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    Hello guys everybody knows about my self-inser ideology Brazilian Liberalism,But today we gonna talk about my ideology before march Brazilian Progressivism a Center to Center Left,Culturally Left,Middle between Statism and Authoritarianism and Nationalist ideology.

    Economic Policy

    I supported a Mix between State Capitalism and Social Democracy,I supported the Nationalization of Petrobras and Vale,I also supported the expanding the size of the welfare state,Imposing Tariffs on the international trade and creating a Anti-Trust Law and many issues that i still support such as Affordable Housing.

    Social Policy

    On the social issues i don't have changed that much... ...I will be honest: The only thing that happened is the support of Quotas for every single minority otherwise i have changed nothing in these months.

    Civic Policy

    I was Strongly opposed to Bolsonarism as a Ideology Principally after the Coup attempt,I believed that every protest in favour of Bolsonarism should be Supressed in lethal force by the police,Even in radical means thinking that Brazil should ban Bolsonarism as an ideology as whole. But even with these opnions i still supported Free Speech and Democracy You can classify me as a Authoritarian Democrat because it can fit well my beliefs in that times.

    Foreign Policy

    I believed we should stop Right-Wing Governments from getting elected in South America,That's why i supported that ABIN(The Brazilian Inteligence agency) would fraud,influence the elections of the countries near Brazil to make sure the Left wins and Sabotting Countries with current Right-wing governments. I still supported Invading Venezuela not because it's becoming a dictatorship but because i believed that Maduro betrayed the Chavista movement by Sticking to Authoritarianism and thus deserved to have the same destinity as Saddam,I also supported unifying all the South America in a Confederacy in pacific means obvious.



    • Lulism - Melhor Presidente(Best President)


    • Trotskyism - Our relationship is complicated we both support socialism(I supported the moderate one) and Intervention but the Revolution is not the best way to handle the Elitism.
    • Democratism - You are too moderate, but i like Bernie and AOC. and i really needs to thanks Obama proportionating the American Lower-Class a better life.



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