

    Northeast Express: Washington D.C-Boston(1986)

    California Express: San Francisco-Los Angles(1986)

    Buffalo Shuttle:Detroit-Buffalo(1988)

    Detroit Express: Detroit-Boston(1988)

    Pittsburgh Express:New York City-Pittsburgh(1989)

    Chicago Express:Washington D.C-Chicago(1993)

    Sleeper Service

    San Francisco Zephyr: Chicago-San Fransisco(1984)

    Pacific Limited:Los Angles-Seattle(1976)

    St.Lawrence River Runner:Boston-Detroit(1985)(1988[75])

    Columbian Eagle:Chicago-Alexander Libra City(1987)

    City of Palms:Miami-Chicago(1993)

    Seaboard Limited:Miami-New York City(1993)

    Georgia Limited :New York City- Atlanta(1993)

    Patriotic Songs

    “For the Liberty that we Fight”(Federation Anthem)

    “Good Morning Federation”

    “Long Live the Federation”


    “Defense of Pittsburgh”

    “Cross grown in Richmond ”[76]

    “We Stand,We Fight,We Win”

    “All Jets Go!”

    “Going to the Stars”

    “Crush these Traitors”

    “Defenders of Liberty”

    “We are the Roadblock”(General Pro Democratic Alliance Song)


    • May 9th:Victory Day
    • June 1st: Sovereignty Day - basically Federation Independence Day take place Day JFK made the Philadelphia Declaration a common tradition is too burn effigies of Federation Enemies such as Eisenhower and Tim Buck
    • June 19: Juneteenth
    • June 29th: Peace Day- Celebrates the end of 2ACW June 19th was the day the Treaty of Louisville was signed.
    • July 4th: 4th of July- Still celebrated in the Federation and most Post-USA states though not as much in our timeline
    • July 27th: Victory over Fascism Day: Celebrates the Defeat of the Upper Michigan Uprising and
    • First Monday in September: Labor Day
    • Nov 11th: Veterans Day
    • fourth Thursday of November: ThanksGiving
    • Day after Thanksgiving: Native Day
    • December 24-25th: Christmas and Christmas Eve
    • Dec 31: New Year’s Eve- Some New Year’s Eve tradition in the Federation are the eating of 12 grapes at midnight, The lowering of the Christal Ball in Time Square and the President throwing a massive block party outside the white house[77]

    List of Presidents

    • JFK.pngJohn F. Kennedy (1958-1970)(Democratic)
    • Pop.pngRobert F. Kennedy (1970-1974)(Democratic)
    • Rockrep.png Nelson Rockefeller(1974-1979)(Moderate)
    • Rockrep.png Gerald Ford (1979-1982)(Moderate)
    • Socdem.png Ted Kennedy (1982-1990)(FLP)
    • Progress.pngEugene McCarthy(1990-1994)(FLP)
    • Hillary.pngHillary Rodham(1994-2002)(Democratic)
    • Liberalconservative.png Joe lieberman(2002-2006) (Moderate)
    • Sanders.png Bernie Sanders(2006-2010)(FLP)
    • Obamium.png Barack Obama(2010-2018)(Democratic)
    • Liberalconservative.png Arnold Schwarzenegger(2018-2022)(Moderate)
    • Yang2020.png Andrew Yang(2022 - )(Democratic)

    How each term went


    JFK was elected head of the American Alliance for Democracy the predecessor to Amfed in 1958 and officially declared the American Federation in 1960. His term was mostly spent dealing with the war and afterwards the reconstruction with his National Prosperity Program which help rebuild Infrastructure Destroyed during the War.


    The Beginning

    Formed in Mid 1957 by a coalition of New Deal Liberals, Rockefeller Republicans, Moderate Leftists, and Libertarians, who were increasingly upset with the federal government increasing authoritarianism and control by right wing radicals in the midst of the 2ACW.Led by JFK they were able to win several battles with there most successful campaign being the naval invasion of south Florida. however at last after in 1964 with south Florida campaign losing steam and losing the battle of Raleigh combined with a population tired of war they signed the Treaty of Louisville with the US bring the 2ACW to a close after 9 years.

    The Turbulent 60s

    The early years after the war for the federation were tough as it was plagued by social and political instability ,a shaky economy and a lack of identity. Abroad new elected President JFK put economic embargo’s on communist countries but did not interve like the US did.

    the first major test for the Federation came in late 1965 as Warlords from Great Plains attempted to sack Minneapolis and St.Paul however the army was able to push them back only sustaining 198 Casualties.

    Another major test for the Federation government came in 1968 in what was know as the California succession crisis. It began when the National Communist California front(NCCF) took over several major local governments in the 68 midterms. The NCCF than used these in an attempt to succeed from the federation, However despite backing the CDR,CPR, and PCC the rebellion was crushed in 10 days with minimal civilian casualties.

    With the Outbreak of the Japanese Civil war Amfed sent 4 Divisions to help the Japanese Provisional Government these were the: 43rd Infantry Division,25 Infantry Division,3rd Marine Division, and 7th Armor Division along with several ships and 5 Squadrons all these are still there. It also sent the 48th Infantry Division to Vietnam from 1967-1974

    Early 70s:First Great Recession and near collapse

    In 1973 as punishment for supporting Isreal in the six day war the Arab countries but an oil embargo on the Federation.without any home source of oil prices skyrocketed to 30$ a gallon and the economy already weak completely imploded, with this mass riots ensued. The government in a desperate measure lifted all embargo’s and began trading with the PCC for oil as well as forging strong relations with Norway through trade deals despite this the damage was done and an uprising seemed inevitable in a last ditch effort the government put in place martial law. Things reached a breaking point with the Detroit uprising as a mass uprising happened with CPR troops moving to assist a battle happened however despite about 950 Federation casualties they won the battle and things began to calm down and martial law was ended in time for the 74 elections.

    Federation National Guard Troops during a Riot in DC

    In addition to this the Maoist Communist Party would begin its terrorism campaign with the help of the PCC, which would only die down in the mid 2000s after the PCC withdrew aid.

    Late 70s: North American Non Aggression Pact,Border War and foundation of the Democratic Alliance

    After the turmoil of 73 the Federation began its slow recovery process. In 1975 the Federation,Canada,PCC, and Cuba signed the North American Non Aggression Pact where they agreed to not attack each other. Despite this in 1976 a border war broke out with US that lasted for 2 years and resulted 2,000 Federation soldiers dead. In 1979 the Federation along with France,Norway,Netherlands, and South Japan formed the democratic alliance the successor to NATO[78]

    In addition to this President Rockefeller died in 1979 being the only Federation President to die in office.

    Early 80s: economic recovery and rise of FLP

    Despite an a small recession in 1980 by 1981 the economy had recovered to pre-1973 levels. In the 1982 elections the Farmer Labor Progressive Party won the elections for the first time and began several reforms. Amfed also backed the creation of the Great Plains Republic largely as way stop warlords from raiding there territory.

    In Late 1981, Amfed would Lead a Coalition Composing the USR, Arizona,MKU, and Cascadia intervening in the Desert Civil War against the Fundamentalist forces. The Fundamentalists would be crushed and the War would end by Mid-1982.

    Federation FT-1 Abrams Tanks advancing during the Battle of Delta

    Coalition Forces

    242,500 Troops

    865 M551s

    500 FT-1s

    336 M85s

    84 T-62s

    84 T-64s

    72 PT-76s

    500 FF-1 Tigersharks

    180 Mig-29 Fulcrums

    150 FNF-15 Odysseys

    150 FF-17 Cobras

    150 F-14 Tomcats

    150 F-16 Fighting Falcons

    45 F-4 Phantoms

    150 FB-70 valkyries

    150 FB-1s

    50 B-52s


    1,941 Tanks

    1,675 Aircraft

    Government Forces

    45,000 Troops

    27 M60A3s

    20 M551s

    20 Hawker Hunters


    47 Tanks

    20 Aircraft

    Fundamentalist Forces

    95,000 Troops

    91 M60A3s

    80 M551s

    12 M47s

    60 Hawker Hunters


    183 Tanks

    60 Aircraft

    Fundamentalists Mercenaries

    30,000 Troops

    15 M41s

    8 Mig-25 Foxbats

    4 F-102 Delta Daggers

    3 Mig-21 Fishbeds

    3 F2H Banshees

    2 F-100 Super Sabres

    1 F3H Demon


    15 Tanks

    21 Aircraft

    Late 80s: Reform Era

    The Late 80s were marked with lots of reform from the FLP government these reforms include:

    • Creation of a Universal Healthcare system
    • Creation of the Science & Technology Department along with the Federation Space Program and Health Research Agency
    • Creation of the Committee on Economic Policy
    • Creation of the Committee on Media Regulations
    • Creation of AFair

    In addition to this they continued the detente with the communist bloc

    The Economy continued to improve this decade as well and the FLP won the 1986 and 1990 elections by a considerable margin

    In 1989 the Satellite “Unity 1” was launched and made into orbit making it the object sent by the federation into space

    There was brief increase in tensions with communist bloc do the first Blue Eagle Military exercise happening. Blue Eagle is a week long Democratic Alliance military exercise supposed to simulate what would happen in war erupted between the Democratic Alliance and the communist bloc, it happens every 10 years.

    In addition to this Relations Between Amfed and the CPR also took a hit in 1986 do to the Great Plains War.

    Early 90s: Terrorism and fall of FLP and ANP

    The 1990s began with the FLP winning the second straight landslide election in a row.however peace would not last at the True Nationalist Party a white nationalist group began there terror campaign in 1991 this resulted in what was know as as 6/12 in 1993 where the TNP blew up AFair flight 19 over Manhattan causing the plane to crash into the north tower of the World Trade Center despite the best efforts of the firefighters the building collapsed and 2,553 people died this comped with President McCarthys seemingly weak response to the TNP caused it fail badly in the 94 elections in addition to this do to the fact the many members of the TNP were former ANP members caused tha ANP to fair badly as well.

    The north tower burning after AFair Flight 19 crashed into it

    In 1990 Amfed, along with France, would intervene in the Second Greek Civil War on behalf of the Greek Government against the Communist Rebels. The Joint Intervention would end the war by May 1991.

    Late 90s: Upper Michigan Uprising

    By 1995 the terrorism had spread into Canada also in this year the Anti-Terrorism Task Force was founded.However despite this in 1996 the Upper Michigan Uprising began as the TNP seized Traverse City and Graylord. They spread rapidly taking everything north of the Muskegon river within a week with them seizing Grand Rapids two days later and Lansing the capital of Michigan on the verge of falling, Amfed requested CPR assistance against the TNP. The result was Operation Thunderstorm a two week joint aerial bombardment campaign after this the TNP was quickly overrun with their final stronghold Roger City falling a week and a half later .

    Federation Troops advancing during Operation Thunderstorm

    In 1997 the Phoenix Lights incident happened as a result the Federation UFO agency was founded

    Amfed 60,000 Troops/ 3,434 Dead

    100 FT-2 Chariots/ 1 Lost

    15 FT-1 Abrams/0 Lost

    150 FB-1/1 Lost

    450 FF-17 Cobras/5 Lost

    150 FF-1 Tigersharks/ 7 Lost

    Canadian Support 8,800 Troops/ 556 Dead

    5 Mig-27s/ 0 Lost

    60 Mi-24s/1 Lost

    Rebel equipment 30,000 Troops/ 12,301 Dead

    10 M47s/ 6 Lost

    10 M60A1s/ 7 Lost

    15 M551s/ 15 Lost

    3 MiG-23s/ 1 Lost

    3 F-4s/ 2 Lost

    12 Su-27s/ 10 Lost

    Early 2000s: First American in space and Economic Prosperity

    The 2000s began with the Federation taking home 15 gold medals in the Sydney Olympics. On March 15th 2001 James M. Kelly became the fist Federation astronaut in space completing 3 orbits before coming down. The early 2000s were marked with Massive economic growth with GDP of Amfed tripling from 1.1 trillion in 2000 to 3.2 trillion by 2004.President Lieberman privatized the railways and AF Air.

    Late 2000s: Second Great Recession and rise of the FLP 2

    In 2005 the second great recession hit causing the economy to plummet in this Bernie Sanders wins the 2006 election as a member of the FLP. His biggest achievement was the Renationalization of AFair despite this economy continued to remain in the ditch.

    in 2008 a massive electoral reform bill was passed which got rid of Electoral Collage,Filbuster, and allowed foreigners who had been citizens for 5 years to run for president.

    Early 2010s: Economic Recovery and Libya

    in the 2010 elections Obama was elected under him the economy finally began to recover. Amfed along with other democratic alliance members also backed the moderate rebels against Gaffidi in Libya with Amfed sending there black ops “Blake snake” squadron to help them.

    Late 2010s: Space Station Democracy and Navy fleet modernization

    in 2015 the Joint Amfed-French-Australian-South Japanese Space Station Democracy began operation and has been slowly expanded with a completion date of Early 2023. Around this time Amfed also embarked on a Navy fleet modernization campaign with the Pride of this Campaign the AFS Destiny(a aircraft carrier) being completed in 2019.

    Early 2020s : Covid and democratic alliance expansion.

    Covid arrived to Amfed in California in march 2020 it spread rapidly and only 2 months later California was quaternteid but that point it was too late. it had already spread to the other states on June 2,2020 all non essential travel was banned and development for a vaccine began at HRA the vaccine came out in late December and quickly most people got it by May of 2021 covid had mostly subsided and most travel restrictions were lifted in time for summer. Due to covid the economy took quite a hit but was quickly able to recover all in all 20k people died do to covid in Amfed with a total of 140k cases . In Mid 2022 a treaty was sighed with the USR were it was announced that the USR would be joining the Democratic alliance in early 2023.

    Foreign Relations

    • File:PCC.png People's Commonwealth of Columbia- Despite a rocky start since the detant in the mid 70s, relations between both of their governments have been calm even if very frosty at times, however the PCC is still widely despised by the population and praising any of its leaders could get you on a watchlist or possibly labeled a domestic terrorist due to the legacy of the Columbine Revolution and the cultural revolution in the PCC. The same occuring with the PCC, where the American Federation is seen as the roadblock to the revolution throughout the Americas.
    • LeninisBasedsmall.png Canada- despite being enemies in the 60s and early 70s(including the battle of Detroit in 73) since the creation of the North American non aggression pact there relation has been okay despite being somewhat frosty. AmFed is also forever grateful for there support during the uprising of 96.
    • Gaullismicon2.png France- Amfed has maintained good relations with theme were both founding members of the Democratic Alliance.
    • Cball-Japan.png South Japan- Amfed has been good friends with them since the 60s and our close allies and members of the Democratic Alliance though despite this Amfed does recognize north japan as a independent country
    • Cball-Brazil.png Brazil- Amfed since 1981 has been strong allies with brazil though since Lula was elected relations have become a bit strained but they are still strong.


    Cball-US.png United States Remnants(Officially the United States of America)


    It is hard to define where the USA died and the USR began, However the most common answer is the Fall of Washington and relocation of the Government to Charlotte. So this is where we will start.

    Mid 60s: War

    After the relocation of the government to Charlotte fighting between the USR and Amfed would continue for 3 more years with Operation Hurricane seizing South Florida as well as taking North and East Virginia. Else where the Atlanta Offensive was Defeated and the USR won the Battle of Memphis a ceasefire was signed with New Afrika in 1965.

    Late 60s: Initial After War Years

    While most Post-USA nations where in poverty the USR was rather prosperous post-war largely due to the fact that its area had been spared from Fighting combined with its large Armaments Industry. The USR was the leading economy in the Post-USA till the Early 70s. Though this Prosperity was not shared with the Black Population who suffered from discrimination and Poverty.

    Despite the 2ACW ending martial law was not lifted and the USR was a one party dictatorship led by the Democratic-Republican Party.

    Eisenhower died in 1969 with his last discion he gave black equal rights. His VP Nixon took office afterwards

    70s: Economic Depression, Second New Afrika Conflict, and Puerto Rico Emergency

    Early 80s: Desert, Rise of Regan, and Renewed Economic Growth

    Late 80s:Conflict,Rebellions, and Sanctions

    90s: The American Troubles

    Early 2000s:Death of Regan, Democratization, and the Fairbanks Accords

    Late 2000s:Economic Takeoff and Continued Conflict

    2010s:Armistice, International Outreach, and Operation Mirage

    Early 2020s:First Liberal President and Democratic Alliance Membership



    Current Parties
    Republican Party
    Liberal Party
    Reform Party
    Fringe Parties
    Banned Parties
    Former Parties
    Democratic-Republican Party

    Authoritarian Conservatism.pngAuthoritarian Conservatism

    Authcap.png Authoritarian Capitalism



    Christy.png Christian Theocracy(Post-Nixion)

    Progconf.png Progressive Conservatism(Nixon Years)

    Klep.png Kleptocracy (Post- Eisenhower)

    UniParti.pngOne Party Dictatorship


    Keynes.pngKeynesianism (Early on)

    Econlib.pngEconomic Liberalism(Later)

    Whitesup.pngWhite Nationalism(until 1969)(Factions)

    Government Institutions

    • World.png Department of State


    Arms Industry

    the USR has one of the largest arms industry on the planet supplying most equipment for Capitalist Nations. Numerous arms companies have HQ in the USR such as Shenandoah Arms Technologies[79] based in Winchester,South Virginia and Tennessee Armaments based in Chattanooga,Tennessee.




    Air Force


    Coast Guard

    Military Units

    • 11th Airborne Division “Arctic Angles”(Alaska Defense Corps)
    • 17th Airborne Division “The Golden Talons”(Airborne Corp)
    • 82nd Airborne Division(Airborne Corp)
    • 101st Air Assault Division “Screaming Eagles”(Airborne Corp)
    • 1st Armored Division “Old Ironsides”(1st Combined Arms Corp)
    • 2nd Armored Division “Hell on Wheels”(2nd Combined Arms Corp)
    • 4th Armored Division(Armored Corp)
    • 5th Armored Division “Victory”(Armored Corp)
    • 30th Armored Division “Volunteers”(Tennessee Corp)
    • 49th Armored Division “Lone Star”(Armored Corp)
    • 1st Cavalry Division “First Team”
    • 1st Infantry Division(1st Combined Arms Corp)
    • 2nd Infantry Division “Indianhead”(2nd Combined Arms Corp)
    • 3rd Light Infantry Division “Rock of the Marne”(1st Border Defense Corp)
    • 5th Mechanized Infantry Division “Red Diamond”(1st Combined Arms Corp)
    • 7th Mechanized Infantry Division(2nd Combined Arms Corp)
    • 8th Infantry Division “Pathfinder”(Puerto Rico Defense Corp)
    • 23rd Infantry Division “Americal Division”(Alaska Defense Corp)
    • 29th Infantry Division “Blue and Grey Division”(2nd Border Defense Corp)
    • 30th Infantry Division “Old Hickory”(Tennessee Corp)
    • 31st Infantry Division “Dixie”(Tennessee Corp)
    • 33rd Infantry Division(1st Infantry Corp)
    • 36th Infantry Division “Arrowhead”(1st Border Defense Corp)
    • 37th Infantry Division “Buckeye”(1st Infantry Corp)
    • 39th Infantry Division “Delta Division”(1st Border Defense Corp)
    • 45th Infantry Division
    • 51st Infantry Division
    • 65th Infantry Division “Battle Axe Division”(1st Border Defense Corp)
    • 70th Infantry Division “Trailblazers”(2nd Border Defense Corp)
    • 75th Infantry Division (Reserve)
    • 76th Infantry Division (Reserve)
    • 77th Infantry Division “Liberty”(2nd Border Defense Corp)
    • 78th Infantry Division “Lighting”(1st Infantry Corp)
    • 79th Infantry Division
    • 80th Infantry Division(Reserve)
    • 81st Infantry Division “Wildcat”
    • 83rd Infantry Division “Thunderbolt”
    • 84th Infantry Division “Railsplitters”
    • 85th Infantry Division “Cluster Division”
    • 87th Infantry Division “Golden Acorn”
    • 89th Light Infantry Division
    • 90th Infantry Division “Tough Ombres”
    • 91st Infantry Division “Wild West Division”(Puerto Rico Defense Corp)
    • 94th Infantry Division
    • 95th Infantry Division
    • 98th Infantry Division “Iroquois”(Puerto Rico Defense Corp)
    • 100th Infantry Division
    • 103rd Infantry Division “Cactus Division”(Alaska Defense Corp)
    • 104th Infantry Division (Reserve)
    • 108th Infantry Division (Reserve)
    Air Force
    • 159th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-15D Eagle
    • 325th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-22 Raptor
    • 160th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-16C Fighting Falcon
    • 157th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-16C Fighting Falcon
    • 149th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-22 Raptor
    • 1st Fighter Squadron Plane: F-22 Raptor
    • 180th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-16C Fighting Falcon
    • 163rd Fighter Squadron Plane: A-10 Warthog
    • 187th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-16C Fighting Falcon
    • 183rd Fighter Squadron Plane: F-16C Fighting Falcon
    • 18th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-16C Fighting Falcon
    • 43rd Fighter Squadron Plane: F-22 Raptor
    • 55th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-16C Fighting Falcon
    • 74th Fighter Squadron Plane: A-10 Warthog
    • 75th Fighter Squadron Plane: A-10 Warthog
    • 76th Fighter Squadron Plane: A-10 Warthog
    • 77th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-16C Fighting Falcon
    • 78th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-16C Fighting Falcon
    • 81st Fighter Squadron Plane: A-29 Super Tornado
    • 90th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-22 Raptor
    • 93rd Fighter Squadron Plane: F-16C Fighting Falcon
    • 95th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-22 Raptor
    • 100th Fighter Squadron Plane: F-16C Fighting Falcon
    • 184th Attack Squadron Plane: SA-10 Reaper
    • 105th Attack Squadron Plane: SA-10 Reaper
    • 162nd Attack Squadron Plane: SA-10 Reaper
    • 482nd Attack Squadron Plane: SA-10 Reaper
    • 11th Bomb Squadron Plane: B-52
    • 20th Bomb Squadron Plane: B-52
    • 96th Bomb Squadron Plane: B-52
    • 343rd Bomb Squadron Plane: B-52
    • 13th Bomb Squadron Plane: B-52
    • 390th Electronic Combat Squadron Plane: EA-18G
    Coast Guard

    Foreign Relations

    Democratic Alliance




    NATO was a attempt at a anti-communist alliance in Europe, however even by 1954 it was beginning to show signs of weakness with German reunification. The biggest blow came however in 1955 with the beginning of the 2ACW De-facto ending USA involvement in the alliance to deal with the collapse at home. The Alliance would hobble on for 3 more years until the UK becoming increasingly isolationist withdrew and NATO was officially disbanded a year later.

    In between Period

    In the Aftermath of NATOs collapse the Nordic Defense Alliance was formed while the USR,UK,France, and even the American Federation to a Degree intervened abroad none of these were unified and often clashed with one another.

    London Convention

    In 1971 the USR attempted to reform the alliance with the UK,France,American Federation,and a few other European nations. This resulted in the London Convention where numerous nations came together to discuss creating a new alliance[80] however do to various reasons they were unable to come to a agreement. Despite this it was still important as it laided the groundwork for the Democratic Alliance.

    Amsterdam Conference

    In 1978 President Rockefeller proposed creating a global version of NATO this attracted some interest from other states most notably France, and South Japan who was still concerned about a communist attack. As a result in 1979 5 nations the American Federation,France,South Japan,Norway, and the Netherlands met in Amsterdam and after 1 and a half weeks of negotiations the Amsterdam Treaty[81] was sighed and the Democratic Alliance was born.

    Early Years


    Original Members

    File:AmericanFederation.png American Federation

    Cball-France.png France

    Cball-Japan.png South Japan

    Cball-Norway.png Norway

    Cball-Netherlands.png Netherlands

    Later Members

    Cball-Australia.png Australia(1980)

    File:ArizonaLib.png Arizona(1980)

    File:Cball-lux.png Luxembourg(1980)

    Cball-Belgium.png Belgium (1981)

    Cball-Denmark.png Denmark(1981)

    Future Members

    Client States

    Role and Dutys

    The Democratic Alliance is a military and Economic alliance between nations that follow Liberal Democracy. Its stated goal is to coordinate Liberal Democratic Countries and act as a counterweight to the Communist Bloc.

    Other Post-USA states

    Great Plains Republic


    Military Units
    • 1st Airborne Division “Hornets”
    • 2nd Armored Division “Steel gunners”
    • 9th Armored Division “Grizzly Bears”
    • 11th Armored Division “Warlock”
    • 17th Armored Division “Quox”
    • 4th Infantry Division “Mudslide”
    • 5th Infantry Division
    • 6th Infantry Division
    • 7th Infantry Division “Cornhuskers”
    • 10th Infantry Division “Climbers”
    • 67th Infantry Division
    • 90th Infantry Division “Dakota Division”
    • 3rd Mechanized Infantry Division “Battering Rams”
    • 36th Fighter Squadron “Glamrock” Plane: F-14D Tomcat
    • 2nd Fighter Squadron “Avalanche” Plane: F-14D Tomcat
    • 15th Fighter Squadron “Windhover” Plane: FF-17 Cobra
    • 4th Fighter Squadron “Sky Kid” Plane: Mirage-2000
    • 35th Attack Squadron “Hammerhead” Plane: FFB-1 Falcon
    • 8th Attack Squadron Plane: A-10 Warthog

    Cascadian Democratic Republic


    Military Units


    See: https://polcompball.miraheze.org/wiki/UserWiki:Yoda8soup

    Mormon Republic of Desert


    Military Units

    Missouri-Kansas Union


    Military Units

    Republic of Arizona


    Military Units

    Arkansas Buffer Zone

    1. Stands for North American Baseball League comprises all baseball teams from the former USA expect for the ones in the PCC.
    2. The PCC signed its own treaty see treaty of Tulsa Section for Details
    3. the first presidential victory for the Liberal Party
    4. Portugal and Spain being notable exceptions though Spain would withdraw aid after the council took over and Portugal after Salazar was overthrown
    5. Salt Lake City Btw
    6. Though the USR withdrew from the Coalition in late 1981 after Reagan took power
    7. Was founded by trump in 2001
    8. Supports the reunification of the Former US under Amfed
    9. Supports the reunification of the Former US under the USR
    10. they regulate and research peaceful uses for Nuclear issues.
    11. Original Unit(OU)
    12. Original Unit(OU)
    13. Trained for Fighting in the Mountains
    14. Original Unit(OU)
    15. Original Unit(OU)
    16. Original Unit(OU)
    17. Original Unit(OU)
    18. Original Unit(OU)
    19. Original Unit(OU)
    20. Original Unit(OU)
    21. was the first military unit to pledge loyalty to the Federation
    22. Original Unit(OU)
    23. Original Unit(OU)
    24. was originally a regular Fighter squadron
    25. Original Unit(OU)
    26. Original Unit(OU)
    27. Original Unit(OU)
    28. Original Unit(OU)
    29. Original Unit(OU)
    30. Original Unit(OU)
    31. Original Unit
    32. Original Unit(OU)
    33. Original Unit(OU)
    34. Original Unit(OU)
    35. Original Unit(OU)
    36. Original Unit(OU)
    37. Original Unit(OU)
    38. Original Unit(OU)
    39. Original Unit(OU)
    40. Original Unit(OU)
    41. Original Unit(OU)
    42. Original Unit(OU)
    43. Original Unit(OU)
    44. Original Unit(OU)
    45. Original Unit(OU)
    46. was originally a regular Fighter squadron
    47. Original Unit(OU)
    48. Original Unit(OU)
    49. Original Unit(OU)
    50. Notorious for being considered the Worse Squadron in the Air Force and have out of date equipment like the FF-1 Tigershark
    51. Original Unit(OU)
    52. Based in Arizona
    53. Original Unit(OU)
    54. Based in the GPR
    55. based in Greenland
    56. Original Unit(OU)
    57. Are specially trained for guerrilla warfare
    58. Are currently assisting Rebel Forces in Libya as part of the American Federation Taskforce Defiant
    59. Designated Black Ops squadron has been accused of war crimes
    60. Original Unit(OU)
    61. Original Unit(OU)
    62. Original Unit(OU)
    63. Original Unit(OU)
    64. Original Unit(OU)
    65. Original Unit(OU)
    66. only unit in Pacific Command not based in South Japan,based in New Zealand
    67. Specially Trained for Jungle Warfare
    68. Considered to be the worst possible deployment in the entire Federation Armed Forces due to the Fact that there base is in the middle of the Amazon nearly 100 miles away to the closest city
    69. Specially Trained for Jungle Warfare
    70. was extend to El Paso in 1987
    71. might be moved to sleeper service soon
    72. service was temporarily shut down do to tensions
    73. Might be moved to inter regional
    74. Might be moved to inter regional
    75. service was temporally shut down due to tensions
    76. is kinda a tragic one as it represents all those died in the battle of Richmond
    77. Started by RFK in 1971
    78. NATO dissolved in 1959
    79. Specializes in Missiles and Drones
    80. it was rumored the alliance was going to be called the London Treaty Organization
    81. officially called The Treaty to Form a Alliance among Democratic Nations
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