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    Brezhnev Doctrine is a conservative, far-left, and authoritarian ideology that seeks to preserve the influence of Marxism-Leninism over the world.

    Brezhnevism is the personal ideology of Leonid Brezhnev during the times he was leader of the Soviet Union until he died in 1982. Brezhnev's era saw a rapid rise in the level of corruption, the stagnation of the Soviet economy, and an increase in imperialistic interventions of the USSR in minor countries worldwide.

    Brezhnev reserved many of Khrushchev's thaw reforms and partially rehabilitated Josef Stalin. Brezhnev also invaded Czezhsolovakia under , which was trying to implement a series of socialist and democratic reforms that were famously known as the 'Prague Spring'.

    Brezhnev also invaded Afghanistan, which the USSR stayed for 10 years until the withdrawal order by Gorbachev.


    Brezhnev shifted from Khrushchev believing in the idea of different paths to Socialism. As such Brezhnev believed in economic integration and political consolidation of the Socialist countries to sustain socialist integrity in the socialist countries. As such Brezhnev Doctrine believes in the idea of the preservation of international socialism over a country's sovereignty believing it is the Soviet Union's job to intervene if the country strayed away from the socialist orthodoxy.


    Comrades who will get the tanks

    • Gerontocracy - Me in my later years.
    • Marxism–Leninism - I am the apprentice of the lofty ideals of Marx and Lenin and the October Revolutions.
    • Developed Socialism - I call the Soviet model of socialism 'Developed Socialism.' If anyone strays from my idea the Soviet model of socialism, they'll be run over by the tanks!
    • Stratocracy - Thanks for the support to get rid of him! However, you failed to eliminate him.
    • Islamic Socialism - I will protect you from the Mujahedeen. Khalq Stalinites go bye bye.
    • Honeckerism - “Den Sozialismus in seinem Lauf hält weder Ochs noch Esel auf.”
    • Castroism - The final bastion of socialism.
    • Collective Leadership - Some western scholars think I am the second Stalin for some reasons, but I actually always make collective-based decisions in the USSR Central Committee, instead of Stalin's one-man rule.
    • Arab Socialism - Support Arabic national liberation movements! Why did you purge communists?
    • African Socialism - Same as above but better, and I backed you in the Angolan Civil War.
    • Peruanismo - Too moderate and self-proclaimed non-aligned, but still a based anti-imperialist comrade from Peru.

    Comrades Who might get run over by the tanks

    • Imperialism - DEATH TO AMERIKKK AND CAPITALISM! DEATH TO IMPERIALISM!!! Imperialism is only good when we do it.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - Accused as my modern-day counterpart, but you are way more anti-interventionist than me, and you already strayed away from socialism too much, so prepare for tanks! Also, you don't like my collective leadership and kleptocracy, unlike your predecessor Jiang, and instead support the autocratic style of governance like Khrushchev and Stalin and oppose corruption like them. But your anti-westernism is gigachad. Destroying the west is the point. Also, we both tries to bring back socialism to our country even though some might disagree. Just don't provoke a nuclear conflict, though. I still supported detente with the west to prevent a nuclear disaster.
    • Andropov - My loyal attack dog during my reign, but why the hell did you go after my family after I died as part of your so-called "anti-corruption campaign"?
    • Ho Chi Minh Thought - I'll support you till the end to beat the American imperialist cucks, comrade! Here, take some tanks! But the Doi Moi reforms afterwards were cringe.
    • Titoism - Why are you not willing to join me? The NAM is kinda cringe ngl but at least Castro and Kim Il-sung supports it.
    • Ceausescuism - Based for rejecting perestroika and maintaining socialist orthodoxy, but you are way too chummy with China and America for my liking.
    • Stalinism - You are still a great leader of the USSR even though you made many mistakes. Your cult of personality was bad though
    • Nationalism - Nationalism and country sovereignty gets in the way of the international doctrine of socialism! Although Soviet patriotism is based, and third world anti-imperialism is also based due to being kinda pro-Soviet despite being not-aligned.
    • Ba'athism - You did ally with me and backed Arabic national liberation movements, but you purged communists and you became authoritarian capitalists after the fall of the Socialist Camp.
    • Gaddafism - Same as above.


    • Maoism - Why do you think I'm a revisionist?
    • Hoxhaism - Same as the above but even more dogmatic, even Comrade Stalin you admired supported a pragmatic foreign diplomacy.
    • Gorbachevism - TRAITOR!! You destroyed the USSR and discredited my rule as the “Era of Stagnation” to blame your failures on me!!!
    • Dubčekism - The invasion of Czechoslovakia was totally justified to restore socialist orthodoxy.
    • Khrushchevism - You have to go and also no there's not many paths to socialism, if a country strays away from socialism they'll be run over by tanks!
    • Reaganism - Evil westerner capitalist.
    • Jihadism - You American-funded terrorist scums, damn you for ruining Afghanistan!
    • Yeltsinism - Why did you help disband the USSR and sell Russia to the West! Mistake of me to once interviewed you and decided you were appropriate to be the First Secretary of the CPSU's Sverdlovsk obkom.
    • Pol Potism - Genocidal Cambodian butcher and mass killer!!! Screw the USA and China for supporting you!
    • Neoconservatism - Western imperialist pig who keeps their people in capitalist chains!
    • Sablinism - TRAITOR!

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