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    File:Brazilian Xi Jinpingism flag.png
    Flag of Brazilian Xi Jinpingism

    Brazilian Xi Jinpingism is an ideology derived from a serie of videos of William Ariel Mounter self-proclaiming himself as the "Capixaba (Brazilian) Xi Jinping".

    Brazilian Xi Jinpingism is considered by support almost the same things as Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era but adapted for Brazil and supporting Agnosticocracy, Techno-Agnosticism and Scientific Agnosticism instead of State Atheism as Xi Jinpingism actually does. Brazilian Xi Jinpigism also advocates turn Brazil into an industrialized country in less than 10 years, such as abolish proverty faster than China did and turn Brazil into a developed country in a time of 10 years, such as turn Brazil into socialist in less time than China plans.

    Brazilian Xi Jinpingism also advocates the annexation of Uruguay and French Guyana to Brazil, such as the creation of the URSAL and the evolution of the world into a Left World Federation, brazilian xi jinpingism also advocates the revival and restoration of the native languages such as locally teaching the majoritarian minor languages of each state and region like Germany, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French and so on. Also advocating in turn half of the brazilian population into English and Spanish speakers in less than 10 years.

    Brazilian Xi Jinpingism also advocates full erradication of neoliberalism in Brazil, even if it would be necessary become authoritarian, and also advocates the adoption of the same party system than PRC but adapted for Brazil itself. Brazilian Xi Jinpingism does not advocate persecution of minorities, but advocates persecution of new atheists, state atheists, anti-theists, neoliberals and of anyone who fully disagree with Brazilian Xi Jinpingism. Also advocating to turn superior education mandatory and open for all such as massive investiment of Transhumanism, Post-Humanism, Soulism, Spiritualicism, Quantumism, Extraphysicism and Divinialism in order to turn Brazil into a world superpower.

    Brazilian Xi Jinpingism advocates the judicial system should become a mix of rehabilitation justice with chinese justice, advocating rehabilitative justice for banal and soft cases but advocating chinese justice for the most serious cases where rehabilitative justice would have almost no effect, also advocating in reforming all brazilian prisons and turning all of them into something like reeducation chinese camps with Bastoyism ones. Also advocating People's Squadism regulated by the state itself.

    Videos (In Portuguese)

    Xi Jinping Capixaba (Brasileiro) - Introdução Pronunciamento do Xi Jinping Capixaba (Brasileiro)


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