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    This ideology is both fictional and an extreme exaggeration of CataClub's views, I am FAR more moderate than that..

    The Bourgeois System, also known as Bourgeoisery or BourgSys is an ideology which combines elements of totalitarianism, libertinism, egoism, extreme industrialism, state capitalism as well as culturally far-left elements, the goal of the Bourgeois System is to create a world-wide state encompassing all states and to make immigration non-free, which means you have to pay a large amount of money in order to leave your country and adopt a new culture.

    The Bourgeois System seeks to create a New World Order in which a new spiritual system is created in place of the current one. Bourgeoisery strongly rejects most moral values, despite somewhat having agreements with some of them, such as gluttony being evil, because it is associated with the pig, a strongly despised animal. He also believes that the people are separate entities who all share the same divine status, and must fight and compete egoistically in order to achieve eternal success, and must only help other for a common or individual cause they support or for egoistical reasons, and not because of cultural obligations nor kindness. According to him; murder, rape, torture, thief, moral cruelty (but not in a form of discrimination), and destruction is completely fine even if children do it.


    The Bourgeois System first started as a secret organization, hiding under the name of an entreprise known as "HeartCorp", the entreprise then begun to become a planetary corporate power, now that the entreprise is powerful enough, it begun to finance a newly created religious terrorist organization known as "The Bourgeon Elders", which has started a war against the world and then created a worldwide superstate known as "The New World Order", its leader, also known as Temüjin Khan proclaimed himself as king of the world and later claims to be God himself and begun a mass genocide against the people he consider "false" humans, his reign lasted for seven years, and the world was still in war since the war against the former terrorist organization. Then some people have decided to think in more abstract, coded way in order to unite against the state, then they've begun to invade the world in order to overthrow the state, which has successfully been done. Temüjin is not yet found. over 2 500 000 000 people have died due to war, genocide and popular chaos, Temüjin has been held responsible for the catastrophic numbers of deaths. He is also responsible for creating a new branch of right-wing ideology known as the "barbarian right".


    Atypical Egoism/Libertinism

    The Bourgeois System believes in a society where the people compete selfishly and are completely allowed to commit atrocious crimes such as rape, torture, murder, theft, animal cruelty, the only way to escape is to be rich enough and pay large amount of money to the state each year in order to be protected from any crime, or you can be saved from chaos if you are physically appealing enough. Multiculturalism is also acceptable.

    Atypical State Capitalism

    The goal of the Bourgeois System is to create two distinct societies, it also ressembles a monarchic form of state capitalism in the sense that the state (as well as the king himself) owns and indirectly controls all industries through the hands of state officers under the supervision of their superiors. The state can sell goods, weapons, food and anything else to the people and have the absolute right to get their property back anytime in case of disobedience.

    Property is collectivized in the sense that all property is either state-owned or owned by the people, as a person outside the state, you cannot. The people in the state have to live under Jewish law (except they are allowed to eat pork unlike other forms of Judaism), must abide to all moral values and only they can have true private property, which is not shared between other people in the state but is still under supervision. To make sure everyone obeys the law, they are mind-supervised and if they disobey, they must be impaled, crucified or publicially tortured.

    Social laws

    Some civil liberties must be limited in order to avoid absolute destruction. Things such as converting to Islam, discrimination including members of the state, believing in abstract concepts such as morals, genders and ethnicity instead of egoism, sex and genetic aspects of race, gluttony and murder of state officials is strongly punished through public humiliation, in fact, food consumption is limited to only one time a day, while eating normal amounts of food is not considered as gluttony, it is still strongly forbidden. On the other hand, things such as homosexuality, polygamy and the six other deadly sins are considered to be completely normal and must be unrestricted. Women are also considered to be the total equals of men.

    Racial mixing and immigration are also a thing the Bourgeois System strongly opposes, those who really do want to be able to immigrate to a selected country have to pay a really large amount of money, on the othe rhand, racial mixing is strongly penalized and everyone who descends from multiple races must be impaled for the glory of God.

    Extreme industrialism and genocide

    The last and final political stance of the Bourgeois System is the extermination of nature and its minions. God, in which the "true" people, which includes Whites, descendants of Jews and Asians are its only incarnation, but are still separate beings, everyone else as well as animals must be sent to slaughterhouses and be brutally tortured (in grotesque, middle-agesque ways) and humiliated as they and the "Green Whore" we call Mother Nature are responsible for all natural disasters which has killed many innocent people. On the other hand, extreme pollution, destruction of forests as well as any disrespectful acts toward the "Green Whore" is encouraged as a protest against her acts against humans. The "false" people who are fit enough can be enslaved instead of killed.


    The Bourgeois System is a very savage ball, he likes to murder everyone he sees except for those he considers "sexy", he likes to cause chaos and be a jerk to those not in power, he owns an AK-47 in which he transports everywhere. He's also really annoying.

    How to draw

    File:Bourgeois system flag.png
    Flag of the Bourgerons
    • Draw a ball
    • Paint it gray-yellow
    • Add a fleur-de-lis with a laurel-leaf crown
    • Draw an AK-47 or a Kalashnikov
    • Draw a mongolian hat
    • Done!



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