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    Brazilian Liberalism is a liberal ideology, who supports very much the same principles of the third way(a mix between social democracy and neoliberalism). but the main difference between Brazilian Liberalism and third way, is that Brazilian Liberalism is also a very patriotic and nationalist ideology.


    • Economic Freedom: i wants to expand the economic freedom, because every society that practized it becomed fucking rich. and Brazil shoulnd't escape the opportunity.
    • Welfare: i supports expanding the welfare state significantly by: raising the minimum wage for 8$ per hour, expanding the benefits for poor people and increasing the healthcare coverage. but i'm skeptical against a big welfare state, because if a welfare state is so big. people will just become too lazy and society will not work, but i know how to end this, and it's just creating time-limits for people who are getting welfare for too long.
    • Budget: depends on how is the budget, if the budget is having a deficit, cutting expenses would be a very logical thing to do. but if the budget is having a superavit, spending absurdly would be a good thing.
    • Banks: i wants to make the Central Bank dependent from the government again, because the central bank can control the flees and they decided to make the biggest flees from the world. and nobody likes flees, so i wants to remove their independence, so we can reduce the flees.
    • Privatization: well... the previous governments have privatized everything that needed to be, but now we only have necessary state-owned companies. and i wants to privatize a company, but which company? well... ...it's obviously, right? the Mail service! look the Mail service is too monopolized, and monopolies are a cancer on the free market. but generally i would just wants to give them less power over the markets, but nope. this time it will be privatized, not only it will help them to be more effective, but also will make the markets more free. and you already know how i'm passionate about Markets freedoms right?
    • Monetary policy: i hate money printing, because it's only help the inflation and shits on the economy in general. and look at Argentina, it's a shithole because of the money printer now! but we should not drop the money printing as whole, because, what if we need?
    • Taxes: on the taxes, well... i wants to put an end to the vehicle tax and i wants to reduce the corporate tax in a significantly level. but at the same time i supports these taxes:
      • Income tax
        • in a rate of 3% for the low class, 5% for the middle class and 7% for the upper class
      • Co2 tax
        • i wants to tax Co2, because it could be good for the environment
      • Alcoohol tax
        • i wants to tax alcoohol
      • Nicotine tax
        • nicotine will be taxed, if not fully banned
      • LVT and Domiciliar tax
        • cope landlords
      • Weed tax
        • i wants to legalize weed, and i will give you the explanation if you continue reading this page
    • Monopolies: i wants to crack down state monopolies as i said, but what about the private monopolies? they will be cracked down too! i wants to expand the anti-trust laws to count far more monopolies than i could even cont. even if i'm myself a pro-business person, i value fair competition between business far more.
    • Public Administration Reform: i wants to reform the public services to introduce a espionage wing, that will observe the Public Officers, and will fire or even arrest those who don't use Meritocratic forms to climb the ladder.
    • Tripartism: Recently i've discovered the Greatness of the Tripartism, thanks to Tiberius. as Tripartism is pratically a very good solution on the Class Problems the Youth is beginning to interest with, hating someone because he is richer/poorer than you is a very unhealty activity. but Tripartism is the solution, as the Government would compromise with all the Classes to avoid a class conflict. the Poor people would produce the goods and provide goods for the Upper and Middle classes, as well as themselvess. the Middle Class will also produce the goods like the Poors, while the Government and the Rich shall provide the Lower and Middle classes with Safety and Wellbeing. so everyone will win with Tripartism actually.

    Social Policy

    I'm a moderate progressive, who supports many progressive policies. but since 2018-9, being a progressive stopped being about someone who cares for the progression of society, and now only means someone who is a SJW. and here are my policies:

    • LGBT rights: i believe that same-sex couples should receive the same benefits that straight couples. because if straight people can, what stops same-sex people?
    • Womans rights: i supports womans rights, because gender-equality is extremely important in society. that's why i supports the legalization of abortions, a maternity leave and equal payment for both mens an d womans
    • Trans rights: i supports the same rights for both cis and trans people, and i also believe there's 3 genders being them: men, woman and non-binarian.
    • Weed: i wants to legalize weed, but also with various regulations, because i don't want to walk down to the street and see a bunch of potheads walking there.
    • Immigrational policy: i wants an open-borders immigrational policy, because unlike sweden, united kingdom and france. it benefited brazil in diverse ways i can't even say.
    • Secularism: i'm against religious power over the government, because the church and the government should be completly separated.
    • Environment: i'm a environmentalist who believe that the environment should be protected by environmental laws, such c02, tax cuts for green companies(no greenwashing) and etc.
    • About the indigenous question: I believe that the Indigenous populance should be better treated, as in my opnion they suffered too much within the hands. but in my opnion, they should be more engaged in the Brazilian society, but they would suffer too much discrimination because of their habits. so what? my policy would promote their Assimilation while conserving their culture.

    Civic Policy

    I support a mix between statism, and liberalism.

    • Guns: i support basic regulations for guns, while at same time. i support guns rights and "stand on your ground" laws.
    • Surveillance: i wants to expand the surveillance system to combat crime and terrorism
    • Police: i wants to give the police military gear, while at same time, i supports a police reform.
    • States Rights and Autonomy: I believe that the Modern Federalism in Brazil is actually a form of Centralism, and the true form of Federalism is the Washingtonian-Helvetic Model, and every country who doesn't have a form of Federal autonomy like the United States or Canada, is actually an Unitary state.
    • Competitive Authoritarianism:I advocate for a Competitive Authoritarian System. that drastically cuts the funding for the Opposition parties, restricts the Media coverage for them, Sends the Secret service to spies over them(as well as the citizens like Obama did) and also Prosecute all the Political Parties that deem ideas that i see as 'radical'.

    Foreign policy

    I'm a interventionist who supports align the Brazil towards the West, and these are my opnions on diverse global topics:

    • Israel and Palestine : I'm a Zionist, and i believe that Brazil should contribute to the Independence of Israel. but i also believe that Israel takes too far, and i believe that Israel should make peace deals with Palestine in the closest time possible.
    • Venezuela: i wants to start what i call Operation Babylon, which will have two process. one Brazil will train the Venezuelan Opposition to orchestrate a coup d'état against the Ruling PSUV, and even some Brazilian soldiers and police officers will participate in the Coup. but if the Coup fail, we will start Operation Hellfire, which will just invade Venezuela to topple their repressive government.
    • Nicaragua: same as above, but instead of Babylon and Hellfire, the operations of the coup d'état will be called Operation Spear and Operation Vulcano
    • Cuba: i wants to begin various sanctions against the cuban government, because they are the last dictatorship in the americas. and we shouldn't take it lightly!
    • Russia & Ukraine : recently, i decided to think that brazil shouldn't be friendly with russia, not only until the war ends, but actually until putin's life ends.
    • China: i wants to tell to the entire world what xi jinping and his goons are doing inside the chinese borders, but i still would be friendly with chinese investments in brazil.
    • Africa: i wants to topple the dictatorships in africa, everyday there's a new dictatorship. but i doesn't wants to just invade them, instead i will just tell other countries in africa that are democratic or atleast better than these dictatorships like: angola, south africa, nigeria, botswana and algeria to do this for me :)
    • File:Kissinger.png Coups and Election fraud: believe that the Brazilian government should primary prioritize the Brazilian population, but it also should be encompassive to the populations of other countries in South america and Africa. so i advocate for a series of coups and election frauds in different countries to guarantee that there's no more Far-Right or Far-Left in South american politics for the biggest time possible.

    I'm also a Strong supporter of Economic Imperialism, as i believe that the Government should give incentives for the Brazilian Companies for making the Economy in Countries like: Argentina, Portugal and Paraguay dependent on our products and our industries.

    User Test

    Civic Axis

      • Chaoist (-100)
      • Anarchist (-50)
      • Minarchist (-10)
      • Libertarian (+0)
      • Civically Moderate (+10)
      • Statist (+50)
      • Dictablanda (+40)
      • Authoritarian (+10)
      • Totalitarian (-50)
      • Orwellian (-100)

    Type of Rule Axis

      • (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (-100)
      • Direct Democracy (-30)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (+0)
      • Representative Democracy (+50)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (+100)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (+10)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (-100)
    • If none above apply...
      • Organic Centralism (?)[5]

    Economic Axis

      • Marxist Communist (-100)
      • Socialist (-30)
      • Welfarist/Gift Economy (+30)
      • Mixed (+50)
      • Liberal Economics (+100)
      • Capitalist (-30)
      • Darwinist (-100)
    • If none above apply...
      • Third Positionism (-50)
      • Anti-Economy (-100)
      • Non-Marxist Communist (-30)

    Economic Freedom

      • Anti-Economy (-100)
      • Dirigisme (-30)
      • Regulationism (+10)
      • Mixed (+10)
      • Liberal Economics (+100)
      • Free Market (+50)
      • Laissez-Faire (-5)
    • If none above apply...
      • Central Planned (-50)
      • Decentral Planned (-20)

    Diplomatic Axis

      • Autarchy (-50)
      • Autarky (-50)
      • (Alter-) Globalist (+0)
      • World Federalist (+10)
      • Cosmopolitan (+5)
      • Internationalist (+100)
      • Moderate (+10)
      • Civic Nationalist (+100)
      • Patriotic (+50)
      • Nationalist (+10)
      • Chauvinist (-30)
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-100)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (-100)


      • Western (+100)
      • Western Adjacent (+50)
      • Non-Aligned (+0)
      • East Adjacent (-50)
      • Eastern (-100)
    • If none above apply...
      • Anarchistic Unaligned (-10)

    Cultural Axis

      • Revolutionary (-100)
      • Progressive (+50)
      • Reformist (+100)
      • Syncretic (+20)
      • Conservative (+10)
      • Traditionalist (-50)
      • Reactionary (-100)

    Technological Axis

      • Primal (-100)
      • Primitivist (-80)
      • Pre-Industrial (-70)
      • Deceleration (+0)
      • Moderate (+30)
      • Acceleration (+100)
      • Automated (+10)
      • Transhumanist (-20)
      • Posthumanist (-100)
    • If none of the above apply...
      • Post-Civ (-100) [and/or]
      • Archeofuturism (-100)

    Environmental Axis

      • Human Extinction (-100)
      • Radical Environmentalism (-80)
      • Eco-Fascism (-60)
      • Ecocentrism (+0)
      • Environmentalist (+70)
      • Moderate (+40)
      • Post-Industrialism (+10)
      • Industrialist (-5)
      • Anthropocentric (+0)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-80)
      • New Mass Extinction (-100)

    Neurological Axis

      • Anti-Praxis (-100)
      • Utopian (-100)
      • Dogmatic (-70)
      • Idealist (+0)
      • In Between (+10)
      • Realist (+70)
      • Pragmatic (+100)
      • Rational (+70)
      • Dystopian (-100)
      • Anti-Theory (-100)

    War Axis

      • Pacifism (-10)
      • Non-engagement (-10)
      • De-escalation (-5)
      • Intervention (+60)
      • Irredentism (-20)
      • Revachism (-20)
      • Jingoism (-60)
    • If none above apply...
      • Class Warfare (-100)


      • Insurrectionism (-100)
      • Revolutionism (-100)
      • Moderatism (+0)
      • Reformism (+100)
      • Stagnationism (-5)

    Ethnic Axis

      • Any Ethnicity(+0)
      • Argentines(-1000000000)


    • Neocon - 565/1080 (yes I counted out to see the highest)
    • IDK Thought - -30 负~三~十~(阴阳怪气语调)



    • Third Way - Idealized about a World where everybody could buy and sell anything without Governamental interference, but he also cared about the Well-being of the People.
    • Social Capitalism - The above but less Militaristic.
    • Social Liberalism - You've ended the Depression,and it's already enough to tell if you were a Good President by ending the Depression.
    • Social Democracy - These Guys call you Communists, but they don't even know that you were the Reason like the guy above why Communism doesn't expanded his influence.
    • Monetarism - People seethe at the American Federal Reserve for no reason at all.
    • Neoliberalism - I indentify with this.
    • Georgism - Pratically this could help millions of People, as this would incentive better management of the land and the Landlords doesn't mind paying this tax actually.
    • Liberal Hawkism - DESTROY VENEZUELA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Green Liberalism - Lmao, There's people who deny the Climate Change in 2023?





    • National Social Liberalism (///) - Moderate a bit please!
    • Ego-Communism who is friendly with Nazis (///) - I already know that i'm indentical to Illustranazism
    • Humanist Socialism (///) - our social policy is very alike, but the rest of your ideology is very bringe to kinda based.
    • Syncretic Socialism (///) - Too socialist for my takes, but atleast it's syncretic.
    • Arthurwp (///) - when i said about a big welfare state making People lazy, i was referring on how deregulated welfare could eventually make people abandon their jobs in favour of welfare. and when you talk about how "economic liberalism" never helped the economy in LaTam and Asia. but do you know that Chile and Uruguay are one of the richest countries in the sub-continent, and also they have the freest economies in the entire Americas excluding the USA and Canada. or maybe we could talk about Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macaw, who are absurdly rich because of the economic liberalization.
    • Evolutionary Socialism (///) - I generally would prefer a Market-Oriented Mixed Economy, But this is very good.
    • Social-Social Liberalism (///) - Mid, it could be better, but you have some based beliefs i guess.
    • Chilean Peronism (///) - Too Conservative and Leftist for me, but it also have some good takes. like Welfarism within Capitalist boundaries, anyways could be better. but it's ok, i guess.
    • Bull Moose Distributism (///) - Some based takes, but you should be less Right-Wing and adopt Neoconservatism and Capitalism.
    • Libertarian Mutualism (///) - Same as above, but now Left-Wing
    • Transhumanist Social Liberalism (///) - Transhumanism is very cringe albeit
    • Socialism with American Characteristics (///) - Too socialist...
    • Left-Pinochetism (///) - Sincerely, not the worst. i agree on Federalism and Feminism, but i disagree on nearly all.
    • Lenin 2 (///) - I do respect a Dictatorship that maintains Order instead of Terror, but i'm a Anti-Communist. so... otherwise, not that bad. Why antisemitism?
    • Authright Libertarian(non nrx edition) (///) - You are just a Strawman of Conservative Libertarians at some point, as you practices many actions that can be seen as "Statist". and we will not talk about how you like Trump, even tought you are a Libertarian. otherwise some of your beliefs are Based, such as Metricism and Economical Imperialism.
    • Progressive Darwinism (///) - Too extreme...
    • Syntropianism (///) - Same as above, but now Religious
    • Julianism (///) - Too Socialist, and World Federalism is too utopic.


    • The Depressive guy who likes nietzche (///) - Very anarchic and nihilist for tastes
    • Astrodiscordianism (////) - You've becomed another member of the PCBM status quo(being a technocratic ultra-capitalist), therefore. bad.
    • Terrible Economics along with Horrible Social Issueism (//]/) - 1: Your economics are doomed to fall, as with Workplace democracy. There's more chance of bad Bosses being elected in the Workplaces, and Workplace democracy would choose the fittest for the position. instead of the most popular. 2: If every Corporation becomes a Small Business, it would destroy the entire economy, and it would take a lot of years to stop the damages of this policy. 3: Cultural Liberalism>>> Cultural Traditionalism.
    • Khomeinism - Terminally Cringe, so no...
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism (///) - 'tHe bOuRgEoUiSe wIlL dO eVeRyThInG fOr NoT pAy ThEiR tAxEs', just send a File:Polstate.png Secret Police after them and kill them if they refuse to cooperate
    • Occoianism (File:SocAuth.png/// - Cringe
    • German Stalinism (///) - Average Left-Wing Totalitard...
    • De Leon’s Strongest Soldier (///) - N-...
    • (///) Crazy guy – Crazy!
    • Schumacherianism {////) - Most intelligent Minarchist:
    • Kid (///) - Rest in Piss and never comes back!
    • Alt of Below (///) - Cringe Authcon
    • LARP (//) - LARP

    Relationship Template

    Brazilian Liberalism


    go to Talk:Brazilian Liberalism

    Warning: this page is for people who wants to chat with me, or ask me something

    • Ernest Vintovka Thought - I added you. Add me.
      • Done
    • User:Khomeinism - Hello, I have added you and made some changes in your section that I would be happy to see and if possible, add me too.
    • Illustranazism - Add me, you look like me, i added you
      • Done
    • - You're back!
      • 'insert childrens saying yay sound effect'
    • Artelordism - I've updated my ideology, maybe you should look at some changes in the Beliefs to check if you will change your mind about me.
    • - update my ideology icons in your page 🤑🤑🤑
      • - again, i don't support state-directed economies that much anymore
    • Social Authoritarian Bonapartism can you add me please?


    • Proto-TitoismYour ideology is bad, but at least you're active. We must revive the fucking nations of the fucking Europe!
    • 16384ism - Are you SURE you don't want more territory than just São Paulo? You can have more than one province, but I just didn't want you to have all of Brazil at this point in Nations of the World. Also, what is your new Discord? I need to know so you can participate in Nations of the World on Discord.
    • Proto-TitoismYou became AuthLeft?! Jesus, i can't stand how fast things changes!
      • Proto-Titoism For being more precise, an Authleft Capital-Fascist.
    • Temujin Leeism - I am asking you to add me once again.
    • Danielism-Hello, please add me
    • File:DiegoArturoSilvaBeltranism.png Diego Arturo Silva Beltránism - Add me!
    • User:Khomeinism - Hello, I have added you and made some changes in your section that I would be happy to see and if possible, add me too.
    • - Well. I read your comment on the page. I can't add Self-Inserts because actually National-Labourism is a real ideology and there are people who believe in it.
    • - Hey I saw you put that the DSA supports Juche on the wiki, and I checked your source I just want to let you know that that was one small branch of the DSA in North Idaho, and it does not reflect the party as a whole. If you check the DSAs official platform, they are actually neutral and support a peaceful resolution to the Korean war. Here's the link if you'd like to give it a look. https://international.dsausa.org/korea/ :)
    • Armandonian Liberalism - can you change the "Liberal Market Socialism" link to "Armandonian Market Socialism"? That's my self insert, while LibMarkSoc is a serious and plausible ideology



    Just look up for alliance proposal and add yourself!



    Capitalists LGBT Authoritarian Left Brazilians

    1. Welfare will only be given to Poor People and People who can't earn any type of Income
    2. His 14th Points inspired my Foreign Policy doctrine
    3. This include Spying on anyone that haves Extremist beliefs like: Nazis, Commies, Alt-Right, Reactionaries, Ancaps and Revolutionary Progressives.
    4. I doesn't agree on some of Long's policies like the Share our Wealth, i just like using the State Power to crack down on Corrupts
    5. WTF is this?
    6. for any further information, this section is just a joke
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