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    Brazilian Socialism is an economically left-wing to far-left, traditionalist, nationalist ideology founded by Gustavo Souza. It supports public ownership of the means of production, a social safety net, high tariffs, a strong federal government and military, conservative policies on culture and society, and Christian ethics on both the economic and moral spheres.


    Brazilian Socialism supports a presidential republic with a strong executive power, and the legislative and judiciary branches being subservient to it. However, there would be freedom of speech, press, religion and association. The ideology wants states and municipalities to have little autonomy.


    Brazilian Socialism opposes capitalism, viewing it as the cause of poverty, income inequality, hunger, homelessness and wars. Instead, it supports public ownership of the means of production, with strategic industries belonging to the state, strong regulation of corporations, and state-owned companies being democratically managed by the workers. However, under this system, small businesses would be allowed to be private. Brazilian Socialism supports high taxes on the wealthy and low ones on the middle and lower classes. It also wants to break up Brazil's plantation agricultural system. It also favors protectionism.

    Culture and Society

    Brazilian Socialism is conservative on social issues, seeking to protect Brazil's traditional values from foreign influence and liberalism. It opposes abortion in all cases and special legal protections for transgender people, supports gun rights with background checks, wants pornography to be banned, favors capital punishment for people convicted beyond shadow of a doubt for murder, child rape, terrorism and drug trafficking, opposes drug legalization including recreational marijuana, and supports blue laws respecting the sanctity of Sunday. Brazilian Socialism opposes multiculturalism, but supports race mixing and is anti-racist.

    Foreign Policy

    Brazilian Socialism supports a form of nationalism built around Brazilian culture and traditions, with leftist influence. It supports closed borders, a strong military, considering the interests of Brazil in every treaty or deal signed, and restrictions on foreign ownership. However, it also favors international cooperation on global issues.


    Brazilian Socialism supports enviromentalism from a left-wing nationalist perspective of protecting the Brazil's natural resources for future generations and it's natural heritage. It wants agressive intervention from the federal government to end deforestation, and protecting indigenous land. However, Brazilian Socialism supports oil drilling in the Atlantic. It does not view enviromentalism from an intersectional perspective, and strongly opposes movements such as Greta Thunberg.


    Brazilian Socialism's traits are mostly based on these of its founder.

    - Brazilian chauvinist through and through.

    - Hates liberals even more than standard ConSoc. Is frequently seen complaining alone about how they ruined socialism with IdPol and promote degeneracy.

    - Terrible debater, making him authoritarian.

    - Has an unhealthy obsession with Getúlio Vargas.

    - Hates being called a Nazbol, and will quickly correct anyone that does so. Given this, avoids hanging out with National Bolshevism, Strasserism and Reactionary Socialism


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