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    Break Mutualism or Break Mutualism was the ideology of Oof am i right lads. It believes that Mutualism[1] is too market oriented, and that currency shouldn't be a medium of exchange, saying that we should trade goods instead of currency and that redistributing goods is more Important then markets.


    Break Mutualism is about markets in a socialist system that aren't the main focus of the society. Believing that Mutualism would fail because "why would people give up their beautiful socialist society for wage slavery?" Break Mutualism believes that all businesses would be co-ops and private property would be abolished.

    Currency would be abolished as well, instead of currency all co-ops work for the community in exchange for more items. Of course, redistributing would still be enforced for people who can't work or who are homeless (who we would try to give jobs). Private property would be abolished because it is exploitative. Whenever markets get too powerful markets will be shut down and all who don't have a job would get redistributed goods like everyone else until the markets are re-opened Its end goal is hopefully a post-scarcity anarcho-syndicalism/break mutualism/communism society, therefore it is a transitionary ideology only existing temporarily until Post-Scarcity happens.

    This way co-ops help the community in a communist society and the people who work there get more goods. BTW You don't have to work you can just help the community. Markets still exist (although regulated and without currency) this is because markets create innovation. In this way, it is actually closer to syndicalism than Mutualism (due to the less market orientation).

    Every person in this society will have their basic needs met.

    In this way the only reason for markets is for helping the community and innovation.

    Markets help the community while still trading goods.

    Work is PURELY done to help the community.


    Break Mutualism is all about a Mutualist system with less market orientation and more social programs, redistribution and without wage slavery that regular Mutualism would suffer from. It doesn't recognize the argument that the workers and poor would exploit the rich under pure socialism. Markets under Break Mutualism would be the trade of items for other items and maybe a medium of exchange if it is regulated and tied to the LTV..

    Social Beliefs

    It is progressive by nature.


    Private property would be abolished.

    Rehab for previous capital owners and other criminals.

    Monopoly control.

    Abolishment of currency.

    Democracy in the workplace and abroad.

    Drug law really depends on the people's choice on the matter, but generally, most drugs might be legalized.

    Work Ethic

    Oof am I right lads supports work ethic.

    The Environment

    Break Mutualism supports climate change activism and the environment, stating "All I want is more trade in an Anarcho/a-Communist/Syndicalist system, the environment right now is fucked."

    Hopeful End Goal

    Break Mutualism believes the end goal should be either Post-Scarcity Anarcho-Communism, Post-Scarcity Anarcho-Syndicalism , or Post-Scarcity Break Mutualism that latter being the exact same ideology being implemented only at its final stage

    Oof am I right lads believed Break Mutualism will lead to a Post-Scarcity Anarcho-Communism society. He believes that when post-scarcity comes Markets will be obsolete.

    Galactic beliefs

    Break Mutualism believes in spreading universal and reaching the stars.

    How To Draw

    It's kinda simple.

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it with orange.
    3. Draw 2 black lines on the top and bottom (make sure the lines don't touch the ends of the top and bottom).
    4. Draw a hammer and an arrow shaped like a circle in orange space.
    5. Draw eyes.
    Break Mutualism Flag made by Oof am i right lads


    Color Name RGB HEX
    Orange 236,145,11 #ec910b
    Black 20,20,20 #141414







    Books, Videos and papers that influenced Break Mutualism (sadly books are through the monopoly that is Amazon).

    The Conquest of Bread - Peter .K

    Mutual Aid - Peter .K

    What Property- P.J Proudhon

    Remember this when they say LOL NO FOOD

    Why capitalism SUCKS ASS

    how anarchism would work



    1. wikimedia. (2005, April 26). Mutualism. Wikipedia.
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